NATO vs. Russia: Even one small nuclear explosion will send us all back to Middle Ages

Ukraine-NATO vs. Russia: The end of a cold war and the beginning of a hot one

Those who previously warned of the probability of an impending Ukraine disaster remain ignored. Yet others who thought a major nuclear power wouldn't object to NATO missile bases placed a few hundred miles from Moscow are now discovering they do. And some who hoped no one would notice the name change from Nazi militias to freedom fighters are now reminded of their foolishness.

Today's words roll glibly from political tongues, but the uncomprehending faces show a lack of any understanding.

America First

In a declining technological advanced society, the US with a debt of $31 trillion and a falling petrodollar income already knows that without being able to control the energy supply it needs to keep its head above water, its obsession with holding top dog position in the world will end.

After the failure to control the Middle East oil supply, it's more than a coincidence that Russia is also a major energy producer and the current conflict in the Ukraine might have more to do with America's desire to control a needed energy supply and less to do upholding any high ideals of democracy. Meanwhile, the underlying desire to force a regime change and destroy Russia economically is no longer a well-kept secret.

Emboldened with previous successes against third rate military armies in the Middle East, the US is now playing Russian roulette (pun) with a nuclear power, despite National Security Council spokesman John Kirby stating that there is "absolutely no indication" that Russia might attack NATO countries. And why would it, unless they too begin slaughtering ethnic Russians and forming Nazi militias on Russia's doorstep.

Gone are the days of the "cold war" and mutual respect in which both sides observed diplomatic niceties and accepted spheres of influence.

Despite former protestations of neutrality, NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg now says that a defeat for the Ukraine would be a defeat for NATO and more recently, German Foreign Minister Baerbock openly declares that European nations are at war with Russia. Wasn't that stating the obvious? Supplying a favored party in a civil war with weapons, advisers and financial aid are hardly acts of neutrality and the excuse given as "capability development and capacity-building" does little to disguise that.

Why did western politicians make mistakes of such magnitude?

  • First, the populist western politicians and diplomats of today are more suited to dealing with transgender issues and identity politics than war and are as much tainted and influenced by the views they hold as those they peddle them to. Convincing western populations to believe that men in dresses are woman is entirely different to convincing Russia that it should give up its energy supplies to Wall Street.
  • Second, for decades US induced wars occurred "over there" and the horror of devastation hasn't touched the populations who watched it on TV, or the politicians who cheered it on. A proliferation of video games is the nearest western populations have been to war. Combined, this has led to the ostrich type behaviour of western politicians burying their collective heads in the sand believing it can never happen here.
  • Third, in our technologically advanced consumer society's, even one small nuclear explosion sends us back to the Middle-Ages. Recent Studies of hurricane Katrina in 2005 have shown that when the lights go out for three days and the food chain collapses, society dissolves into anarchy. Add to that a nuclear fallout and even a single nuclear exchange destroys a first world country. In other words, the more advanced a country is the less it's able to survive damage to itself.

The only saving grace is that no one is immune from the effects of a nuclear exchange. US arms manufacturers who fuel the current flames, the politicians who cheer for war and corporate CEO's who profit from it will see their wealth wiped out instantly. Not a pleasant prospect for those US global capitalists and politicians who value wealth more than life itself and something that will surely have crossed their minds.

Confidence is not high

Behind the Ukraine and currently most flash points around the world is the US, sitting safely at the far reaches of western civilization from where it stirs the world with a long wooden spoon.

Hopefully, President Putin now realizes that he is not dealing with diplomatic "friends" and "colleagues" and the more he tries to pretend this is still a "special operation", the more NATO see it as a sign of weakness when they now publicly inform him that it's not.

In his speeches, President Putin has repeatedly said that Russia will not use nuclear force unless the country's national security is "severely imperiled." Yet, that's a subjective statement and at what point will supplying increasingly advanced weaponry, intelligence, surveillance and NATO planned offensives constitute a severe imperilment? A deadly game of dare in which if Russia feels NATO will become actively involved it may consider a nuclear option and if it NATO feels it will lose its remaining opportunity to access energy supplies it might consider the same.

The 'Doomsday clock' stands at 90 seconds to midnight

Unfortunately, the US and NATO only respect force, not diplomatic niceties or speeches. The more President Putin talks, the weaker he becomes in the eyes of NATO. Likewise, western Ukrainians and their lingering Nazi ideology are not "brothers" and there's no shortage of Zelensky type oligarchs in Kiev wishing Russia to return to the days of Yeltsin.

Having only been at peace for some twenty years since its founding, it's far safer for the world to isolate the US at the far reaches of western civilization where it belongs and let its violent population fight amongst themselves before it drags the world down with it.

All wars eventually end and unless there's a nuclear standoff so too will this one. Both sides will save face in any coming agreement, but Russia will get its buffer zone against NATO and the US will lose its fuel stop on the way to China. After the Ukraine, China is next and this time Japan and Taiwan will replace the Ukraine to fight for the US, with a probability of North Korea joining China and as that escalates we will again face the same dangers of a nuclear exchange as we do now.

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Author`s name John V.
Editor Dmitry Sudakov