Italy devastated

Italy continues to live in troubled times: lacking momentum toward a better future, it is no longer even a ship without a helmsman but a mere boat somewhat adrift towing other ships, almost always under the guidance of others.

Our present continues to be polluted by Covid hysteria, with many Italians struggling to turn over a new leaf but instead clinging to its fetish par excellence (the mask) and continuing to wear it even where it is not, unfortunately, required. Added to this is the labor problem, aggravated by the reforms of previous governments and turning workers into disposable tools with the introduction of fixed-term contracts. Then let us not forget other forms of hysteria: the environmental one fixated on global warming, the cultural one that wants to ape even here at home the American-originated cancel culture and its obnoxious wokism. Don't worry: there will be cold showers, meal bugs and vaccines for everyone. Or at least for those who will survive the long haul.

Icing on the cake, the Atlanticism to which we submit has also led Giorgia Meloni's government to side with the Ukraine of Volodymyr Zelensky, the former comedian president who played the piano with his penis and current strongman (sic) of Kiev. So, we are at war with Russia, whose "non-binary” soldiers we oppose Western (and therefore our own) more… "fluid” armies. We are under no illusions.

I offer readers a short interview with Roberto Giacomelli. Author, essayist, therapist, martial arts enthusiast, Giacomelli has already answered our questions in the past, proposing on some issues an original point of view that deserved careful consideration. Perhaps, what follows is more of a friendly conversation, aware as we are, like the friends of The Saker, that perhaps is really "too late for everything”.

As a first question, I would ask you about the Meloni government: the landings of nonrefugees continue, the economy stagnates, we are even at war with Russia. Is "because she's a woman” beginning to show all its inevitable and predictable limits?

This is the first government elected by the people in regular general elections, after a decade of puppet governments imposed by progressive forces, and thus constitutes a major step forward in Italian political life. The new government must solve insurmountable problems, a wretched legacy of the previous two that led to the current disastrous situation. Certainly, a more determined and decisive executive, but inevitably limited in its action. We now await greater decisiveness on the fight against wild immigration, for which there was talk of a naval blockade, the results of a stern investigation into the criminal conduct of the management of the Covid flu epidemic, passed off as the new plague in order to pass off experimental drugs that were never tested as vaccines. A real cultural revolution to take away the cultural hegemony from progressive forces. The identity area has top intellectuals, courageous publishing houses, a long ideological tradition and thinkers who have made history. The first measure to be taken is to eliminate the total control of state television by progressive forces, re-establishing truthful and free communication. Freedom is won by eliminating the lies and falsifications of facts perpetrated by the usual knowns.

So how do you assess the current situation here in Italy, looking also and especially at what happened during Covid?

Italy is in a state of serious crisis due to decades of mismanagement, of governments that have not served the interests of the people, but those of financial powers, foreign states, and the European Union. Ultimately, the system is spiraling toward authoritarian democracy, with the resulting restrictions on freedom and police control worthy of communist states. The dramatic experiment in social psychology enacted during the recent flu epidemic caused enormous damage to the national economy and the mental health of citizens. No investigation has yet determined the serious political responsibilities that led to a large number of deaths and the ruin of families and businesses due to the imposition of the infamous Green Pass. Capitalism in its twilight stage expresses itself through close surveillance of citizens, a symptom of fear and weakness of the System.

We often hear the expression "terminal capitalism”. Are we sure that capitalism is about to die?

Regimes in their terminal stage are characterized by repressive conduct, violence against citizens who rebel against the insane impositions, suppression of civil rights and personal freedoms. A definite symptom of loss of power that results in the fear of losing control over the people and the consequent fall of the System itself. An illuminating historical example is the period of the Terror during the French Revolution, when revolutionary instances showed their true face of violence and oppression, revolts were suppressed in blood. When the true goals of the System were revealed to the people and dissatisfaction and consequent rebellion broke out, Power felt control slipping from its grasp and suppressed dissent with violence. The shameful scenes of repression at the port of Trieste against defenseless workers who were only demanding that their right not to inoculate themselves with unknown and dangerous substances passed off as vaccines be respected are emblematic of the fragility of Power.

What should replace it? What, instead, is likely to replace it?

Capitalism is not only a social economic system based on the exploitation of labor, well outlined by the Marxian theory of surplus value, but it is also a definite way of life in which the prevailing sentiment is selfishness. In the only society in History based on profit, at the expense of values and ideas, the lack of a spiritual dimension and physiological contact with the Sacred, one symbolically overcomes the fear of death with the accumulation of capital, money, objects and property. These affective substitutes would seem to give the illusion of continuity and immortality, while in reality they sink the human being into the abyss of compulsive consumption and low materiality. The new Golden Age will have to be an age of spirituality, of return to Nature, of contact with the transcendent dimension, in the rediscovery of Tradition. The state that will overcome capitalism is the social state, respectful of the needs of citizens, where ownership of the means of production will belong to the partners, thus avoiding all forms of exploitation.

In your articles and books, you write that the West has renounced the divine dimension. Can you explain more about this idea of yours?

The revealed religions, heresies of Judaism, far from the feeling of European peoples, supplanted the original spirituality, detaching us from our origins and dispersing the cultural and spiritual heritage of our ancestors. The disappearance of the transcendent myths and symbols that connect with the collective unconscious, divine dimension, has resulted in the severing of roots. The loss of identity of peoples, of the meaning of life, reduced to mere survival in low materiality, determine the mental distress characteristic of this civilization, where psychic suffering is the characteristic figure of the time. Deprived of their gods, of the festivities of the cycles of nature, of the presence of the Genius loci in the forests and at the springs, Europeans are orphans of the Tradition of the fathers and victims of the hoarding and consumerist mentality that comes from across the Ocean.

What should we do to recover this divine dimension?

To recover the relationship with the divine, rituals must be rediscovered; this term comes from the Sanskrit sacred language in which the phoneme RTA indicated the cosmic wheel, or the balance of the Absolute. Ritual beneficially orders human time by relating it to divine time, restoring a healthy relationship with the forces of Nature. Celebrating domestic rites in honor of ancestors, Celtic or Roman holidays, the initiatory passages of the seasons of human life, the mos maiorum of origins. The Initiatory Way in its various declinations, from Western alchemy to Eastern spiritual philosophies, Hinduism and Buddhism, to meditation, are practices of spiritual restoration. Approaching the divine, according to Jung, will restore the psychic balance of peoples destroyed by consumerism and materialism.

Allow me one last question, on Russia: is Italian Atlanticism a sign of dutiful loyalty, within the limits of our independence, or is it rather a clear sign of the servility of our country and its political class?

We could call Atlanticism the senile disease of Europe, the pathetic cultural subservience to the U. S. from which all European states suffer, especially Italy, which is the 51st state in the U. S. confederation. Italy is to all intents and purposes a U. S. colony, on our territory, a unique case, we have a hundred U. S. military bases, complete with atomic weapons that harm the health of people and the natural environment. At the end of World War II, the Italian military leadership signed not a peace treaty, but an unconditional surrender whose clauses are still secret. This defeat without honor resulted in military servitude, but above all in moral servitude, the supine assumption of every demented fashion coming from the US. The decay of our culture replaced by the aberrations of the people who went from barbarism to decadence without knowing civilization.

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Author`s name Costantino Ceoldo
Editor Dmitry Sudakov