KISS Ukraine: A Simple Blackmail Operation

I have seen it said many times that Ukraine is the most corrupt country in Europe, possibly in the entire World. I don't know. It is just something I keep hearing.

Accusations of money laundering, human trafficking, child trafficking, sex trafficking, child sex trafficking, drug center for drugs entering Europe and other dirty things. I don't know. It is just something I keep hearing. None of these dirty business dealings have been proven in any Court of Law. To me, that means it is all fiction, just made up to disparage a Nation or it has been covered up by western governments and media. By now, I think we all know how incredibly corrupt and dishonest western media really is. Only idiots who choose to continue being idiots pay any attention to western media.

But it should be obvious to anyone above 14 years old that there is something afoul in Ukraine that is being hushed up by western "leaders" and western media.

I believe there is something in Ukraine that the western powers want desperately to keep hidden. It is something so sinister, so disgusting, so satanical that it would bring down the western powers. The World would react in horror and disgust and demand the elimination of certain western powers. What secret is the Nazi dictator hiding to protect the western elites? If it is as powerful as I suspect, when that secret comes out, the World will weep in fear and disgust.

Western powers have successfully avoided prosecution and removal for many crimes:

  • Money laundering,
  • drug trafficking,
  • pedophilia,
  • prostitution,
  • and murder to name a few.

The United States of America, Great Britain, France, Germany and others are bankrupting their own countries. They are willingly throwing millions of their citizens into poverty and deprivation of basic human needs. Fuel is scarce and being rationed, food consumption is down, heat and water are being rationed and any protestors meet the iron fist of tyranny. Rather than providing a level playing field to their citizens, they create "Warming Centers" where the freezing people can flee their icebox homes and walk to, so they can get some warmth now and then. Western powers are abusing their citizens every day and for what? To protect a Nazi dictator whose only claim to fame is playing a piano with his ding dong? Or to protect their own secrets? Whatever it is carries a lot of destruction to western elites if their secret gets out.

I envision something along the lines of this: Baby Farms, This is a video rendition of what some enlightened people are dreaming up. It is not in service yet, but it will be someday soon. The video shows how wonderful and caring the process is and ever so helpful to people who cannot or do not want to conceive their own child. They say they can manipulate the genetics of your new child. The parents to be can pick their newly created child from a list of genetic code modifications. The parent can choose the child's hair color, skin texture (color), eye color and intelligence levels among dozens of other genetic traits. OK, I'm sold. Now create a child for me that will only obey me, obey my every wish or order. And I want him to be a monster, completely devoid of any compassion or common sense. No morals. No ethics. I want to send him after people I don't like. I want him to destroy anything that is good, beautiful and helpful to humanity. I want my new bouncing baby boy to be just like American politicians. Maybe he'll be President some day, after I tell him to eliminate all of his competition. Then I can make him do anything I want, to any person or Nation, and I won't be the one to get shot for being the World's most evil dictator.

Or maybe, they are just growing human body parts to sell. Planned Parenthood the largest abortion business in America has a price list for what they charge for aborted baby body parts. You can order a leg, or breast if you prefer, an arm, a brain, slices of a brain and get whatever parts you like. Aborted baby body parts is a large industry. It makes me wonder how civilization got away for so many thousands of years without aborted baby body parts. This shows some of Planned Butcherhood's aborted baby body parts prices here. And this will show you some of the buyers of aborted baby body parts here.

I am accusing the Nazi Ukrainian President of committing blackmail against the World elites and that is why they are draining their Treasuries and destroying their own weapons of war. China's scrap metals industry must be booming with all the destroyed weapons captured by Russia and sent to the scrap yards in China.

Western politicians are an International Criminal Syndicate controlled by what appears to be Satanist enemies of God. They use their citizen's money to support Ukraine whether they can afford it or not. The only people suffering from the over 10,000 sanctions against Russia are the citizens of the western nations that placed those sanctions. The politicians are not suffering. Nothing has changed for them except the obvious fear of being discovered.

Who do I suppose is being blackmailed? Any politician who is supporting the sanctions against Russia and all the politicians sending money and weapons and shouting for more weapons for Ukraine. Maybe the big secret is not so big. Maybe all of this is just to protect Biden's son Hunter for his nefarious deeds in Ukraine. I doubt it. We're not only dealing with Satanists. We're dealing with psychopath Satanists. And I know they are Satanists because Maria Zakharova, the Director of the Information and Press Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation said so.

Talking nonchalantly about nuclear war is psychopathic insanity.

The Secretary General of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), Jens Stoltenberg, recently said that the only way to get peace in Ukraine is to send more weapons to Ukraine. This is not rational thinking. Does he think the best way to put out an apartment fire is to hose it down with gasoline? And this freak was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize.

Past National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice and Past Secretary of Defense Robert M. Gates, put out an article in the New York Times recently, suggesting that the Biden Regime and NATO essentially empty out their entire weapons arsenals for Ukraine. And then what, Condi and Bobby, any 3rd World country can attack us? These people are insane. They have held the Bully Pulpit for so long, they think the World will always accept the American hegemony. They must get all their news from CNN.

The western leaders appear to be willing to start a nuclear war with Russia. I do believe that the enormous hate expressed towards Russia is mostly because Russia is a Christian Nation.

Everybody knows Christians don't like Satanists and we have been their enemy for 2,000 years or more. We may be in the final battle between Good and Evil.

The western leaders will and have destroyed their own economies, they will put the citizens into starving and freezing to death conditions. They are willing to vaporize millions of innocent people all over the World. With their "limited nuclear war" confidence, they will spread poison and death to innocent children all over the World. They will sacrifice their own family members.

This Zelenskyy guy will go down as history's biggest punk. All the tens of billions of dollars he is raking in and all he can afford to wear are T-shirts? Or are the T-shirts an image of toxic masculinity to make himself look like a tough guy. If so, it doesn't work. He's still a wimp who plays a piano with his whatever he calls it.

KISS is an American saying used when training salesmen. KISS means "Keep It Simple Stupid". When analyzing Ukraine, KISS. Look for the obvious and forget all of the nonsense from western media. What is obvious is that western "leaders" are destroying their Nations to protect something. It is sure not "Democracy" they are protecting. A Democracy does not shut down news outlets, eliminate opposing political parties, close churches and take the citizenship away from their Priests. And a Democracy does not bomb churches, schools, hospitals and residential neighborhoods. The pervert piano player does that.

For eight years Ukraine did just that and the western powers are outraged that Russia would try to defend the innocent, unarmed civilian population. What less could we expect from the only two countries, United States and Ukraine, who voted twice in two separate United Nations referendums, to not condemn Nazism.

Ukraine is hiding something. Ukraine is protecting a secret of the western powers. I can't wait until Russia uncovers that secret. It should be interesting.

His articles have appeared in 1,000 websites in 29 countries and translated into 28 different languages. He can be reached at [email protected]. If you republish this article, please put in a link for Mark S. McGrew has written on a variety of subjects and is best known for exposing Obama as the fraud he is.

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Author`s name Mark S. McGrew
Editor Dmitry Sudakov