Wait! An Extra $3 BILLION for Ukraine!

Thank goodness — MORE American Taxpayer money to be sent to Ukraine! Hurrah!

This week it was quietly announced — late Thursday afternoon, so as not to rile the Plebians — that our patriotic government here in the good "ol United States had found an additional $3 BILLION dollars to send to King Zelensky and the Kiev Cabal due to an "accounting error” at the Pentagon.

(Important to note: This "accounting error” is NOT to be confused the with "accounting error” the Pentagon announced on September 10, 2001…a day before 9.11 Attacks incinerated all the papers.)

Especially odd is at a time the cost of everything for the typical American is rising, there is suddenly a steep discount on weapons for abroad.

Wait a Minute…

The gist of the millstone around the necks of American Taxpayers is that the office responsible for allocating our money out of the country and funneling it to Commander Cosplay and His Gang was thus:

Value for weapons was assessed at "replacement” prices rather than "current” worth of the items.

Lawmakers and staffers learned of this miniscule detail late Thursday and the American Taxpayers became aware concerning it during the evening.

Republican leaders in the House of Representatives were outraged for obvious reasons…it was more lucre which should be sent off to fight a conflict with absolutely no connection to American interests.

Wait a Second…

Checking the footnotes, it is indeed accurate that this was Republican "leadership” in the UNITED STATES House of Representatives instead of the corresponding UKRAINIAN Verkhovna Rada.

Notable among those eager to give away our banknotes were:

Michael McCaul, (alleged) Republican Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, and,

Mike Rogers, (supposed) Republican Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, who, in a joint statement wrote the following:

"The revelation of a three-billion-dollar accounting error discovered two months ago and only today shared with Congress is extremely problematic, to say the least. These funds could have been used for extra supplies and weapons for the upcoming counteroffensive, instead of rationing funds to last for the remainder of the fiscal year.”


Wait an Instant…

So at this juncture it behooves your dedicated Correspondent to take each of these ingrates to serious task.

To wit, there are a few comments and a plethora of queries.

First and foremost of the commentary will be that neither McCaul nor Rogers will henceforth be referenced as U. S. House members.

Instead, each will until further notice be retitled Delegates of the Ukrainian Parliament.

When either deigns to represent genuine Americans again we can discuss a reinstatement of their honorifics…assuming they both issue another joint statement…this time a Formal Letter of Apology to every single American Taxpayer.

As for the questions, we shall address Delegate McCaul from Ukraine initially, thereupon following Delegate Rogers also visiting us from his homeland of Ukraine.

Wait a Flash…

To be fair, each irritant only accounts for a single state…so we divide the newfound $3 BILLION (yes, I'm going to keep right on Capitalizing that figure…) by 50 to give either a sporting chance to explain themselves…thus we allot $60 Million to these guys individually…which they intend to give away.


Ukrainian Delegate McCaul is (ostensibly) from the Tenth District of Texas. Geographically the space lies East of Austin, West of Houston, doesn't have any cities of note within its borders and boasts a Median Household Income of approximately $73,000 a year.

Population of the District is 905,000 citizens — Americans, not Ukrainians.

Right off the bat…dividing $60 Million by 905,000 is $66 per constituent…enough for a week of groceries. Why does Ukrainian Delegate McCaul want American homes to go hungry?

In Texas there are 25,000 homeless…admittedly not all in the 10th District, but any homeless American in Texas is a lot closer than anyone in Kiev…doing our division…that's $2,400 for each of them. So why does Ukrainian Delegate McCaul want Americans to sleep on the pavement without protection?

The 10th District has over 29,000 American Veterans at present…making it over $2,000 we could spend on each of them to provide treatments during an ongoing economic crisis which threatens to turn into a Recession. So why does Ukrainian Delegate McCaul want to spend Veteran funds in another country?

Data is only available for Unemployment on a statewide basis, but the most recent figures available indicate there were 20,000 Unemployment Claims filed in August, 2022, which means…$3,000 for every American in dire need of assistance. So why does Ukrainian Delegate McCaul want to give it to others?

In the state of Texas as an entity, an astounding 1,200,000 citizens have No Schooling or only Primary Schooling…to help them could be $50 each in educational funds. So why then is Ukrainian Delegate McCaul more interested in squandering it on a border a half a world away than breeching this divide?

We might continue…but there is another American Collaborator AKA Ukrainian Delegate for us to deal…


Ukrainian Delegate Rogers is (claimed) to be from the Third District of Alabama. Spatially the area is East of Birmingham, West of Atlanta, slightly touches on Montgomery as well as a few smaller locales and has a Median Household Income of just over $49,000 a year.

Population of the District is about 720,000 citizens — Americans, not Ukrainians.

Right off the top…dividing $60 Million by 720,00 is $83…enough to feed a family for at least a week. Why does Ukrainian Delegate Rogers prefer Americans to starve?

In Alabama are a little under 3,500 homeless Americans…again, not all in the 3rd District, but closer than anyone in Kiev…so by our division that's over $17,000 to be spent on each of them. Thus, why does Ukrainian Delegate Rogers want Americans to sleep rough while sending their money overseas?

There are about 37,000 Veterans — Americans, not Ukrainians — living in the 3rd District…making an allocation of $1,700 to every single one…many are Vietnam Vets, who need that help. So why does Ukrainian Delegate Rogers want to deny American Veterans their justified benefits?

Most recent data for Alabama shows that Unemployment Claims stood at barely over 5,000…leading to a $12,000 check for every American who needs his government to be there for him. So why is Ukrainian Delegate Rogers sending that money thousands of miles away to those who don't deserve it?

In the state of Alabama as a whole, around 100,000 citizens have No Schooling or only Primary Schooling…to help them could be $600 each in educational funds. So why then is Ukrainian Delegate Rogers totally dismissive of those of our American Brothers and American Sisters who need it most?

There is much else…yet why belabor the obvious…

Wait…Why Do We Tolerate This…

Some of us — by which is meant Americans — seemingly care quite a lot about Ukraine.

Others of us — by which is meant myself — could not give the slightest damn.

All of us — by which is meant Citizens of the United States — should at very least be able to agree that $3 BILLION is a tremendous amount of money.

It is a sum collected FROM the American People and which by Rights should be spent ON the American People.

Collectively, we can debate whether it would be the most effective as outright payments for groceries for all in a time of want…or to alleviate the rampant Homelessness issue in every state…or that it should be used to take care of those who fought for OUR freedoms (not Ukrainians) in Asia, the Middle East, and other places these Men and Women were sent to battle…or whether perhaps it should given to those of us just plain down on their fortune in a very bad economy…or even if that amount may in some way be funneled into community programs to teach Americans to read who have zero schooling…

A true and genuine American can discuss all of these options — and more — to reach a solution which does the most good for the most inhabitants in the most pressing circumstances.

Wait and see come Campaign season…

What cannot be done by a real American is to see the want before your eyes IN YOUR VERY OWN DISTRICT and then turn to look away in the direction of a border conflict between cousins which has been going on for thousands of years and will not be solved conclusively for another thousand or more.

On the contrary, to betray your own constituents you really aren't an American at all — and you certainly wouldn't deserve the Respect or the Ballot of Citizens.

Like foreign Delegate McCaul and his compatriot foreign Delegate Rogers…you would be just another scheming Politician looking to take a buck from hard-working Voters…

And then send that cash straight off to the other country…the one you really care about — Ukraine.

Guy Somerset writes from somewhere in America

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Author`s name Guy Somerset
Editor Dmitry Sudakov