It will be difficult for Russia to win the current confrontation with the West

Russia has not learned lessons of WWII. Can Moscow win confrontation with the West today?

To a certain extent, the current dramatic events in Ukraine come as a consequence of the following: both the Russian society and the Russian authorities have a poor understanding of lessons of the 20th century. It is impossible to list all the mistakes and miscalculations that have taken Russia to a bitter conflict with the collective West and raised the question of its survival. In this article, we would like to focus only on those that are related to the experience of the Great Patriotic War.

Our ideology, the very existence of which is prohibited by the Constitution, is still based on the great feat of our ancestors who defeated Nazism. If Russia does not take measures to correct the mistakes that were made after the collapse of the USSR, Russia will not be able to defend its sovereignty — it will not be able to defend its right to exist at all.

Perhaps the main reason for which the Second World War broke out was the desire of Western countries (Great Britain, the USA and France) to set Germany against the USSR for the subsequent destruction of the latter. This is a common opinion shared by many Soviet and Russian historians.

When Hitler attacked Poland, it seemed that "Western democracies" should have rejoiced, as the Wehrmacht was reaching out towards the borders of the Soviet Union. However, the UK and France declared war on Hitler's Germany instead. When Germany invaded the USSR, the UK and the USA began to actively help the victim of aggression, which came contrary to their alleged intention to help Hitler wipe the USSR off the map of the world. Therefore, one may assume that the main goal of the United States and the UK was to eliminate and subjugate a more dangerous geopolitical rival — Germany — that had captured almost all of continental Europe by that time.

The Anglo-Saxon bloc (which is a very conditional term) succeeded with its mission and suffered minimum damage. In fact, the United States and Great Britain killed two birds with one stone: the Soviet Union suffered incalculable material and demographic losses. It was the unimaginably enormous human sacrifice that became the main tragedy for the Soviet people. Moreover, modern-day Russia has not been able to cope with consequences of that tragedy.

Events in the Far East, where the Empire of Japan was gaining power, were no less indicative. American diplomacy lured the Japanese into a trap very skilfully and literally forced them to strike the obviously more powerful opponent first.

The Japanese faced a choice: either to accept the dictatorship of the United States that imposed extensive sanctions against Japan, or try to achieve acceptable conditions for further development on the battlefield. Interestingly, Japanese strategists, including Admiral Yamamoto, did not believe in Tokyo's final victory over the overseas giant. However, they were convinced that it was better for the spirit of the nation to lose the war rather than to surrender without a fight.

As we all know, military and economic power of the United States crushed Japan mercilessly. The Anglo-Saxons thus managed to curb another dangerous competitor.

WWII events can clearly show what a sophisticated, far-sighted and merciless adversary modern Russia is dealing with today. Unfortunately, USSR's defeat in the cold war — another stage of the Anglo-Saxons' struggle for global domination — did not teach our new "democratic" rulers anything. Even if they realised in Moscow that the West was pushing Russia towards a military conflict in Ukraine, the Kremlin leadership was constantly making belated decisions while traveling a fatal road.

Having huge military, economic, technological and demographic advantages, the collective West is confident that it will not let Russia defeat the puppet regime in Ukraine. The West will be putting Russia to the test until its economic and moral opportunities are exhausted.

Unfortunately, we can not count on any contradictions within the collective West. The Anglo-Saxons have completely subjugated the elites of even such sovereign countries as Germany, France and Italy. Japan and South Korea may join the list too, let alone tens of smaller states like Poland, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria or Croatia — they are like hyenas and jackals.

US President Joe Biden was not at all hypocritical when he said not too long ago that the West was not trying to destroy and fragment the Russian Federation. The goal of our former partners and currently irreconcilable geopolitical opponents is to completely subordinate Russia to their influence and deprive the country of sovereignty.

The bloc of Anglo-Saxon countries (USA, Canada, Australia, Great Britain, New Zealand) does not need Russian resources that much, because the resources and territories of these countries combined are 1.5 times larger than those of Russia.

It appears that Russian military leaders have not learned the lessons of great battles of the Great Patriotic War and WWII. Otherwise, they would not have failed near Kharkiv, which largely determined the unfortunate course of further events at the front, in particular the pull back of the Russian forces from Kherson. Even though legions of historians have written thousands of books about the defeats and victories of the Red Army, the Russian society has not been able to fully understand causes and consequences of brutal catastrophes and epic triumphs of 1941-1945. This may play a fatal role for the Russian Army in Ukraine.

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Author`s name Andrey Mihayloff
Editor Dmitry Sudakov