American Mercenaries Already in Ukraine — Who? What? Where? Why…doesn't the Media care?

Redefining Ukraine – The Real Meaning of Weapons For Peace

It used to be that words meant things. They had definitions which did not alter with the speaker. This notion was one of the foundations of society if not the fundamental of human existence.

While our language has steadily deteriorated over the past decades it has perhaps never reached such a nadir as with the Ukraine Conflict and the staggering manipulations required to convince Americans it is in their national interest to impoverish themselves for people they never met in a land of no consequence to them.

All the worse, one fears these malapropisms are designed to mask the fact American Citizens are being fooled into yet another "war for peace” lest we rebel before it is too late.

US Mercenaries in Ukraine — Who? What? Where? Why…doesn't the Media care?

There are persistent reports regarding international forces captured in the Azovstal Steel Mill of Mariupol.

Unconfirmed accounts claim some are high-ranking active United States military members.

Typically such rumors would not be worth mentioning. Except…

Does anyone remember that former U. S. Marine killed in Ukraine previously? We all believed Joseph Cancel was there as a volunteer.

Unfortunately, he wasn't. Cancel it appears was a mercenary.

How does a barely twenty-year-old veteran working as a prison guard in Tennessee get mixed up in a Merc operation? How many other American Mercs are in country? Are these American Mercs sanctioned, or worse, encouraged by the American government?

No one is asking, particularly not the American media

Let us be clear, should there exist active or "recently retired with tacit approval” American military personnel fighting in Ukraine against Russians that is by definition confrontation between the countries.

If so, this is something the American public has a right to know and the Congress an obligation to reveal.

American Armaments Galore — How can Landmines and Attack Helicopters be "Defensive Weapons”?

Importantly, this is not an exhaustive list. Much of the "aid” sent to Ukraine by the United States and from around the world has not been revealed in detail. Largely this is because politicians and media do not want us to know.

Be that as it may, here is an account of some of the "weapons for peace” we and our fellow Citizens are paying for as of only May 1 — that is, before the next round of billions of taxpayer theft, including Patriot Missile Systems — during a dispute which has absolutely none of our national interests involved.

From Uncle Sam himself:

  • 1400 or more Stinger Anti-Aircraft missiles — Price per missile is $38,000
  • 5500 or more Javelin Anti-Tank weapons — Each system $178,000, Each missile $78,000
  • 14000 or more Other Anti-Armor systems — Cost varies
  • 700 or more Switchblade Drones — Price is $6,000 each
  • 121 Phoenix Ghost Tactical Drones — Similar Unmanned Arial Drones are $35,000 each
  • 90 155 mm Howitzers with 183,000 155 mm Artillery Rounds — Units each $530,000, Shells each $150,000
  • 72 Tactical Vehicles to tow the 90 155 mm Howitzers — Price varies
  • 16 Mi-17 Helicopters — $16 Million to $18 Million each unit
  • 100s of Armored High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicles — Price varies
  • 200 M113 Armored Personnel Carriers — Approximately $300,000 each carrier
  • 7000 or more Small Arms such as Handguns and Rifles — Price varies
  • 50 Million Rounds of Ammunition — Worth more than $165 Million
  • Unknown Amount of Laser-Guided Rocket Systems — $22,000 each unit
  • Unknown Amount of Puma Unmanned Ariel Systems — $250,000 each syste
  • Unknown Amount of Coastal Defense Vessels — Price varies
  • Unknown Amount of M18A1 Claymore Anti-Personnel Munitions AKA landmines — $120 each as of 1993
  • Unknown Amount of C-4 Explosives — Price varies

From Our Global Chums:

United Kingdom has been reticent to detail their contributions to "peace” but here is what has admitted to…

  • 5000 or more Anti-Tank Weapons — Price Varies
  • 1360 or more Anti-Structure Munitions — Price Varies
  • 5 or more Air-Defense Systems with 100 or more Missiles — Price Varies
  • 4.5 or more Tons of Plastic Explosives — Price Varies
  • 3000 Pieces Body Armor — Price Varies
  • Unknown Amount of Starstreak Anti-Aircraft Missiles — Minimum $120,000 each missile
  • Unknown Amount of Mastiff Protected Mobility Vehicles — Approximately $730,000 each vehicle
  • Unknown Amount of Drones — Price varies

France is another of those countries eager to be discreet about how much wealth of its Citizens is funneled away to Ukraine. Here is what has been ascertained…

  • Unknown Amount of Caesar Cannons — Each unit costs around $4 Million, possibly over $7 Million
  • Unknown Amount of Milan Anti-Tank Missiles — At least $8,000 each unit

Germany has rescinded its policy not to send weapons to warzones and has provided the following…

  • 50 or more Gepardtanks Anti-Aircraft Tanks — Each unit over $5 Million
  • Unknown Amount of Howitzer 2000 Systems — At least $5 Million each unit
  • Unknown Amount of Marder Infantry Fighting Vehicles — At least $400,000 each unit
  • Unknown Amount of Stinger Missiles — Approximately $120,000 each missile
  • Unknown Amount of Panzerfaust 3 Anti-Tank Systems — Approximately $10,000 each system
  • Unknown Amount of Small Armaments, At least 100 Machine Guns, 100000 Grenades, 2000 Landmines, 5300 Explosive Charges, and more than 16 Million Rounds of Ammunition — Price Varies

Czech Republic is among those "peaceniks” walking in the footsteps of The Buddha himself…

  • Unknown Amount of T-72 Tanks — Approximately $1 Million each unit

Slovakia is being particularly generous with its devotion to pacifism…

  • Unknown Amount of S-300 Anti-Aircraft Defense Systems — Approximately $120 Million each unit

Poland is getting in on the act…

  • Unknown Amount of Drones — Price Varies
  • Unknown Amount of Javelin Anti-Tank Missiles — Each system $178,000, Each missile $78,000
  • Unknown Amount of T-72 Tanks — Approximately $1 Million each unit

Norway is not only joining a military alliance "for peace” but sending missiles "for peace” as well….

  • Unknown Amount of Mistral Anti-Air Missiles — Price varies
  • Unknown Amount of Anti-Tank Weapons — Price varies

With so much "peace” going around one would not want to see what goodwill looks like in Europe.

The Florida National Guard — Off the Coast of Ukraine?

From November of last year until just before the Ukraine Conflict began in February there were 160 members of the Florida National Guard stationed in…Kiev?

It seems Task Force Gator was there to "develop and implement systems to improve combat training and increase training center capacity”…for Ukrainians?

No doubt all those lads from Tallahassee to Palm Beach signed up to the American National Guard to protect the border integrity of Ukraine. Even so, this as much as anything proves the complete divergence between language and meaning when it comes to the catastrophe.

By definition the "American National Guard” should in no way whatsoever be involved in "guarding” another nation. By definition an "attack drone” cannot be a "defensive weapon.” By definition an American soldier fighting against a Russian soldier, including dubious "veterans” acting as mercenaries, is a war.

Until it is a declared reality there is still time to use dialogue to avert this mayhem…but time, much like the Treasury, is running out.

Guy Somerset writes from somewhere in America

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Author`s name Guy Somerset
Editor Dmitry Sudakov