Wild West America…The Great Accidental Shootout

Guns are bad and they should be outlawed…

Just like Murder because once we did that no one was ever Murdered in America again…The End.

Oh wait, my Editor is telling me there actually have been some Murders in America recently? Tons?

Perchance your intrepid Correspondent should look into these for the story behind the story…

Just in case there may be more to things than "Guns Bad” as a narrative.

A Fortnight of Accidental (On Purpose) Discharges

Since everything in America is about race these days, physical descriptions are included.

Old White Guy vs. Young White Girl — April 15, 2023 — Hebron, New York

The Facts: Kaylin Gillis, age 20 and White, was allegedly shot by Kevin Monahan, age 65 and White, when the auto in which she was riding with friends made a wrong turn into the drive of a rural home.

The Incident (Controlled Media Version): Neither Gillis nor her friends so much as exited the vehicle and were reversing course without having purposefully disturbed the accused. While departing, two shots were fired from a shotgun, one fatally wounding Gillis in the neck.

The Incident (Law Enforcement Version): Police have claimed a sort of "standoff” when arriving to arrest Monahan. Delving further, the Accused counters Law Enforcement refused to inform him of the situation and had no warrant. If true, Monahan was entirely within his Rights as a Citizen not to speak to them at all. The shooter was later charged with Second-Degree Murder and remains in custody.

The Incident (Somerset Hypothesis): Something doesn't smell right. Monahan has been characterized as having no remorse for his actions which gives pause because it implies he — rightly or wrongly — thinks his conduct in some way justified. That indicates there may be more to the story from his perspective. At the same time, his attorney strongly maintains his client feels terribly about the incident.

Moreover, Controlled Media suggests the altercation was of a single car with young girls inside when in fact there were multiple vehicles and several persons involved in the matter. The attorney for Monahan has been quoted that Police have given a "superficial, simplistic” account of the events.

Gillis has a GoFundMe with about $140,000 donated and two Wikipedia entries.

Even Older White Guy vs. Adolescent Black Teen — April 13, 2023 — Kansas City, Missouri

The Facts: Andrew Lester, age 84 and a moderately disabled White, allegedly shot Ralph Yarl, age 16 and standing over 6-feet-tall Black, when the latter appeared outside his door at approximately 10 p. m. in the evening. Yarl was hit in the head and arm, sustaining serious injuries which required hospitalization.

The Incident (Controlled Media Version): This was a rabid bigot who shot a mere babe for no reason than the color of his ebony skin. Yarl was a musical prodigy clarinettist innocently trying to retrieve his siblings as he merely went to an incorrect address.

The Incident (Law Enforcement Version): Initially Police released Lester with no charges. When the story began to inundate the internet suddenly things changed, and the shooter was arrested on First Degree Assault and Armed Criminal Action; that might result in 10 to 30 or even Life Imprisonment.

The Prosecuting Attorney recklessly claimed a "racial component” but refused to go into detail because it's his big secret. (Seriously, why stir up such animosity without giving the whole story if you have it?)

The Incident (Somerset Hypothesis): No one knows. I don't know and you don't know. Is the Controlled Media narrative possible? Yes. Is the Controlled Media narrative plausible? No.

Controlled Media has made mockery of race in this country by lying — literally, telling actual untruths — about every "racial case” of the past ten years. There is no reason to credit them about anything.

Moreover, there is the little fact of the changing account of events.

Take note of Weasel Words used by local Police: Yarl "did not cross the threshold” of the doorway. Any time authorities use particularized language it is to deceive you by way of specificity.

What does such obfuscation signal? There's no way to tell for certain, but if I were a local reporter I would find out whether Yarl was yanking the door open in a forceful way and got himself shot for it.

Because when Police use a phrase like "cross the threshold” there is more to the story than is being told. Almost certainly an arrest was made to prevent a Black riot in Kansas City, which might still happen.

Of course, maybe it is all exactly as Controlled Media and Politicized Police claim…except we haven't heard the other side of the story so we don't know — that includes myself, but unlike several netizens eager to outrage at least I know enough to know that I don't know all the facts.

Alas "a fool and his money…” (looking at you, Halle Berry)…and by the end of last week Yarl already had $3.5 Mil in GoFundMe cash to assist his clarinet dreams…assuming he is telling the truth about things.

(Incidentally, I noted on CNN a grandson of Lester appeared and…Throwing your own grandfather under the bus for Social Media Clout?…You never betray your exes, your friends or your family…Never.)

As an aside to an aside to a jackass, days after the incident — which, I remind you, none of us know the entire story — President Biden was groveling on the phone to Ralph with his condolences.

Gang of Cops vs. Middle-Aged Man (and His Terrified Wife) — April 5, 2023 — Farmington, New Mexico

The Facts: Robert Dotson, age 52 years and White, was allegedly murdered by three Police Officers, ages unknown and apparently White, at 11:30 p. m. when Law Enforcement mistakenly arrived at his address.

The Facts (Controlled Media Version): Dotson answered with a handgun to find several men with weapons at the ready. He was promptly killed as de-escalation is evidently unknown at the precinct.

The Facts (Somerset Hypothesis): Not content with having liquidated one innocent Citizen, trigger-happy Cops decided to shoot it out with the wife, age unknown, of the deceased homeowner they were sworn "To Protect and Serve” as she retrieved the handgun from her freshly dispatched spouse.

Because Officers "announced themselves” it was allowed for them to begin a bullet barrage upon the unsuspecting resident — in the middle of the night — because, as is well established, if you call out "Police!” before killing someone in cold blood it is supposedly justified.

For what it's not-worth, neither of the Dotsons have gotten even $1 Mil from anyone (looking at you again, Halle Berry) nor do either of them have a Wikipedia page announcing their plight to the world.

Two Latino Men vs. Two (Bi-Racial and White) Cheerleaders — April 18, 2023 — Elgin, Texas

The Facts: Payton Washington, age 20 and Multi-Racial, as well as Heather Roth, age unknown and White, were allegedly shot by Pedro Rodriguez, Jr., age 25 and Hispanic.

The Incident (Controlled Media Version): Washington and three teammates were returning from competition to their car left at an H-E-B supermarket. Roth opened the door to a similar but mistaken car, returned to her original auto, whereupon it is claimed Rodriguez walked over and fired mid-apology.

The Incident (Law Enforcement Version): One girl shot was treated at the scene while Washington, shot in the back as well as leg, was hospitalized and is expected to survive her injuries.

Rodriguez has been charged with Deadly Conduct, a Third-Degree Felony, with up to 20 years imprisonment and possible $10,000 fine.

The Incident (Somerset Hypothesis): Typically unmentioned is the shooting occurred around 12:15 a. m.

Maybe this fine fellow was similarly carpooling to an extracurricular activity with his chums…or maybe he was in a largely vacant supermarket parking lot after midnight because he was selling drugs and got spooked when someone he didn't know tried to open his car door…any guess is pure speculation.

Either way, there appears to be no reportage of a prior criminal record for Rodriguez…although have a look at his mugshot and you tell me whether he seems like the sort for whom this is a first offence…

Incidentally, Multi-Racial Washington also has a GoFundMe which is over $125,000 in contributions. Meanwhile, White Ross apparently has nothing.

Multi-Racial Washington has a Wikipedia, White Ross does not.

Now, For the Killshot…

What do all these cases have in common?

Oh yes, the guns…but… — and stay with me here — what is the reason people have the guns?

Citizens are sacred — terrified — petrified.

Of each other? To a degree; but there is scarcely any aspect of American life not fear-inducing.

Economically — Americans are heading into a financial crisis of epic proportions. Nothing is less expensive than a year ago.

Food staples, as represented by eggs, have astronomically risen. Average car payments are over $750 a month…when most Americans couldn't put their fingers on $1000 even for a family emergency. This is to say nothing of exponential tuition costs for higher learning which has long been touted as necessary.

All this in a country which has known generations of affluence.

Socially — Americans have virtually no social cohesion. The national borders are wide open and even legal immigration has seen new "Americans” triple since 1970 alone.

Whether one believes this is beneficial or detrimental, there has been absolutely no attempt to assimilate these hordes of humanity into the national fabric, with a result of extreme cultural dissention.

Mistrust and distrust flourishes as many newcomers are seen as solely economic migrants.

Criminally — Americans have to deal with what Samuel Francis termed "Anarcho-Tyranny” in which ordinary Citizens are tormented by a series of unpunished disorder — such as urban youths running wild looting stores — at the same time Citizens are penalized by massive fines for minor transgressions — such as a zoning violation when they plant a new tree in their own yard.

Politically — Americans are constantly and continuously misled about everything by all politicians.

At the very time they see their paychecks shrinking, with costs expanding and lifestyles diminishing, The People are told "things are improving” by their President. Meanwhile, the opposing party dithers.

The Buckshot Stops Here — Fear Knows No Color

So what do Americans do? They live in a state of constant tension.

The fault can essentially be lain before the entire infrastructure from banks to media to schools.

Nearly everywhere things are becoming worse…The People know it…and the Government denies all.

While many ill-effects result, one is a paranoia you may lose what little you've got at any moment.

Those with almost nothing to sacrifice will be the quickest to shoot first and ask questions later.

America has always had guns. Nearly every veteran after World War Two had at least dual pistols — one he was issued and one he took off a dead soldier. Yet such contemporary violence was unknown.

It requires Terror coupled with Desperation to get the sort of random murders we witness today.

Most importantly (listen up, Halle Berry!) is that Fear Knows No Color…White shot White, White shot Black, Hispanic shot Multi-Racial and White…and so on in a deadly repeating drama.

Let's Count the Rounds in the Chamber

On a lighter note…time to spin the revolver and see where things stand for this society of ours.

According to the Vox Populi, which awards earnings based on aggrievement, here are recent totals:

  • a 52-year-old dead White man is worth absolutely nothing;
  • a 20-year-old wounded Multi-Racial Cheerleader is worth around $125,000;
  • a 20-year-old deceased White girl is worth about $140,000;
  • a 16-year-old injured Black boy is worth over $3.5 Million.

And just to prove anyone can be a jerk without consequence of color, here is a video of an adult Black male on a Southwest Airlines flight screaming his head off at a little White baby. Excised from nearly all versions of this footage? The Black passenger immediately makes it racial…to the Black flight attendant.

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Author`s name Guy Somerset
Editor Dmitry Sudakov