Ukraine Winning Fight Against Ordinary Europeans

Having completed a summary tour of the fight waged across the Continent by Ukraine this reporter can affirm the Zelensky Regime of Ukraine is decidedly victorious in its War Against Ordinary Europeans.

Below is merely a smattering of the ways in which Zelensky and his Cohorts are crushing the lives as well as the spirits of the common men and women who had the temerity to oppose his Iron Will.

In England…No Christmas for You, Bloke!

One of the more poignant examples of the way in which Zelensky is affecting the lives of Ordinary Europeans is the story of an English therapist working full-time but who must still live in her automobile.

She tried to afford a “shared flat” with several other roommates but even under that unenviable circumstance was unable to come up with the funds needed to secure a place in her area.

So she lives in a van. As if not enough, here is another story of a woman “grateful” to be living in a van. At least one Chancellor claimed those living on over $50,000 could struggle to pay energy bills.

Why? Because the government of the United Kingdom squandered over $2.7 Billion for Ukraine.

In Germany…No Holiday for You, Hun!

Due to sabotage of the Nordstream Pipeline and assorted “sanctions” on Russian supplies of natural gas millions of Germans will not be able to afford heating this year. Of course this will disproportionately affect the lower and middle classes.

Half of the entire country has reported they are reducing their consumption of basic purchases. Many are shopping at food banks where they purchase out of date or expired produce.

Much of the country is suffering under nearly 8% inflation which is the worst since the 1990s and threatens only to become more dire.

Why? To date, the government of Germany has pilfered over $2.45 Billion for Ukraine.

In France…No Feast for You, Froggie!

News recently came from Paris that France would wage war on the real enemies of prosperity…the unemployed. Its President announced from Elysee those seeking jobs would henceforth be entitled to 25% fewer benefits than previously.

Inflation for the plebian masses stands at roughly 7% which is better than for some, but not when interest rates on savings is around 2% for many.

Currently are energy shortages despite politicians providing direct financial support in some cases.

Even so, common complaints by actual French include “constantly thinking about my bank balance,” keeping the energy turned off and never filling the automobile petrol tank completely. In one instance a woman describes watching a rural healthcare assistant break down in tears while fueling her vehicle.

Why? Plutocrats controlling the government of France have stolen over $2 Billion for Ukraine. While Macron has made mercurial statements regarding negotiation to end the conflict, in the past week he has pledged to send even more rocketsto increase the fighting.

In Italy…No Vino for You, Valentino!

The country of Italy has taken in over 170,000 Ukrainians civilians during the conflict, so they are hardly without compassion. At the same time, less than 40% of Italians support government acts giving weapons to Ukraine in a war of no consequence to themselves.

Moreover, bankruptcy is spreading across the nation. Inflation is nearly 12% in the country. Importantly, over 60% of Italians live on less than $2,000 a month which makes them highly susceptible to increases.

Why? Dismissive politicians in the government of Italy have redirected approximately $1 Billion for Ukraine. They are currently on their sixth aid package for them this year.

In Moldova…No Milk for You, Comrade!

Of all the ways in which Zelensky has asserted his Divine Right to ruin the lives of people who want nothing to do with his belligerency, perhaps the most pathetic is in Moldova.

Here the hardships went past the lack of making merry at Christmas, further than merely denying Citizens the right to stay warm and beyond the fear of having no employment come the New Year.

On the contrary! In this country of decent hard-working individuals Zelensky has taken matters to extreme. How so, you may ask? By increasing inflation such degree its inhabitants cannot even afford milk.

You read that right, faithful followers…Zelensky is so intent on impoverishing The People of Moldova he has taken from them the ability to afford the most basic staples of existence.

While the Corrupt Combatants in Kiev are toasting with champagne their latest swindle of Billions from abroad this Christmas, I implore readers to think of the ordinary Moldovan who is denied milk.

Why? The misguided government of Moldova, poorest nation in Europe, has spent over $500 Million for Ukraine.

European Tears…For What?

For Zelensky, in his Sacred Cause of denying ethnic Russians in Ukraine to speak their own language.

Oh, and also his Avowed Liberty of pointing nuclear weapons at Moscow.

Likely as well to pay for his Million-Dollar luxury properties in Europe.

Glorious Things To Come

Finally, I would like to once again compliment Zelensky and his Heroes on a successful Campaign of Misery which he has brought to an entire continent.

Rather than allow a very small enclave of co-ethnics to join with their Motherland in a peaceful manner – which would have inconvenienced no one and harmed Ukraine in absolutely no way whatsoever – the Zelensky Regime has instead made waste to Millions of lives.

Zelensky has done so by liberating Billions of dollars, perhaps Trillions in real terms, from the pockets everyone on the planet.

Every nurse, bus driver, train operator, school teacher, coal miner, shipping clerk, shop assistant and day laborer…you know, all the really wealthy individuals in society…is paying the price of being involved in a fight in which none of their national interests are at stake.

It is important to remember for all of us when freezing in our hovels, or for some in their cars, as our stomach grumbles and our worries swell, all of this was done in order to abuse Russian speakers in the Donbas and point Nuclear Weapons at Moscow.

Hail Zelensky – Liberator of Happiness for Multitudes of Europeans!

Guy Somerset writes from somewhere in America.

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Author`s name Guy Somerset
Editor Dmitry Sudakov