Idiocracy: The behavior of EU elites

Idiocracy: A form of modern Western democracy

When in 2006 the movie "Idiocracy” was launched, it seemed a wild exaggeration, a caricature. Observing political leaders in the "West” today one can hardly decide whether to laugh or weep. Too many leaders seem carbon copies of Dwayne Camacho, the intellectually challenged US president in that movie. His lack of brains, inability to make sense when talking and overall unadapted behavior is matched by Joe Biden, Ursula von der Leyen, short-lived British PM Liz Truss, German chancellor Olaf Scholz and his foreign minister Annalena Baerbock, and countless others whose names do not even deserve mentioning.

As a matter of fact, idiocy seems to be the prevailing characteristic of politicians, journalists, scientists, scholars, lawyers and physicians, indeed, of all professional categories that sustain "Modern Western Democracy.” Politics, economy and society in the "West” is manifestly dominated by a class of morons who need strict censorship, police violence, and supine and collaborationist media to hold on to power. One might argue that not all politicians, social and business leaders can be idiots, that some of them are intellectually above average, and that they are simply evil. My answer would be that evil is basically intellectual insufficiency, a kind of stupidity, just like deviousness and cowardice. After all by being evil, devious or a coward, one causes harm to others, which in the end almost always turns out to be self-destructive.

One could long speculate on what mechanism has created the present dystopic theater that so many people are watching day after day. There are plausible theories on the pernicious role of cultural Marxism, especially as it was developed by the Frankfurt School. Surely it has helped feed modern feminism, gender lunacy, green fascism, modern climate worship, "critical race theory” and "wokeism.” It could very well be that the small group of Frankfurt scholars has laid the foundation for the planned destruction of civil society in the US empire such as it is currently being championed by the WEF and the WHO. After all the economy has already been destroyed by the rigorous application of the teachings of the "Chicago Boys” and their ruthless neoliberal gospel.

However, one should never underestimate the ability of a society to self-destruct, especially at the end of what seems to be a historical cycle. I think this is a kind of autonomous process that gets under way in and by itself. The wish to eliminate oneself as a group can also be observed in nature, so why would societies not exhibit such a collective instinct? Now that, especially in the EU, both politics and the economy are functioning essentially according to the "Pareto Principle,” or the 80/20 rule: on average, EU citizens pay about 80% of their income on taxes (national, regional and local, direct and indirect), and 80% of all legislation in each member state is decided by the European Commission at Brussels, the "politbureau” of the "Fourth Reich.” In other words, further growth of the amount taken annually from people's income is hardly possible, because in all likelihood, the entire economy would collapse. Further growth of the share of legislation dictated in Brussels would delegitimize local politicians who are needed to uphold the EU political system. This means the further development along the lines observed so far is impossible, which in turn means that entropy has to set in, which will lead to the eventual collapse of the system. Thus, the EU has reached the point where it can hardly move forward, but it cannot retreat either.

This situation is quite alarming. However, it explains the behavior of EU elites. Apparently, the only possible answer for them is to become moronic or at least to publicly give the impression of being an idiot. At the same time it forces the elites to lie with an intensity and a frequency hardly ever witnessed before.

We all know that politicians always and everywhere, in the words of Margaret Thatcher, tend to be "economical with the truth.” Yet the levels of lying and distortion witnessed today in the "West” in general and in the EU and NATO nations in particular, are mind-boggling. It goes hand in hand with the wholesale destruction of language.

This may be actually be attributed to the Frankfurt School and its evangelists, such as Jacques Derrida. They may not have realized that, the moment language has been destroyed, all hell will break loose. We are already far advanced on that road to armageddon. Today in the "West”, women may define themselves as men, with the blessings of the civil authorities, and men can consider themselves women and officially register as such. What is more, an obvious man identifying as a female can have anyone who does not treat him as a "woman” indicted and convicted. A woman pretending to be man can press charges against anyone who "misgenders” her. Under such circumstances, who is actually a man and who is a woman?

The wholesale onslaught against the entire vocabulary is now in full swing. The result is that increasing numbers of words are losing their definition such as it is still enshrined in the dictionary. The word "democracy” is a case in point. It is on the lips of all "Western” politicians, but it actually has come to mean the very opposite of its original etymological definition. In theory, it means that the popular vote as the expression of the popular will is the fundamental principle according to which decisions are made. Now that elections in the "West” are being systematically and routinely manipulated and falsified according to the wishes of a small clique of plutocrats, the very word democracy (as used in the "West”) actually means its opposite.

Lexicographical confusion in the "West” has already brought serious damage to international peace and stability. The Russian government has already declared publicly that it is impossible to reach any kind of agreement with the US and its vassal states, since their politicians are non-agreement-capable (недоговороспособны). In other words, the "West” has proved itself so unreliable and duplicitous that it is no longer trusted by the Russian government. And, while Russian officials have stated so publicly, one may be sure that many other governments, in Asia, Africa, and Latin America, agree but just haven't yet said so.

The "West” is careening towards the point where opposites in a sheer lexicographic sense are being abolished, where "in” means "out” and vice versa and "left” means "right” and vice versa, and so on and so forth.

It will become truly catastrophic when "yes” means "no” and vice versa, because who will be able to tell when "yes” actually means "yes”? Just imagine the confusion and the chaos, so brace for impact!

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Author`s name Hans Vogel
Editor Dmitry Sudakov