Honest, Intrepid Journalist Asks: What lunatic asylum let you out?

You are excused if you thought that scenario and question came from a spy movie; a script mirrored something along the lines of an Ian Fleming 007 film adaptation. One where British spy, James Bond, acting on behalf of Her Majesty’s Secret Service confronts any one of his arch nemesis villains. Be it Spectre’s Doctor Evil, or the bubbly and portly Goldfinger. For sure, 007 would target Spectre agent, ‘old chap’ Nash; ask him that question. Indeed, he did.

Not convinced? It probably did happen even in real life – the question – but the asking did not come from a real journalist, let alone honest one; not from Western sources that is for sure. That small detail is inconsequential though when one considers the old adage: art – especially film – so often imitates life. Maybe the inverse is also true: Life not only imitates art, sometimes, life is the real embodiment for otherwise fictional characters.

Let me begin there.

Now, as to whom the journalist would pose such a question to, there are any number of ‘qualified’ characters that would fit the bill. What these all have in common: Many are Western ‘leaders’; have a fervent belief in ‘democracy’; and they all have an even more fervent hatred for Russia. By any other name, these are what we call Russophobes. Moreover, the same conformist crew has a nasty streak of PDS: Putin derangement syndrome.

Sleepy Creepy Joey and Zelenskiy

One such ‘leader’ – though not from the West – stands out: Vladimir Zelensky. The Ukraine’s president ‘elect’ has inserted himself in the world’s news cycle going on now for about three years. His zenith of popularity happened near the end of 2021; 2021 was a convenient a year. It just so happened that in the same year U.S., Joe Biden – many Americans say the Deep State ‘installed’ Sleepy Creepy Joey – was sworn in as president. As we are so often scolded, the MSM, claim it is true: Uninteresting and unpopular Biden, in 2020 somehow received 81 million ballots; went on to beat U.S. President 45 Donald Trump at the polls; denied him a second term despite Trump’s 75 million votes – a record – according to Dominion voting machine tabulations weeks later.

Those are facts! That is if one believes the Western press’ continually evolving narrative

Moreover, under a Democrat American president, Zelensky – former actor and comedian – was given a ‘green light’ regarding all things Russia, especially that concerning The Ukraine’s eastern Donbas oblast. The two breakaway people’s republics, Donetsk and Luhansk, had to cease. The midget showman wasted no time. Time, time again, while decked out in drab olive green military garb – in front of a giant made for Hollywood Green screen – Z man never missed an opportunity to regale his budding global audience with defiant scenes whereby he held high Ukraine’s freedom torch in their fight against Russian ‘aggression’.

Consider some of Zelensky’s pronouncements just prior to Russia launching its Special Military Operation earlier this year in February. Ostensibly, President Putin had to react to such inflammatory and deranged rhetoric.

Here is a small sampling of Zelensky speak.

“Minsk Accords… What Minsk accords? Why would I recognize those! Abiding by those would bring peace.”

“I will take Donbas by force!”

Please note. In late 2021, Ukes already amassed a150 thousand strong, armed force on the borders of the two republics. They had 8 years to do so. They did exactly that all the while genociding the mostly unarmed civilian ethnic Russian population: 15 thousand innocent victims were killed so far.

“I am cleaning the Ukraine of its former corruption. From now on… Democracy will flourish. That means I will sign a decree banning all opposition parties.”

“Our media is also corrupt. Therefore, I will permit only state controlled broadcasts. None from Russia or from elsewhere outside the country.”

“The Russian language is now forbidden. No Hungarian. No Rumanian. Speak Ukrainian… Or else! ”

“I hereby declare Poroshenko – the installed former president after the 2014 Maidan Coup – a traitor… For not subduing Donbas militarily. He is welcome though to take up a free AK-47 from Kiev’s Maidan Square. Bullets… Well, Petro can buy those on his own. He is, after all, a billionaire.”

I save the best quote for last.

“I intend making Ukraine… Greater Israel.”

Let me repeat…

“I intend making Ukraine… Greater Israel!”

By now, you get the picture of Zelensky’s intransigence. As to the question, which intrepid journalist would out Zelensky; ask him that honest question: What lunatic asylum let you out? Well, that will not happen. There is no question about it. Not a single honest ‘journalist’ from either the BBC or CNN even exists. Nor would any major Western news broadcaster ever think of having one of their squawking parrots confront the media’s dancing darling minstrel, a.k.a. ‘Z’, point blank.

However, there is a perfectly plausible explanation for the West’s continued insouciance. Could it be; just maybe it is the case; the entire unipolar world lunatic asylum is in the controlling hands of complete lunatics? That is the consensus that the world’s other multipolar half have arrived at.

Without evidence to the contrary, I am going with the BRICS multipolar view. Theirs is the only sane perspective.


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Author`s name Montresor Montresor