Canals, Fake News, Scoundrels

Some three centuries ago, Voltaire visited the Netherlands. Guess what? This French Enlightenment thinker and staunch defender of the freedom of expression did not have a high opinion of that country. He said there were just canaux, canards, canailles, meaning canals, ducks and scoundrels. The French word canard not only translates as "duck,” but it also means what today is called "fake news.”

Three centuries later, nothing much has changed. The canals are still there, in Amsterdam, Utrecht, Leiden, Delft and elsewhere, to the delight of foreign tourists. The news media almost exclusively carry fake news, and the country is being run by a bunch of desperate scoundrels: the junta led by Mark Rutte.

Of course, like the rest of the EU and European NATO states, the Rutte junta is neither independent nor sovereign. It enjoys no more independence than the current "Belinsky” (according to Joe Biden) regime in the Ukraine. That is, like Zelensky, Rutte has to carry out orders from Washington DC, either directly or through the EU Commission at Brussels and the World Economic Forum at Davos. So far, Rutte has served his foreign masters rather well. In 2011 he ordered the Netherlands Air Force to take part in the rape of Libya and the massacre of at least 60,000 Libyan civilians. In 2014 his government helped carry out the downing of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17, killing almost 200 Dutch citizens. And it must be said the subsequent show of bringing home the bodies of the victims in a grand procession and burying them in an ugly graveyard adorned with kitschy symbolism, followed by setting up a kangaroo court for the trial of the alleged perpetrators (Russians, of course!), all of that must truly have been to the taste of the overlords in Washington.

Similarly, Rutte has performed well in leading the roll-out of the local edition of Bill Gates' great Covid-show. He also duly broke open the Dutch market for US-based big pharma, presiding over the programmed killing off of thousands of Dutch citizens, as well as the transformation of medical doctors into authorized drug pushers. So far, so good.

Under Rutte's very eyes, at the same time some very unwelcome events were taking place, and he was slow to nip these in the bud. First, there was Micha Kat, the last remaining truly independent and valiant Dutch journalist who, from his exile in Northern Ireland kept criticizing the elites running the Netherlands. He was taken care of, jailed in Belfast, extradited to the Netherlands on trumped up charges and thrown in a dungeon, while awaiting a kangaroo court to pronounce a verdict worthy of the worst totalitarian regime.

While the Kat case could only barely be handled by bending and breaking all laws and legal rules, norms and regulations, the case of the ON broadcasting association is proving a harder nut to crack.

Under Dutch broadcasting law, the air waves are open to associations with a minimum number of certified members. As soon as an association has qualified, its granted access to use the facilities and transmitters of the state broadcasting organization. The more members, the more broadcasting time is allotted. However, official news broadcasts, weather forecasts, traffic information and the like are done by the state broadcasting service (NPO). There are in total eleven broadcasting associations: a Social Democratic one, Christian ones, Conservative and others.

Since February 22, 2022 ON, representing those sectors of the public "without a voice” has joined the exclusive broadcasting club. ON essentially attracts members who are very critical of the government and its policies. They are some kind of "silent majority,” whose voices are consistently being kept out of the public debate, because they are not politically correct. Within a short time, the new kid on the block has become very popular and influential, not least because of the quality of its staff and the freshness of its approach. There is also what one might qualify as the "Maria Zakharova” effect, because ON's programs are presented by blonde, attractive, intelligent young women who do not present the standard narrative composed of "diversity,” "woke-ism,” gender lunacy and Russia-bashing.

ON now has become so uncomfortable to the Dutch junta, that everything is being done to kick them off the air. Given the degree of corruption of the Dutch civil service and the legal system, this will very likely be done before next summer. After all, full-scale censorship has become essential for the survival of the Dutch junta, in order to be able to further demolish Dutch society and hand over what's left of it to the crooks running the EU, the WEF and the US. Thus it looks like this other thorn in the side of the Dutch Quisling regime will be taken care of soon.

However, the thorniest will turn out to be the hardest problem to solve. This is the Forum for Democracy Party (FvD), which incredible though it may seem, has the greatest number of certified members of all Dutch political parties. Its leaders are overwhelmingly young (between 20 and 40), and very dynamic, but what is even more scary in the eyes of the Rutte junta is that it attracts great numbers of young people from Moroccan, Turkish and other immigrant backgrounds. Currently, the FvD has five seats in the 150-seat Lower House of Parliament. These FvD House members, led by Dr. Thierry Baudet, are young, dynamic, well-spoken, highly educated and charismatic. In all aspects, they are vastly superior to most other members of parliament, who next to them appear utterly ignorant, incompetent and, frankly, just stupid.

In order to solve this problem, the junta is currently preparing legislation enabling it to outlaw a party on the grounds that it constitutes a "threat to democracy!” Isn't that wonderful? It sounds a bit like that US army officer in Vietnam: "we had to destroy the village in order to save it.” So now the Rutte junta is getting ready to defend democracy by outlawing political parties it does not like.

Needless to say, the junta initiative is welcomed by most other political parties, the government-controlled and censored media, and by all those citizens numbed and dumbed down by incessant daily barrages of state propaganda.

Actually, the Netherlands is leading the way in the EU, since the German junta under Scholz is also taking steps to outlaw Germany's only true opposition party, the AfD.

Canals, fake news and scoundrels.

Voltaire was not just a great philosopher and prolific writer. He was also very prophetic.

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Author`s name Hans Vogel
Editor Dmitry Sudakov