Tanking Western Economies for Zelensky Tank Weapons

With every day the European economic news is worse…which is only surpassed by the worsening lives of ordinary Europeans.

Over half the continent is forecast to fall into Recession this year. The other half apparently in denial.

At the same time multiple countries are offering piecemeal "assistance” to those who cannot afford to:

  • heat their homes,
  • afford to eat,
  • find any housing at all…

Our corrupt political leadership is simultaneously engaged in sending to Zelensky:

  • Tanks,
  • More Tanks, as well as,
  • Ever more Tanks.

Let's have a look at what our freezing and starving and homelessness has bought for Ukraine this time…

France…the AMX-10 RC "Armored Vehicle” Cost…$550,000 Each

The AMX-10 RC is touted as the first "Western-designed” fighting vehicle sent into the maelstrom. It is operated by a four-man crew and typically used as a reconnaissance device.

Not technically a "Tank” because it moves on wheels rather than tracks…it has armor, a cannon and two machine guns meaning it effectively functions as a Tank, no matter the semantics used by Escalationists.

France has not specified how much of the Public Fund will be used to increase the death, but we can rest assured it is a sum better spent on Zelensky than the poor in Banlieues or working classes in Arrondissements.

One current estimate is approximately 30 AMX-10 RCs will be sent to the fight. At $550,000 each, this would amount to a total of around $16.5 million dollars…noblesse oblige, mon frere!

Germany…the Marder "Infantry Fighting Vehicle” Cost…$400,000 Each

The Marder is described by proponents as an IFV used to attack main battle Tanks in conjunction with guided missile systems. The machinery is also fitted with a 20 mm automatic cannon.

There is a track chassis, making it more akin to the traditional Tank while being operated by a crew of three with capacity to carry an additional five personnel.

Even as German civil engineers decry the threat of Deindustrialization due to rampant economic irresponsibility, it appears the plutocrats in Berlin prefer to devolve the quality of life for the average German than to negotiate a reasonable conclusion to the benefit of everyone.

Germany has stated it will ship at least 40 Marder vehicles by the Spring in order to ensure there will be no peaceful resolution to the dispute. At approximately $400,000 each, this will amount to a total of over $16 million dollars.

America…the Bradley Armored Vehicle Cost…$3.2 Million Each

The United States will provide Bradley fighting armor which is described as both an offensive and defensive weapon due to the firepower and maneuverability its evinces on the battlefield.

It comes equipped with a 25 mm autocannon, a 7.62 mm machine gun as well as anti-Tank missiles. Weight is around 30 tons, meaning it can move about 40 miles an hour. Operation is by a crew of three and can carry six additional troops.

As for the missiles, while the U. S. has already provided some in the past it appears another 500 will be included in this package.

According to reports there will be 50 Bradley vehicles paid for by Taxpayers to Ukraine. At $3.2 Million each, this will amount to $160 Million dollars.

England…the Challenger 2 Tank…$8 Million Each

Great Britain this week announced it is "considering” provision of the Challenger 2 Tank to placate Zelensky in his relentless Escalation toward World War Three. It is a main battle Tank providing a high level of protection against direct attacks.

Sporting a 120 mm Tank gun, it has the farthest recorded kill in history during the Gulf War at four kilometers, or two and a half miles away. There is a claim the weapon has never experienced a loss to the enemy. It is operated by a four man crew inside.

Incidentally, despite the extreme cost in a time of financial deprivation to the British public Zelensky has stated he "wants more” than the roughly dozen under discussion. In fact Zelensky demands 300…in spite of the fact the UK has only 227 in its entire arsenal.

If provided there will be 10 Challenger 2 Tanks sent to Ukraine at the cost of Englishmen who don't deserve to be warm…or eat…or have shelter…because…Ukraine! At $8 Million dollars each this would amount to a theft by Zelensky from UK Citizens of $80 Million dollars total.

The Next Step for the Ecalationists…Widespread Starvation at Home, Advanced Weapons for Abroad

Despite European sacrifice there is an aspect ever the same…Zelensky needs more. (He always needs more.)

So what if you can't heat your home? Or eat three meals a day? Assuming you have a hovel?

Ukraine needs your hard-earned money!

As a matter of fact, you can expect the next tranche of Zelensky "requests” from our coffers to include Leclerc Tanks from France, Leopard Tanks from Germany and M1 Abrams Tanks from the United States.

War Profiteers and Wasted Lives

All across Europe new millionaires (and billionaires) are being born. It seems anyone and everyone involved in illicit governance at any level is dipping his beak in the Ukraine swamp of ill-gotten gains.

Even should any reader believe in the fairytale account of recent history that Zelensky was a proverbial White Knight doing battle with Pure Evil Putin…there is no reason for the common European to fund him.

How does this imply a French baker…or German mechanic…or American carpenter…or English nurse must agonize for his caprice?

Particularly at a time tens of millions are unable to afford the basic necessities for themselves, their families and their children?

Let him fight his own battles without pilfering every one of the poor across Europe itself.

Tanking Western quality of life is not acceptable for the purpose of sending Tanks to Zelensky.

Guy Somerset writes from somewhere in America.

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Author`s name Guy Somerset
Editor Dmitry Sudakov