Western Culture Wars

When I observe Europe and the US, I don't see cohesive, patriotic and vibrant societies marching into a multicultural utopia, but near civil wars based on ethnicity, colour and cultural divides. The European Union slogan of "Diversity is our strength" is in fact a weakness and creates easily exploitable divisions. Moreover, every country and civilization in history collapsed when a competing culture became dominant.

Even Germany's Merkel, a leading proponent of the open borders multicultural movement admitted it doesn't work when back in 2010 at a Potsdam meeting of her CDU Party she stated:

"And of course, the approach [to build] a multicultural [society] and to live side-by-side and to enjoy each other… has failed, utterly failed."

A sentiment echoed at various times by various leaders from other European countries who have now begun to realize it hasn't worked.

This nonsense has been going on for so long that we've become immune to the ridiculous and now whether by choice or peer pressure pay lip service at the high alter of secular Wokeism. Ushering in a new era of humanitarianism brought to us by characters such Obama the returning Messiah and elite European Union Commissioners under whom all things are possible if only we believe.

Imagine if you will, an Afro-Russian or a Chinese Somalian and why minus the ridiculous both Russia and China have remained strong and retained their patriotism. Both know they're fighting for their country and to preserve their culture; meanwhile the west is fighting for a unipolar transgender world, run by Wall Street containing a warped multicultural ideology.

In a post-industrial west, all we have left to offer the world is social chaos, men with beards wearing dresses and weapons. Lots of them. Meanwhile, our western leaders have the power to destroy the world ten times over with nuclear weapons, but still can't tell the difference between a man and a woman!

As we begin to re-write history, the missing link is our roots, our belonging, our history, call it what you will, but without which we become little more than consumer objects in a cultural melting pot. Lost in a tidal wave of chaos and anger, we shout and rage both at each other and at the world as we look for meaning in life to replace our former values and traditions and find only emptiness. In this new age utopia we become citizens of the world, a diversified mass of nomadic humanity eternally searching for a place of belonging, but never finding it and instead becoming the lost children of globalized capitalism.

We're lost and want to go back home, but we don't know where home is anymore. Into this void enters extreme politics bringing with it a plurality of religions, endless genders and identity politics … But it's not home or even a substitute. Meanwhile, Ellen Stofan, Chief Scientist at NASA and a member of the WEF, reassures us that by 2030 we will have colonized Mars and discovered alien life that might help us move forward. Really?

The despots of the 20th century have now been replaced by 21st century eco fascists and exploitation by the elites as populations pray at the altar of Laissez-faire capitalism. They say home is where the heart is, but recreational drugs, an obesity epidemic, or a shopping center of instant gratification selling the latest iPhone update is not home, it's a distraction.

In our upside down world even our language has changed and our perceptions with it. Neo Nazis now become freedom fighters, an advancing aggressive NATO insists its neutral and the European Union Diplomatic website states it wants to expand into the Asia region, as our already majority stupefied populations blink twice and repeat "Putin is a monster."

The madness of the west will eventually collapse of its own accord, but meanwhile it's left to countries such as Russia and China to stop the lunacy the west is attempting to inflict on the rest of the world. Once described as an "evil empire", Russia is now a small candle of flame still flickering to counter the western culture wars in a new European Dark Age.

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Author`s name John V.
Editor Dmitry Sudakov