Fear Plan "Dark Putin” — When Nice Guys Finish First

Fear Plan 'Dark Putin' — When Nice Guys Finish First

We've all heard it before, no matter what language you speak…”Nice guys finish last”.

Not only is it untrue, it says more about the speaker than the subject of the expression.

Very often in life it is these "nice guys” who have the most power of all. To not use that capacity is a choice — a kindness instead of a weakness.

Sadly, for individuals of limited intellect this translates into inability rather than indulgence.

Yet there is another way…

Ukraine Until Today

Despite what you have been told by the breathless coiffures of the Controlled Media — who largely represent acolytes of Marvel movies and Comic book melodramas — the Russian military has been remarkably restrained throughout the Ukraine Conflict.

Almost every atrocity story you have been told has either been the result of accident or obfuscation.

One example is when Ukrainian Defence accidentally downs a missile upon their own citizens (which a Kiev Minister admitted only to be promptly dismissed). Another example is when a misfire goes off course (as occurred some months ago when the Ukrainians shot a rocket into Poland).

The lies come in when incidents such as Bucha are mischaracterized — civilians tied white cloth to their wrists to indicate they were non-combatants as they went about life in the occupied city…when they died the cloths were still there from this purpose and not because they were "bound and executed”.

While infrastructure has been deemed a military target, the resident population has mostly been unmolested.

This was not a happenstance but a deliberate intention.

Ukraine After Today

Unfortunately, having passed a first anniversary of the Ukraine Conflict it is clear Western Governments are intent on expanding hostilities.

Every day more money flows into the pockets of the Zelensky Regime. Every week more weapons arrive. Every month more sanctions to ruin the Russian economy.

So be it.

Apparently there is gross misconception the way battle has been heretofore conducted is the only way battle may be conducted hereafter.

To the degree Putin has behaved as the proverbial "nice guy” it is worth considering alternatives…

Plan Dark Putin

What is detailed below is entirely speculative — No "inside knowledge” is implied nor should be inferred.

The title of this special operation within a Special Operation is derived from play on the Dark Brandon meme which posits Joe Biden is not what he seems and only lies in wait to reveal his true powers.

Its implication is at a certain juncture a turning can be reached at which moment another side emerges.

Thus the Dark Putin Plan in full:

LOCATION: Lviv is a city situated between Poland and Kiev in western Ukraine. Indeed, it is often referenced as the western capital of the country. Prior to the war it had a population of approximately 750,000 inhabitants. There may be as many as 150,000 Ukrainian refugees also there at present time.

This is regarded as the safest metropolitan area in the nation and has escaped any meaningful attack.

STAGE: Crimea has situated on its territory a Russian air base called Baherove. It has been abandoned since 1996 but is an "out-of-use” airfield which can accommodate planes of all types. This makes it an ideal staging area for surreptitious preparations — particularly as the Saki air base was attacked last year.

WEAPONS: Russia currently has Tu-22 aircraft capable of Carpet Bombing (or Freefall Bombing) which have been demonstrated in the battle theatre of Syria. In that act Russians felled high-altitude ordinance in the manner of World War Two. There were 14 planes used then but Russia has 66 in total.

TACTICS: Ukraine expects a long-predicted Russian infantry advance in the Donbass during late spring or early summer. Russia likewise anticipates a much-expected Ukrainian infantry counteroffensive to follow perhaps making use of the new tanks promised by the Western Governments.

While none can say precisely when or how long these actions will ensue it is reasonable to presume them lasting from mid-March until mid-August.

Obscene Possibilities in Operational Abilities

Suppose during the height of such confrontations — as the world waits with bated breath on what is universally described as the battle to decide the conflict — the Dark Putin Plan is put into effect.

TIME: Say on the late evening of July 1 a fleet of 30 or 40 or even 60 Tu-22 bombers secretly outfitted in Baherove or some other such overlooked place begin to swing wide over the Black Sea.

Their crews maintain silence as they gradually make their way toward the coast of Ukraine…”Clearly the target is Odessa!” cry the Generals in Western Command across Europe.

But no!

At the final instant the group slightly adjusts course to take them up the Dniester Estuary, a large body of undefended partially enclosed seafront.

Then the massive formation continues across the Russian-occupied sliver of land known as Transnistria, between Ukraine and Moldova and which offers relative safety with a garrison of 1,500 Russian troops.

An expansion of the hostilities as has been prognosticated endlessly in the press? "Clearly the target is Chisinau!” exclaim the Generals in Western Command at their cushy chairs.

But no!

Again the men above in blue skirt the border and pass the capital…”Clearly the target is Kiev from the rear!” shout the Generals, a few of whom have seen Lawrence of Arabia when they were children.

But no!

PLACE: Finally, the true objective is revealed. Soaring over vastly underdefended western Ukrainian countryside the bombers make way to Lviv…where they drop their entire payload for good measure.

St. George's Cathedral sits on a hill overlooking Lviv and is the first thing destroyed. (To the extent the Western Powers are intent on turning Ukraine into a godless bastion of "liberalism” any Church could only be defiled…besides, after the conflict it can be rebuilt…and more importantly, reconsecrated.)

For the next hour or more Lviv is made waking nightmare — then the fleet returns to Crimea.

And they do this again the next night…and the next…for three consecutive evenings.

The Results

Some things to consider — pro and con.

In Favor of Plan Dark Putin…

— This would demonstrate to the people of Ukraine, especially the inhabitants of Kiev where life is resuming a normal pace, that the conflict is not confined to the Donbass.

— This would, in context of a simultaneous battle raging in East of Ukraine, incredibly demoralize its army in the knowledge their families, wives, children and everyone else was dying in West of Ukraine.

— This would have the additional result of splitting a refugee population in half…some of whom would flee toward perceived "safety” in Kiev and vastly overburden its precarious government…some of whom would flee toward European Union countries already sweltering under the enormous amount of earlier refugees and already facing resentment from their citizens.

— This would illustrate to the Western Governments how far Russia would be willing to fight in order to avoid the neo-liberalization proposed by its enemies.

In Con of Plan Dark Putin…

— Needless to say, every Western Official would wet their panties crying "War Crimes!”…only this allegation has since lost its force in that 200,000 other "War Crimes!” have been claimed…when everything is "War Crimes!” then nothing is "War Crimes!”

— The destruction of Lviv (not to mention the demise of tens of thousands of lives, if not more) would be highly lamentable…at the same time the Western Governments intend to completely destroy the Russian population of 150 Million either by impoverishment or indoctrination so it is a zero sum game.

— Russia should anticipate a staggering loss from the fleet sent to accomplish this task, perhaps at 60% or more…but in the context of a decisive move to finish the conflict this may be an acceptable sacrifice.

— Carpet Bombing (or more polite "Strategic Bombing” moniker) as overall tactic is unsuccessful…which would be accurate in a technical sense, only as a psychological operation designed to: a) induce the Eastern Ukrainian Army to retreat in order to save their families, b) cause the Kiev government to be bankrupt by infrastructural burdens, and c) make Western European populations rebel against imposition of a doubling of the Ukrainian Refugee figures…it would be instantaneously effective.

The End — To the Conflict and To the Juvenilia

There is no individual on earth more dangerous than a "nice guy” pushed one step too far.

Why? Because from his perspective he has been generous, permissive and tolerant…all to no avail.

It requires logic tempered by calculation to be a "nice guy”.

When it becomes analytically clear this approach has failed then the tempest forms.

Putin — until this moment — has been a very nice man.

Many in Russia have implored him to take off the restraint to fight as if Slavic Culture depends on victory…because it may.

For now Putin resists. For now Lviv is safe.

Let us hope juvenile fools with reductive philosophies and playground mentalities analyzing in Washington, London, Paris and Berlin realize that may not always be the case.

Guy Somerset writes from somewhere in America


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Author`s name Guy Somerset
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