Ukraine Burglary – Who asked for this?

Ukraine Burglary – What Every Brit Must Ask

All across the world Citizens are suffering for Ukraine. Most of them were never asked whether they wanted to sacrifice their quality of life in this way. It was merely something imposed from above – a dictate that The People “must” defend Ukraine. Surely, we all have compassion…but at what cost…and when does it ever end?The British People are among those who have suffered the most and have a fair right to know why.

Facts In Review – A Snapshot of Merry Old England Today

Currently in the United Kingdom there are a rash of strikes by workers for higher pay. These include Health Care Workers, Education Workers and Rail Unions…totaling more than 500,000 public sector employees.

Matters have reached such a crisis that this week Parliament debated a bill to outlaw strikes at all. The Resolution Foundation, a UK Think Tank, estimates income will fall by 2,000 UKP next year. Average inflation is over 10 percent this year in the country. Recently the World Bank cut its outlook for the year and warned of a Global Recession to come.

Moreover, Downing Street has announced a “slimming down” of home heating assistance, when costs have doubled this year for some. That will likely cause energy bills to increase nearly a third next year.

According to The Guardian newspaper 700,000 in England and Wales lack central heating. Many others are using firewood as “the only affordable fuel” in this season. It is estimated 1.4 million in Britain are in danger of a not being able to pay mortgages due to rapidly rising interest rates.

Incidentally, the amount of households in the nation renting has doubled since 2001…the exact opposite direction in which a healthy society should be trending in ownership.

Three Questions Every Brit Deserves to Ask

  • How Did We Get Here?

For many of us, things seemed to be going well the past year. The world was coming out of the Virus Crisis and everything was opening again. Employers seemed to be hiring and there was a general sense of an available position for everyone who wanted one. If not exactly a boon of prosperity, the country appeared to be stable and functioning at the very least.

So what happened?

In short…Ukraine.

  • How Did a Miniscule Squabble Wreck Our Lives?

Given that Ukraine is more or less a world away from the life of the average Brit it bears pondering how in the world a border skirmish in the middle of nowhere ruined everyone within a few months.

Unfortunately, it needn't have done so.

No doubt we all felt sad to see Ukrainian civilians under threat and having their own lives turned over. It was only natural that most of us would want to help them. As a matter of fact, more than 100,000 Ukrainians have become the guests of British Citizens under the Homes for Ukrainians scheme.

At the same time there seems to be a world of difference between offering help to someone and having your entire way of life destroyed in their interest.

So what brought us from compassion to catastrophe in less than six months?

In short…Sanctions and Swindles.

  • What Exactly Brought Us To Economic Destruction?

It all began with sanctions. Boycotting cheap Russian energy in order to “teach Putin a lesson” began the whole process. Then came another round of sanctions…then another…and another…until we are near ten of them. After that was the endless series of payouts and payoffs to the Ukraine. Boris went there. Liz stood firm. Rishi is sending Tanks.

It becomes more expensive every day – and Taxpayers are the ones footing the bill. That may be alright in times of plenty, but as the above statistics indicate many are in a time of want. In fact, the want most in Britain have particularly is merely for things to return to normal. Except they will not as long as the fighting continues as it looks to do for at least another year.

One final question

There is one final question.

It is the one which is never asked – not by the Controlled Media and certainly not by Corrupt Politicians.

That is – Who Asked For This?

Along with it are incumbent things to consider such as…

  1. When Can We Quit?
  2. Why Aren't Citizens Consulted?
  3. What Makes The Ordinary Brit Responsible For Saving The People Of Ukraine?

They may be impolite, but when you can't eat or heat your dwelling these are legitimate concerns.

Until we receive some cogent replies it is best to let the Ukrainians take care of themselves while Westerners take back our money and at least attempt to take care of the British People at home.

Guy Somerset writes from somewhere in America.

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Author`s name Guy Somerset
Editor Dmitry Sudakov