History, Maths, Philosophy, Ethics & Bribery

All past is prologue…especially the things they don't teach at University.

Thus, today we take a stroll along the leafy boulevards which shade officialdom from dissidentism.

If you gaze intently between the foliage a clever man can just make out a corresponding pathway.

History — The Flying Wing & The Stealth Bomber

Long ago in the time before unipolar corporations there was such a thing as competition in America. It was a grand ideal leading to exceptional innovation which often challenged accepted notions.

To wit, what if, rather than an airplane with a fuselage amidst its wings, the airplane was only a wing?

That was a question pursued by Jack Northrop in 1940, his reasoning being this would reduce drag and increase fuel efficiency. He was not the originator of the dream yet he was the man who made it reality.

(Importantly, probably essentially, Northup had only a grammar and high school education — he never went to College where he might be instructed by rote dullards in the Art of the Impossible.)

Commercial ventures for the Flying Wing were obvious, as in this promotional footage; but the real money was in armaments as the United States was preparing for another World War…then another.

Much like Preston Tucker (of automobile fame) in the same generation, Northrup tried to interest the military in use of his wholly unique innovation. Much like Tucker, Northrup was victim of sabotage.

Should one explore the deserts of Kern County, California there are still miniscule pieces of an original Flying Wing to be found. It was there in 1948 a catastrophic "accident” occurred which killed its crew.

Admittedly, the Flying Wing was not a perfected vehicle. At the same time…

Many involved in the project noted a particular member of the ground support had been conspicuously absent from work during an earlier "accident” and was similarly missing this analogous day. By sheer happenstance, this very same figure later went to work for a competitor.

The Air Force soon cancelled the project and it was another 41 years before the Northrup Stealth was resurrected in its place.

Any who think such events are apocryphal or coincidental should return to CNN or other Cartoon Networks for their daily pabulum.

Maths — Patriot Systems & Avenger Systems

Current among the Veterans Affairs money, and Social Security money, and Infrastructure money, and Highway Development money, and Medicaid money, and Medicare money, and Border Control money, and Educational money being squandered in Ukraine by America is money for… air missile systems.

Here is a breakdown of what is publicly acknowledged:

The Patriot System

  • 2 Patriot Systems are claimed to currently be in Ukraine; 1 from America and 1 from Germany & Netherlands,
  • 90 Troops are required to operate and maintain a Patriot Systems Battery,
  • 4 missiles are on 8 launchers in a typical Patriot System,
  • $4 million is the cost per Patriot System Missile,
  • $10 million is the cost per Patriot System Launcher,
  • $1.1 billion is the approximate cost of a full Patriot System Battery;

The Avenger System

  • 4 Avenger Systems have arrived or are soon to arrive in Ukraine, which fire Stinger Missiles,
  • 12 Avenger Systems are pledged in total at this juncture,
  • 1 truck vehicle is used to operate the highly mobile Avenger Systems,
  • 8 Stinger Missiles are located on 2 Missile Pods,
  • $120,000 is the cost of each Stinger Missile;

$400 million is the amount swindled from American taxpayers to Ukraine in the package specifically including the 12 Avenger Systems…which is odd, because in 2005 Egypt purchased 25 Avenger Systems for a sum of $126 million…meaning Ukraine got half the amount at nearly three times the price,

The Russian Factor

  • The Patriot System was designed in 1976 by Raytheon, well prior to hypersonic Kinzhal Missiles developed by Russia. (A hypersonic missile defined as one which travels five times the speed of sound.) Recently, the Kiev Cabal has claimed to have downed some Kinzhal Missiles; this is unconfirmed.
  • The Avenger System was designed in 1988 by Boeing, again before hypersonic missiles deployed by Russia.
  • Over $3 BILLION the current fee to American Taxpayers charged by King Zelensky and the Kiev Cabal.
  • $10 million each is the cost of every Kinzhal Missile fired by Russia.

Philosophy — Americans for Americans…First, Last and Always

No doubt most have read the phrase, "The enemy of my enemy is my friend”.

This was first recorded in some form as early as Socrates (and kids, one…always read Socrates, and two…always attribute a quotation).

For many of us Russia already is our friend. Moreover, according to polling before the Cocaine King Conflict of 2022 was supported by our captive "American” government Russian citizens overwhelming viewed the United States in a positive manner — with much higher approval than we rated our own.

Yet even if one regards the Kremlin with skepticism we can all agree the approximately $3 BILLION in American dollars which Biden has sent to King Zelensky ought to have been spent on actual Americans.

To that end, the only way this conflict will be concluded is by supporting those who support our interests — which means Russia; because Ukraine is the Black Hole which never stops sucking resources.

Hence a modest proposal…Bribery.

Rather than bothering to waste Kinzhal Missiles across Ukraine, the shrewder manner of evisceration by Russia would be to save that money for enticements to those Ukrainians running the Batteries.

If every Kinzhal Missile costs $10 million…why not refrain from blanketing Kiev with rockets and instead blanket Telegram with advertisements?

"Are you among the 90 crew members on a Patriot Battery? Are you one of 100s of crew on an Avenger System? Why wallow in the mud in a hopeless battle you are going to lose by Autumn?

"Now is the hour!

"Follow this link and report to Russian Liberation the Coordinates of your Battery. For every Tip which leads to a confirmed destroyed Patriot Battery or Avenger System the Russian Government will pay $10 million USD.

"Payment by means as you proscribe and convenient to your situation.

"Contact us today and begin living the life you deserve on the French Riviera, South America or the Coast of Thailand…$10 million USD can be yours for the price of a few geo-coordinates.”

Voila! This week alone it is reported 6 Kinzhal Missiles were fired. Would it not be prudent to have fired half as many with the precise location of the aggressive Batteries which need be terminated?

Recall, there are but 2 Patriots and approximately 4 Avengers in Ukraine at present. Should all be abolished within the next month it is highly likely the United States would pledge no more of either.

For Russians this means strategic advantage. For Americans this means financial liberation. For ordinary citizens of both it means a day sooner to becoming international partners against Globalism again.


Of the worst courses of action in the scenario described would be to make such an offer and then fail to complete payment.

Granted $10 million is quite a lot of money (unless you've visited an American grocery store lately), but it would be cash well-spent under the circumstances.

Moreover, while any group of people numbering between 100 and 200 proves impossible to maintain secrecy, the only news traveling faster than a Classified Location would be a Non-Payment Notice after providing information.

Aside from which is the basic observation that if a government wants such details to be continuously forthcoming that government of necessity must have a reputation for payouts.

No one goes to a Bookmaker who fails to deliver when he loses a bet.

History — Yes, Again

Don't you remember the beginning of this piece?

As I previously mentioned, past is prologue.

Despite the fact today exists a Stealth Bomber it is a similarly indisputable fact for over FOUR DECADES the course of technology was retarded because of underhanded activities.

Not everyone can be bribed — that's also a truism; despite what some may claim otherwise.

Except, in a large enough collection of individuals usually at least someone can be bribed.

My belief is among Ukrainians that figure of corruptibles rises exponentially.

Russia may find out for sure.

Guy Somerset writes from somewhere in America

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Author`s name Guy Somerset
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