Biggest Secret of the Trump Trial — REVEALED!

Biggest Secret of the Trump Trial Revealed

A myth has grown the Trump Trial is about campaign finance. Or billing errors. Or political vendettas.

Or some such nonsense.

It is in fact about the Hidden Truth of Western Society.

Follow forth as all will be revealed…with nary a mention of arraignments, indictments or impeachments.

Words Matter — Which is Why Some Aren't Allowed

To paraphrase Orwell ("the great enemy of language is insincerity”)….who paraphrased Shakespeare ("a rose by any other name)…who paraphrased Socrates ("misuse of language induces evil in the soul”)…

Let us begin by defining our terms, shall we? To wit, what exactly is a "Porn Star” anyway!?!

An alleged "Porn Star” is a classification which — in rational terms — does not exist.

First, while there is such a thing as pornography in the abstract, there is no such thing as a pornographer save one who distributes such material…which is not what is being referred in this situation.

The actual person engaging in acts of pornography is thus not a producer in conventional terms, but instead is accepting money in racy films for sexual intercourse. (Despite what the Freeman case claims.)

By definition, such a woman is a Prostitute.

Although it may succor her misery to delude herself she is an actress, performer or anything else the simple fact is that woman is nothing other than a conventional Whore — by its literal definition.

Second, there is no such thing as a "Star” in the milieu of Camera-Ready Prostitution since it is a niche genre as most of the public does not pay any attention to this debauchery.

Even to the limited extent an individual engaged in Camera-Ready Prostitution gains some notoriety it is always ephemeral at best for a variety of reasons; not least of which such sluts tend to lead brief lives.

Thus, for the remainder of this article — and hopefully whenever you, Dear Reader, discuss the Trump matter with friends or family — any person so employed should be referenced only as what she is…a Prosti-Slut.

Let's Discuss the Fate of the Proto-Typical Prosti-Slut…

Frankly speaking, nearly all Prosti-Sluts end badly.

That isn't my opinion, it's the Way of the Whore — a mystical path diametrically opposite the Code of the Bushido — in which infidelity, dishonor and intercourse are means by which Zen Sluttiness is achieved.

Woebetide those Tramps who Walk the Enlarged Gate!

For as it is written (again paraphrasing)…Wide is the Gape for the Broad who Runs the Road which leads to Destruction….and Behold!…Many enter through it!…Yet small is the Gape and Narrow the passage which leads to Happiness….(with apologies to Our Lord)…

Alas, the Path of all Prosti-Slut Sin — The Near-Biography of Dakota Skye

1. Fresh Faced and Perky Breasted Ingénue — Whether it be GirlsGoneWild, GirlsDoPorn, or anything else most of these Prosti-Sluts begin with big hopes and little talent. They're cute enough to be the prettiest girl in the school but stupid enough not to realize there about a million schools in any given country.

Surely, they're different! So what if some nice guy back home wanted to marry them and have a kid?

The Big Time of Stardom awaits!…Or does it really?

2. Used and Abused Haggard Hoebag — Freshness comes from within and as soon as these gals get reamed out a few dozen times the bloom is decidedly off the petals. Think what you want, sexual intercourse is the most intimate aspect of your person and essentially is sharing your soul.

In other words, you exchange pieces of who you are with another person.

What is left if you break off chunks of your soul indiscriminately to whoever wants a hunk?

3. Drug Addled and Disease-Ridden Bag o'Bones — Soon enough, or rather not nearly soon enough, once-desirable girls become shells of their former selves. By this time no decent man would have them…and they know it. Oh, there will always be some warm body, but it won't fit the dream they had for their life.

In an effort to allay the creeping desperation and moral morass, they try to fill the top hole the same way they've been filling the bottom hole…with similar results.

Drugs deepen the despair, enlarge the emptiness and make the miserable even more frantic.

4. Dead Hooker in the Alley

Then they expire.

Usually in a small apartment or a trailer park.

And while when pristine a million men would have killed for them, not one cares when they die spoiled.

Exceptions To the Rule of Life

Does every single Prosti-Slut end up a hollowed out, soulless dead-eyed emaciated skank?

Yes, yes they do.

Okay, okay, okay…there A FEW very limited exceptions.

The gloriously beautiful Bettie Page made it out.

At the same time, she evidently did not engage in Hardcore Prosti-Sluttery as is common today. Moreover, something NO ONE mentions is she was redeemed while sitting on a beach in Florida when she met a nice and decent man who…

…wait for it…

Convinced her to return to following Jesus Christ. (Yeah, the Old Ways actually ARE the best ways, Sluts.)

Additional to understand is not only did Bettie accept redemption but had the awareness to comprehend a life of minor fame due to bodily interactions had left her feeling otherwise worthless.

So the most well-known Prosti-Slut in Modern History found it demeaning and sorrowful?

But you're different?

Tell me again about "sexual empowerment”…

Aside from Bettie Page there is…Hmmm….Well, I guess that's my point.

Maybe Glory Annen, who was a minor tart in films, was alright for a while.

She got hooked up with a wealthy businessman…but she and her mother were later tossed out of his mansion when she became a hag.

(No implication this was a "pay for play” deal in particular, but certainly in practice it seemed to be.)

Take Note Sluts: A court of law UPHELD this tossing onto the street…because that's life when you sell yourself as a nubile body…you get what you get while you're desirable…then you're onto the pavement.

Sluts Also Note: The difference between Love and Lust is a man sticking when you become desiccated.

More recently was Anastasia Griska, professional name Wiska, who was a Prosti-Slut from Belarus.

Wiska did innumerable films of this nature and…whew…DO NOT GOOGLE! (Seriously, it's grotesque.)

She later emigrated to Europe under an asylum grant, claiming she was "persecuted” for activities which she willingly engaged in back in Gomel. She was living in Germany for a while where…SHOCK AND AWE!…she found "work” as an "escort”.

Having sex with countless filthy men to pay your electric bill…Brave and Stunning!…Glamourous and Chic!…Such a Happy Ending!

Finally is my personal favorite of the lot, a gal called Maria Shirjajew, also known as Loly Hardcore, who is purportedly from The Land of Whores AKA The Ukraine.

She followed the same trajectory and went off to Europe where she was for a while doing the rounds as a Prosti-Slut and later transitioned into "escorting” before disappearing off the radar entirely.

Drugs? Almost certainly.

Dead? Certainly possible.

Of all these gals this situation was genuinely awful as Miss Shirjajew has (or had) about the most ideal physical form imaginable — in the truly Classical Antiquity sense. That such prime genetics were lost to depravity is, in all candor, a catastrophe of epic proportions.

(Incidentally, if anyone out there has a nice…non-Prosti-Slut…sister who looks exactly like Maria please contact my Editor immediately with a legitimate Marriage Proposal from this author to promptly follow.)

The Overflow of the Undertow

Sadly, the Prosti-Slut phenomena would seem to be ubiquitous these days.

Recently in Russia we have had not one but two incidents of quasi-Prosti-Sluttery outbreaks.

One — Olesya Krivtsova, 20, found herself unable to contain hatred of President Putin. She not only defaced her own body with an atrocious tattoo (gross, girls…really, just don't do that…) but also took time out of her day to say some unkind things about Vlad on social media.

At first the authorities were lenient. But Olesya persisted in her ways. That led to home arrest, which she promptly fled (since even quasi-Prosti-Sluts do not think they deserve any consequences for their actions) and she now resides in Vilnius, Lithuania where she is a blogger or influencer or egomaniac.

Of course, being a foolish teenager does not make Miss Krivtsova all bad. Where the quasi-Prosti-Slut behavior comes in is that she was MARRIED at the time of all this idiocy.

Moreover, Olesya is a little elfin hottie. Rather than bringing up baby, she was attention-whoring on the internet? What was her husband doing all this time? Why was no one…occupying her in other activities?

(NOTE TO PUTIN: If any future cuties make fun of you, don't send them to trial. Put them on House Arrest, I agree…but MY house. Trust, they will then be either too tired or too pregnant to be a bother.)

Two — The far more serious recent (but psychologically similar) case of Darya Trepova, 26, who allegedly carried a bomb to kill blogger Vladlen Tartarsky and wounded dozens of other individuals.

Clearly this is a truly grave incident, but the predictable motivations are the same — and not due to the Ukraine Conflict. This was pure quasi-Prosti-Slut behavior. The "Look At Me” nonsense which coalesces with the same insipid need to be the "Star” of your very own little drama.

This girl was married. No kiddies. Not pregnant. Instead, the fool was reportedly planting explosives.

Now what? While no one has been convicted of anything yet it is fair to say the future of Ms. Trepova will not be that of enjoying her babies, watching them grow or baking cookies as some grandmother.

You got what you wished for, quasi-Prosti-Slut…you are indeed the "Star”…but your drama is a tragedy.

End of the Line for the Broadway Babes

To end this piece on a high note here is a bit of advice:

Study after study has been done for generations which have universally determined the most longevity and security in a relationship for a female is when she marries the man who takes her virginity.

Absent that, she has a reasonable chance at a stable and successful future if she has less than four sexual partners in her life. Yes, her ENTIRE life.

After six? The statistical odds of a lasting and happy relationship is neigh on nil.

That's not my opinion. That's God. Or that's Mother Nature. Or that's Physical Biology. Or that's whatever else you want to call it…but that's also REALITY.

Once a girl, woman, lady or other allows that one man — and it is usually a single fellow in a whole lifetime — who feels True Love in his heart to pass her by she is cast to a fate of rotating penises which arrive constantly as she vainly hopes to fill the cavern in her soul by stuffing the cavity between her legs.

It never works.

The professional Prosti-Sluts end as drug addicts, hookers, then corpses.

The quasi-Prosti-Sluts end as middle-aged throwaways wishing they had not squandered their solitary chance at eternal happiness.

The biggest surprise of the Trump Trial is that all of this is on display for the world to watch…

And it is an Open Secret.

Guy Somerset writes from somewhere in America

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Author`s name Guy Somerset
Editor Dmitry Sudakov