Royal Theater

"De wereld is een speeltoneel; Elk speelt zijn rol en krijgt zijn deel,” (the world is a stage; everyone plays his role and gets his part), wrote 17th-century Dutch playwright Joost van den Vondel. It is good to keep this in mind whenever we inform ourselves about what is going on in the world.

These days, the actor that plays the role of "King of the Netherlands” is paying a visit to the Slovak Republic. Together with his wife, the Argentinian-born "Queen of the Netherlands,” he will be lecturing the Slovaks on two topics: freedom of the press and "gender equality.”

King William Alexander, who is generally known for not being the sharpest tool in the shed, can be forgiven for taking part in the charade of monarchy and all its trappings, such as state visits. His wife Maxima, a smart cookie, very cunning and ambitious, should know better. However, the role of Queen gives her a platform to remain active in international banking. That way she can manage her own financial interests and those of the "House of Orange,” which over the years has amassed a dazzling fortune.

The Slovaks don't give hoot, as witnessed by the absence of reports on the visit from the nations major news outlets. On 7 March, the date of arrival of the Dutch "Royal couple” and their retinue, including Wopke Hoekstra, the nitwit playing the role of Dutch Foreign Minister, only one, Dennik N carried an article on the event: on the "King” playing the role of pilot on the airplane carrying him and his party to Bratislava.

As for the "freedom of the press” about which the "King” and "Queen” are going to talk, it would do well for the Slovaks to know that in the Netherlands there is no such thing. One Dutch journalist, Micha Kat, has been sitting in a dungeon for a year and a half, accused of "insulting” the boss of Dutch state television. No freedom of the press and no freedom of expression, because Willem Engel, leader and main spokesman of the anti-covid vaccine popular movement was also thrown in jail and is now free on a conditional sentence.

Regarding "gender equality,” the very fact that the royal couple are "King” and "Queen” is proof this is also an empty expression in the Netherlands. Way too binary, really. To be consistent, the couple ought to be called "Queen and Queen,” or "King and King,” "Quing and Quing,” "Keen and Keen,” or whatever.

At any rate, I wish them a good time in Slovakia.

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Author`s name Hans Vogel
Editor Dmitry Sudakov