Ukrainian Afterglow: English Food Shortages!

The saying is sanguine in its way — Times are tough all over.

Only, the truth is that times are particularly trying in London and environs these days.

Nary a week passes something doesn't seem to be worse than the week prior — strikes, violence, protests, housing affordability, housing availability, home heating, and now…food shortages.

Time to get to the bottom of things…in more ways than one…

Yes, It's All the Fault of Zelensky…Mostly…

In an effort to track down a source of the dietary woes now throttling the throats of hardworking Brits there are obviously several causes.

Greta Thunberg would tell it is "the environment”…despite having essentially dropped out of school at age 15 and ditching Ninth Grade, making her an expert on precisely nothing except playing hooky.

Keir Starmer (Labour Party Leader) would assure us it is "Post-Brexit Blues”…except even during the Covid Hysteria there was more than enough for everyone to eat.

Gary Lineker (loudmouth moron) would remind us this is all somehow related to Mustache Man…because if there is one thing that screams "intellectual” it is the skill of kicking a rubber ball.

Alas, with heavy heart and empty belly we must come to a conclusion on this dreary March day while such minor incidents garnished the dearth they were never more than incidental to the fact your plate is bare.

The true cause of our want is electrical rather than eclectic.

Sacrificing Cuisine for Ukraine

As with all things this past year (or at least, the bad things) it all comes back to King Zelensky and the Kiev Cabal.

When it was demanded of the British people they fork over their hard-earned lettuce to supplicate the sycophants in Ukraine many did not realize the sacrifice would also include their spoons and knives.

Since the direct cash-grab was not enough, a series of sanctions intended to starve Russia of capital had as one of its unintended side-effects that it would likewise starve the average Brit at dinner-time as well.

Some Food For Thoughts

Even while some (deluded but good-hearted) citizens might have supported sending the Zelensky Gang money…and tanks…and now perhaps jets…very few would have supported sending them their supper.

Due to cultivation reductions directly connected to the diminished energy supplies from Russia, there is across Great Britain a large and lengthening tally of foodstuffs no longer available.

Indeed, the list of rationing is virtually the sole thing "growing” in the isles these days!

The average Brit can't even have a decent salad due to mass shortages…and that's if they can even afford it after paying off the meter man…and that's assuming they don't have to repair the door from when the gas company kicked it down to install a pre-pay by force.

Musings Soothe The Savage…

Additionally, RT reports one in five English households claim to have skipped meals, or more alarmingly, not eaten for an entire day…as the establishment at No. 10 is talking about sending Typhoons to fight.

Maybe that is the consequence of having a purported Billionaire in the bubble of power at Westminster? He and his ilk are incapable of comprehending the necessity not only of bundling in winter…or of using the stove as a heater…but of essentially starving oneself to save a quid.

Indeed, one in four people in the United Kingdom runs out of money for essentials by the end of every month.

Worse — if it can become worse — is that inflation for food was 17% last month alone with staples such as eggs, milk and margarine leading the charge toward the poorhouse.

Genuine human beings are becoming ill and dying because Zelensky and his types are sucking our coffers dry.

Think that an exaggeration?

In Great Britain today here are some items on ration: applies…and pears…and leeks…and tomatoes…and cucumbers. All are in shortage Downing says might last until May which of course means it will last until September.

The whole of the United Kingdom is forecast to have one third fewer orchard plantings next year because of this energy crisis…caused by the glory of the Donbass…which almost none in England could find on a map!

How The Cookie Crumbles

Note to Starmer and other plutocrat "Populists” — Poor (and now Middle Class) Englishmen and Englishwomen need to have a good meal and warm bed.

No Russians are coming to get them. No Muscovites are hiding beneath the covers to snatch them away in the night. No Red Army soldiers are battling for anything other than to keep their co-ethnics safe….and that in a place virtually a million kilometers away from the nearest grocer.

There is no contradiction in having sympathy for ordinary Ukrainians in a frightful situation and refusing to force our own families to suffer on their behalf.

To the extent displaced civilians need help? Alright.

To the degree abused Brits are ignored? Never.

More than a year we have given a lifeline to the world with the result we literally no longer have enough to eat.

They say, "You can't get blood from a turnip!”

Lamentably, the average British person wouldn't know…turnips are in shortage as well.

Guy Somerset writes from somewhere in America


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Author`s name Guy Somerset
Editor Dmitry Sudakov