Stealing Russian cultural legacy as part of hybrid war

Swedish National Museum as Part of Russian Infrastructure

The Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB) has engaged and given a group of four people the task of tracking down alternative media which are considered to give a realistic picture of Russia.

A realistic picture of Russia can of course be nothing but positive. A country which has persevered through a decade (1990s) of gross cultural plundering and political propaganda perpetrated by the US, including international violations that cost six million Russian lives and nearly wiped out its raw material resources.

From the time that the CIA put Boris Yeltsin on the throne until Putin's KGB nine years later (when it was made clear to Yeltsin that he should leave voluntarily or else he would be removed) the income per capita had dropped by 40%. That drop is worse than what happened in the US during the Great Depression. Since Putin came to power living standards have risen by more than 120%. These were the improvements despite several years of economic and mass media warfare brought on by the western "democracies.”

Politicians and mainstream media have muttered the phrase "Russian aggression” like a mantra, but so far they have not been able to point to specific examples of this violence. Obviously, this mantra has been used as a smokescreen to hide the massive and deadly aggression imposed by several proud NATO countries — countries who are responsible for twenty million deaths and maimed people, mainly in the Middle East — proxy wars which mainstream media falsely claimed to be "civil wars.” In the month of March 2022, the American Congress released a comprehensive report that one of its investigative committees had carried out over a few years.

The report revealed that since 1991 to present the United States had initiated and carried out 251 wars and military operations. This means that during this time the United States together with the war organization NATO completely dominated the global war and death enterprise.

However, giving a positive image of our neighboring country Russia is considered by the MSB, a government based agency, to be harmful to our strong and dedicated defense. Nevertheless, the government is doing its best to beautify the image of Russia.

At the Swedish National Art Museum a large number of Russian Icons are on display for all to view, and even more in the archive. These Icons present a beautiful picture of Russian religious and social life, and of the Russian folk soul as being genuine and irresistible. But there is a catch! It's all theft and stolen goods.

A coup d'état in 1917 brought a Zionist terrorist group to power and enabled a political and cultural rape of Russia — politically through a slaughter of a burgeoning democracy, and culturally mainly through plundering and destroying churches and monasteries. By the end of 1919 approximately 60,000 priests and monks had been murdered. The murderers broke into the churches and stole a very important part of the Russian soul in the form of icons and precious church silver, much of which ended up on street markets in Moscow where the Swedish banker Olof Aschberg was able to buy up the treasures. Only a fool would think this was not stolen property. Aschberg then secured eternal glory and honor for delivering a large collection of these items to the Swedish National Museum which shamefully avoided asking for its origin.

The author Gunnel Wahlström describes Aschberg's procedure as follows:

"With a Westerner's understanding of the concept of ownership, I would like to state that icons of that size and quality that Aschberg handed over to the National Museum must have been subject to criminal proceedings before they were released and ended up on the market. The words stolen goods should be adequate in the context.”

So it is that the most beautiful thing we are showing off about the life and culture of a geographical neighbor is its cultural infrastructure, which was stolen from our neighbor Mother Russia. But instead of supporting Russia by returning these works of art to their rightful owner — the Russian Orthodox Church, which is now growing and building new churches — they reward and encourage those who despise the great country in the east. And, those who want to present a positive image of Russia are made suspect. And that's how our state supported infrastructure works.

Nothing was made better by the fact that the revolutionary perpetrators also stole 500 tons of gold from the Russian treasury, which was then transported to Stockholm — to be melted down and restamped under the supervision of the Jewish banker Erik Aschberg, in order to then discreetly disappear into the international market, after the revolutionaries filled their pockets. When will that debt be paid back?

The Western Establishment's attitude towards stolen goods is however not homogeneous. The recovery of stolen property lost during the Second World War, during the Hitler era, is given priority and encouragement, while the enormous thefts from Russia in connection with the Jewish coup d'état of 1917 are concealed. There are apparently many ways to express an underlying racism.

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Author`s name Jan Westh
Editor Dmitry Sudakov