German chancellor Olaf Scholz may vanish from politics for Nord Stream blasts

Germans will remove Scholz from politics for Nord Stream blasts

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz knew in advance about US President Joe Biden's plans to punish the German people by exploding the Nord Stream pipelines. This knowledge will lead to Scholz's political death. It is not ruled out that the sitting German Chancellor will be put on trial on counts of state treason.

Germany says nothing about Nord Stream blasts

Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative journalist Seymour Hersh exposed the role of the CIA and President Joe Biden in person in blowing up three of the four branches of the Nord Stream gas pipeline.

Seymour linked the US motive to the following:

  • the need to cut Russia's commercial benefits by increasing those of its own,
  • exclude Germany's dependence on cheap Russian energy to ensure Berlin supports Ukraine in the conflict with the Russian Federation.

The main victim of the sabotage — Germany — responded to Hersh's article only five days later. German officials only said that they had no information on the matter. Interestingly, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has never commented on the article either.

There is no progress in the investigation of the case. Allegedly, German investigators did not find convincing evidence of anyone's involvement in the attack.

Scholz knew about Biden's plans in advance

Maximilian Krah, an AfD MEP, accused Scholz of knowing of USA's plans in advance.

"It is certain that the German government was informed of the sabotage beforehand by the Americans. This is the only explanation for Scholz's awkward silence. With the addition of a woke and irresponsible warmonger like (Foreign Minister Annalena) Baerbock, who declares that Germany is at war with Russia, nothing surprises me," he said.

According to him, Germany's refusal from Russian energy sources "rips the German economy to pieces and impoverishes Germany significantly." Moreover, "the billions that Germany spent on this gas project have been wasted, and it makes no difference to Germany's ruling coalition."

In an interview with the German newspaper Berliner Zeitung, Seymour Hersh supported the German MP.

"I would ask Chancellor Scholz a lot of questions. I would ask him what he learned in February when he met with the President (Biden). The operation was top secret and the President (Biden) was not supposed to tell anyone about our abilities, but he likes to chat, and he sometimes says things that he shouldn't say," Hersh said.

According to the journalist, the people who led the sabotage believed that Biden was aware of what he was doing to the people of Germany, that he was punishing them for a war that was not going very well. Biden feared that Germany would pedal back on the sanctions against Russia because of the cold winter, Hersh explained.

Scholz signs his own sentence

It just so happens that Scholz followed the American interests to the detriment of the interests of his people, industry and economy by drawing Germany into a war with the Russian Federation.

One may, of course, recall Germany's colonial dependence on the United States or secret protocols of obedience to Washington that every German chancellor signs upon taking office. However, going against the interests of today's divided Germany is equal to signing a political death sentence. A trial can also be possible — German companies may file lawsuits.

It is no coincidence that Scholz's party showed a devastatingly poor result in Berlin, where elections to the Landtag were held on Sunday. The opposition CDU won the elections having gained almost 30 percent of votes against 20 percent of Scholz's SPD. Der Spiegel called SPD's defeat a historic one noting that the party showed its worst result in Berlin in the history of Germany.

"The Berliners are fed up with the green "dictatorship." They are fed up with the war of cyclists against motorists, with the collapse of infrastructure, they are fed up with impunity of Arab clans in the capital,  with disorderly bureaucracy, devastation at schools and social institutions, with attempts to expropriate real estate. In short: the Berliners crave change," German political scientist Alexander Rahr wrote in his Telegram channel.

"His rating at the federal level is falling. In Germany (as well as throughout Europe), there are many crises that the government is coping with great difficulty," he added.

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Author`s name Lyuba Lulko
Editor Dmitry Sudakov