Volodymyr Zelensky – The guy who always needs a handout

American People to Zelensky – Get Your Hands Out My Pocket!

We all have "that” relative. You know the one.

The guy who always needs a handout. Some cash to tide him over to payday. Only a little…$100…or no, maybe $200 would be good…better make it $500 just in case.

He has a series of rotating "girlfriends” on the side which his wife doesn't know about, a car that breaks down at least once a month and the way he sniffs it's pretty obvious he has a serious drug problem.

Every family has "that” guy…always there…always begging…always "borrowing”…always asking for something to be given for free that you had to work to get.

In terms of the globe today, "that” guy is none other than world-class moocher Vladimir Zelensky.

Here Are Some of the Things Zelensky Demands — Basically Everything

Another universal habit of the proverbial bad relative is that he rarely asks…he always "demands.” Somehow the fact you have a job entitles him to half your paycheck. He never explains the reason.

Here is a rundown of only a few things ingrate Zelensky has the chutzpah to "demand” from Taxpayers:

  • American citizens pay for hundreds of millions of dollars in weapons in a fight not our own.
  • American citizens then pay for another $1.7 Billion in more weapons in a fight not our concern.
  • American citizens then cough up yet another $40 Billion in even more weapons in a fight not to our benefit.
  • American people paying $68 Billion so far of our scarce Tax Dollars to send weapons, weapons and ever more weapons to Ukraine because…reasons.
  • American cities surrendering "sister city” cultural status with Russian cities because…other reasons.
  • American cities footing the bill to rebuild Ukrainian cities to which they have no connection because…additional reasons.
  • Americans to support Ukraine getting NATO membership and possibly us blown up in the bargain because…unknown reasons.
  • Americans to endorse Ukraine in the European Union despite being a corrupt cesspit with no accountability because…special situation reasons.

There is seemingly no end — from weapons, to money, to Americans dying in his fight — of what Zelensky isn't too ashamed to "demand” the United States Taxpayer do for him.

Here Is How Zelensky Weasels to Get Things — Emotional Blackmail

Of course, the freeloader doesn't ever give logical reasons for anything. He does give you a sob story.

Ukrainians — The Most Special People on The Planet

Okay, because Zelensky wanted to point Nuclear Weapons at Russia and threatened to murder millions of Russians the country of Ukraine is currently getting blown out.

This is the problem of Americans…why?

  • As in, why are Ukrainians more important to American Taxpayers than Yeminis?
  • As in, why are Ukrainians more important to American Taxpayers than Ethiopians?
  • As in, why are Ukrainians more important to American Taxpayers than Kyrgyzstanis?

They are all sad stories and all have many more individuals suffering, so why do Ukrainians move to front of the line?

Ukrainians — Americans Suffer for their Splendor

That is, if we even agree on giving away American Taxpayer dollars…which is something no one has asked the American Taxpayer his opinion on?

Here's some emotional blackmail to throw right back at scrounger Zelensky…

  • American Taxpayers are enduring 40 year high inflation because Zelensky wanted Nuclear Weapons aimed at Russia.
  • American Taxpayers are now shelling out $4.33 for a gallon on milk today vs. $3.77 only last year.
  • American Taxpayers are now spending $4.71 for ground beef today vs. $4.26 last year.
  • American Taxpayers are now forking over $2.50 per dozen eggs today vs. $1.79 last year.
  • American Taxpayers are now paying for baby formula…just kidding! We don't have any baby formula!

So with all due respect, grifter Zelensky can take his sob stories elsewhere. We have enough of our own.

Here is What Zelensky can Do With His Demand

Should Ukraine have Nuclear Weapons aimed at Russia in order to threaten killing millions? It seems like a bad thing to me…but actually, it's really none of my business. But it is the business of Putin and his people. Currently, they are taking care of business. Maybe somehow Zelensky will get his way by swindling enough onlookers, but I doubt it. Whether he does or he does not, what I do know is as an American I want no part of his schemes.

He wants to threaten his neighbors? Well, he's finding out what are results when you do.

Americans for Americans

In the meantime, Zelensky can shut up with what he "demands” from both my natural family as well as my extended family of fellow Americans.

  • You know, the Americans going to food pantries due to rampant inflation caused by Zelensky's Nuclear War threats.
  • You know, the Americans trying to figure out how in the world to fill the car tank with $6 gasoline at the pump.
  • You know, the Americans barely making ends meet at the same time corrupt politicians shower cockroaches like Zelensky with our hard-earned money.

Zelensky did all those things. To us. Because he wanted to be a "tough guy” and threaten Nuclear War.

If some misguided and fooled American somewhere cares deeply about Ukraine, so be it…but they can spend their own money on the Zelensky Nuclear War…not the money earned by the rest of us in the nation.

No, there's really only one reply to cheap demands from disgusting thieves like Zelensky…

Get Your Hands Out My Pocket!

Let's hope he gets the message.

Guy Somerset writes from somewhere in America.

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Author`s name Guy Somerset
Editor Dmitry Sudakov