Ukrainian Afterglow: German Death Throes

What do the Sumerians, Etruscans and Germans each have in common?

They’ll all be extinct in another century…only to be fair it’s a trick question…

Germans are essentially dead already, otherwise they would not be resigned to their fate.

Destiny at Your Throat, Fritz

Allow a few incidentals of the advanced state of decay:

In 2017 it was reported in Deutsche Welle the “immigrant background” population of Germany had reached a new peak of 19.3 million out of a total population of 81.7 million.

By 2023 it was reported per the Associated Press in Germany a full 23% of the population was of “immigrant background” in the country.

There is more, but let’s begin with the beguine, shall we…

Who Were These Guys?

The Sumerians

The Sumerians were precedents of urban civilization on this planet. They developed irrigation to fertile fields. They created magnificent cities with gleaming palaces. They formed a written language.

Sumeria was the first place in time. No, seriously, Sumerians generated the concept of “time” as division of day and night into 12-hour intervals. They are responsible for the 60-minute hour. Also, seconds.

Sumerians influenced all surrounding groups who quickly emulated their society.

Its best known literary work is The Epic of Gilgamesh which describes the Great Flood on earth.

The Etruscans

The Etruscans were makers of what we think of as European Civilization. They advanced city-states. They constructed distinctive artistic and architectural styles. They expanded the mining of copper and iron.

Etrusci (they called themselves Rasenna) were an anomaly in the area, with Etruscan entities united by a polytheistic religion which recognized an afterlife and shared burial customs.

Etruscans were in multitudinous ways forerunners of that which later became the Roman Empire.

Incidentally, “Tuscany” as a region derives from Etruscan and the word “Rome” is Etruscan in origin.

The Germans

The Germans came from Scandinavia; in what today is Sweden, Norway and Denmark. During a transition period of two thousand years they established a presence central in the European continent.

Upon appearance Germans were described by Romans as “original Celts” in the sense of being “strong, aggressive and bold”. At the same time, they were also reviled as “Barbarians” who would eventually assist in overthrowing established Roman order.

Yet Aryans in many ways were founders of the Modern World. By the time they lost the Second World War it can generally be said German technology had eclipsed all rivals by an order of magnitude beyond any nearest competitors.

Such was their recognized dominance in a variety of fields that victors after the contest scrabbled with each other as to who would claim the greatest prize of the conflagration – surviving German scientists.

By the way, even the “British” royal family is Germanic in its derivation.

Why Did They Depart?

Sumerian Summer

The Sumerians originally had a society based on a ruler who was intermediary with The Gods. Beneath him was a broad administrative bureaucracy, most notably dealing with agriculture. Pictography had given way to Cuneiform which, while still not fully understood today, eased communications.

By the fall Sumerians had abandoned much that made them magnificent. They no longer dwelt in city-states with disparate functions but rather in a centralized territory. The king did not intermediate with The Gods but was essentially a judicial entity. Even Cuneiform had fallen into disuse except by priests.

Eventually the Babylonians overtook the region and most Sumerian cities abandoned.

Etruscan Ciao

The Etruscans were ultimately felled by infighting and assaults from some of the very city-states they had themselves founded. Among their fiercest competitors were Romans to the south.

These Romans often slaughtered or sold into slavery peoples they had vanquished. During Civil War between Marius and Sulla the Etruscans supported a losing faction with result in 83 B.C. they were sublimated and Latinized; their culture erased.

Astoundingly, the degree of their effacement from History was so complete it was nearly 2,500 years before Mankind would discover through archeology the impressive contributions of this race.

Germans…Avatars for an Age

Due hysteria surrounding the topic of Demographic Replacement - Facts, merely facts:

  • in 2014 vile and childless Angela Merkel welcomed over 1 million Illegal Invaders to the heartland,
  •  in 2020 it was estimated by the Roman Catholic Church in Germany 90 percent of its houses of worship would be closed within the next 10 years,
  •  in 2022 the population of Germany was assessed to have 25% of inhabitants non-native “Germans”,
  •  in 2023 pensioners, the infirm and elderly were forcibly evicted from Care Centers in Germany at behest of “Christian” landlords in collusion with government to house ever more foreign interlopers,
  • in 2050 the alleged “German” population of Germany will be less than 50% Germanic…but the kebobs are projected to be tasty and delicious.

Behold…your country is at war and your enemy has already entered its gates…

This Too Shall Pass…

The Sumerians receded with the Third Dynasty of Ur in approximately 2004 B.C. and last extant texts from the Mesopotamian region date to around 1739 B.C. when they disappear altogether.

The Etruscans fell in 396 B.C. at the overthrow of Veii to the Romans with consequence by 100 B.C. their language and writing had vanished…whatever was left of them becoming vaguely Roman in nature.

The Germanic Peoples suffered a devastating blow in 1945 A.D. with taking of Berlin and the coup de grace being a coup d’état by treasonous politicians starting in 2014 A.D. this century.

The Prototype for Ukraine

Far from being cause for the collapse of Germany the Ukraine Conflict is but an heir to this demise.

During early days of the fighting all of corporate news was abuzz with stories of Africans and Indians and Asians caught in the maelstrom of battle. Oh, how the Controlled Media wept and howled over the fortune of these lamentable bystanders!

Except…some observers (decidedly “incorrect” in their thinking) began to query the reason hordes of students were in Ukraine. Not only in Kiev, either. Hundreds and hundreds unto the tens of thousands.

Ukraine is a poor country…did no Ukrainians want to become Engineers? Or Dentists? Or Physicians?

There are a limited amount of University seats. Why were authentic Ukrainians being replaced in the thousands by usurpers?

Who in Ukraine approved such a policy? Why was it implemented to the detriment of ordinary citizens? What was the true intention of denying Ukraine farm boys and peasant girls improving their life?

Quickly - conspicuously rapidly - these non-Slavic faces disappeared from coverage of the calamity.

Controlled Media could not risk viewers (or for that matter, Ukrainians themselves) asking such uncomfortable questions.

Because, you see, Ukraine is Germany forty years ago…already deeply mired in the morass of Cultural Genocide by King Zelensky and a Kiev Cabal which seeks to Neo-Liberalize its people out of existence.

What is Past is Prologue

Is it too late to revise the reprise of this tragedy?

For Ukraine, perhaps not. It may require a Russian reeducation of the sort now taking place…yet there is hope.

For Germany, likely nothing can be done. It would necessitate rebellion of a sort residents evince no stomach.

After all, death is so much more tranquil than the trauma induced by resistance.

Sumerians and Etruscans are gone. Germany is going. Ukraine is on the brink.

Truly, Russia has proved to be its brother’s keeper.

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Author`s name Guy Somerset
Editor Dmitry Sudakov