How Much Has Ukraine Taken From U.S. Taxpayers?

1 Ukrainian Life = 5000 Starving Indians

Money is a finite resource; meaning there is only so much of it to go around.

While this may seem obvious when dealing with our family budget it is well worth remembering the same rule applies when government is doling out giveaways…for better or worse.

Due to this reality of Economics the average American Citizen deserves an accounting of who gets what when it concerns his property.

Who does it help? Who does it harm? Who decides which people live and which people die?

You as a Taxpayer need to know how your Taxdollars are spent and precisely what these figures signify in practical human terms.

How Much Has Ukraine Taken From U.S. Taxpayers?

It is important to understand there are a host of hidden speculative costs due to Inflation, Money Printing, Sanctions and various estimated ways Ukraine largesse is harming Americans which may be near a Trillion by this juncture.

At the same time, in order to keep things simple, we’ll only review the actual spending provisions authorized by Congress.

What we can say with absolute certainty is as of today $100 Billion has been allocated to squander on a conflict which concerns territory half a world away only a little larger than the size of Rhode Island.

How Many People Live in Ukraine?

The most recent estimate before the Russia-Ukraine Conflict was approximately 43 million.

How Much has been Spent Per Ukrainian?

If we divide that $100 Billion by 43 million the sum taken from American Taxpayers is $2325 to spend on each Ukrainian so far.

How Many People Are Starving Worldwide Around the Globe?

In a bit of macabre serendipity, according to the World Food Program USA there are also about 43 million people in dire need of food.

How Much Does It Cost to Feed a Starving Person?

Again, rampant Inflation due to unwise Sanctions play a role, but as of last year the cost to feed a starving person was about $0.43 for one nutrition-packed meal a day, which would keep them alive.

As a result, that $2325 per Ukrainian might have roughly paid for 5400 life-saving meals…over 5000 people could have lived instead of perished.

How Many People Die Every Day From Starvation?

Around 25,000 people a day – every day – die from not having enough to eat and hunger-related causes. This includes 10,000 children. It means someone dies every 4 seconds. Twenty or more are dead since you began reading this article. Six of those dead were children.

Who are these Starving People?

They aren't Ukrainians.

Lesser in need among nations are places such as India, which maintains a 1 in 5 level of food insecurity.

Most others are in Africa, Asia and the Middle East; primarily Burundi, Somalia, South Sudan and Syria.

The nation of Yemen, laboring under a war of far less interest to Washington, has astoundingly high levels of child famine.

What Could $100 Billion Have Done for the Starving of the World?

Well, at $0.43 per meal multiplied by 43 Million people multiplied by 365 days a year the total sum to have saved all of those lives would have been…about $6.75 Billion dollars.

43…million…people…for less than one-tenth of what the United States government has sent to Ukraine.

43 million human beings…could have lived and are now dead.

Instead of saving every single one of those individuals, our government in Washington spent over ten times the amount on…weapons…to kill even more humans.

What is the Death Toll in Ukraine?

No one can accurately say how many have died in the Russia-Ukraine Conflict to date.

Whatever is the toll in suffering, it has clearly been exacerbated by corrupt American officials intent upon escalation of the horror.

As regards any figure ultimately determined at some future date it is incumbent upon historians to likewise include those additional lives of the forgotten famished who starved to death in other places due to gross indifference of unmentioned torments.

Who Decides Who Suffers?

It bears repeating that money is a finite resource. If funds go one place they don't go somewhere else.

Thus 43 million could have been saved - but weren't.

Every officeholder who supported the latest Budget Omnibus Bill made the choice that those starving should die.

  • Democratic President Joe Biden chose it.
  • Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell chose it.
  • Democratic former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi chose it.
  • Republican Representative Liz Cheney chose it…

Meanwhile these politicians in Washington, of both parties, have the temerity to call Putin a monster.

Guy Somerset writes from somewhere in America.

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Author`s name Guy Somerset
Editor Dmitry Sudakov