Iranian riots: Situation through the eyes of Iranian journalist

Iranian riots: Going behind the veil of Western propaganda

Since the beginning of last September, Iran has been hit by street riots and crowd demonstrations whose importance and participation varies according to news agencies. For those in the West, in fact, it seems that the spontaneous end of Iran's theocracy is near and needs only a little help to fall while the situation is considerably different, and in favor of the government, according to official agencies in Tehran.

The sudden death of Mahsa Amini, 22, was the catalyst for the protests. An element artfully exploited by the Western media and intelligence agencies operating clandestinely in the Islamic republic's territory: poor Amini fainted inside a police station in Tehran and, although rescued immediately, failed to survive. Videos clearly show that she was not even touched by the female officer speaking to her but the issue is irrelevant to Westerners, who want to get Iran back under their control.

It is not only the well-known question of who controls Iran's vast oil wealth, but also the Islamic Republic's international standing. Indeed, Tehran stubbornly pursues its right to an independent foreign policy, the rejection of dialogue with Israel, the development of atomic energy for peaceful uses, and, more generally, the welfare of its people.

The vision of Islam that the ayatollahs' theocracy defends is simply incompatible with the modus vivendi that Western elites (sic) would like to spread to the entire planet and which we can sum up as a veritable resurrection of Sodom and Gomorrah.

The protests of a very small part of the Iranian population were accompanied from the outset by the violence of sleeper cells whose operatives promptly went into action against not only the Iranian security forces, caught initially by surprise, but also against civilian targets as with the terrible and bloody attack on the Shiite shrine in Shiraz, where more than 20 people died.

Even if Mahsa Amini's death had not occurred, the detonator would have been another, either spontaneous or artfully constructed: the device had been ready for some time, prepared with care and patience by the enemies of the Islamic Republic and needed only a small trigger.

The demonstrations and violence were also joined by well-thought-out acts of provocation in their apparent levity, and some demonstrators were filmed removing turbans from members of the Shiite clergy. This is evidently a provocative mockery that is very reminiscent of what, in other contexts, has been called the "tactic of blasphemy" and more generally of the nonviolent methods of colorful revolt invented by Gene Sharp and his followers and applied in various parts of the world to further the regime changes desired by Washington.

However, the Iranian Maidan will not succeed-Iran is not Ukraine. The government of the ayatollahs is certainly criticized and objectionable but it has always tried to take care of its people, which the Ukrainian oligarchs have not done. Tehran will not end up in the hands of a Nazi dunghill as happened in Kiev.

What is the situation, now, in Iran? Iranian journalist and geopolitical analyst Alireza Niknam answered some of my questions so as to go beyond the veil of Western propaganda.

What is the official reason for the riots that erupted recently in your country?

At first, due to the protest regarding the death of a woman in one of the police departments, we witnessed rallies in the streets of some Iranian cities regarding this issue, but with the formation of a fact-finding committee by the order of the Iranian judicial authorities and the examination of the videos available in these places as well as the examination of the medical documents of the deceased person, it was found that there are no charges against the police and this person already had a brain disease and the cause of death was the aggravation of that disease. At the same time, some media opposing the Islamic Republic of Iran, such as the media belonging to the terrorist group of MEK, monarchies and separatist movements, such as Iran International (affiliated to Saudi Arabia), BBC Farsi (the British government network), etc., violated media laws in the countries where their news agency is located, and while encouraging them to continue their protests, they invited them to violence. It is also impossible to ignore the unprecedented role of some American and European governments in this matter, from approving the violence committed by the rioters, their presidents meeting with the leaders of the opponents, allowing illegal rallies, inviting the leaders of the opponents of Iran's Islamic government to the TV channels and… cannot be ignored and these cases can be mentioned as the reasons for the escalation of riots.

How much of a following do these riots have among the Iranian population?

Inside Iran, it can be said that due to the public rallies on national days such as Student's Day, as well as the large attendance of people at the funerals of the martyrs who were martyred by the rioters in the recent events, as well as the rallies to condemn the recent riots by the people, and the ratio of this rallies to the rallies of rioters show that very few people support these riots, and in fact people have separated from these rioters. The investigations carried out show that most of these people were hired with Saudi dollars to participate in these rallies and disrupt the law, or were encouraged to participate in these riots with the promise of visas for European and American countries.

Outside of Iran, in the rallies that were formed in European countries in support of Iran's riots, it became clear that hostile groups such as the terrorist group of MEK, brought people from other cities to the place of rallies by bus under the pretext of free food and some money. They rallied and pretended that they were Iranians, while it was clear from the interviews and videos of these rallies that none of these people were Iranians. This technique was exactly the same technique that the MEK used in their annual rallies and marches to give credit to their terrorist group by showing the crowd supporting them, while they were fake.

Does it not seem to you that the dynamic is the classic one of a "colored revolution”?

Yes, as we witnessed in 2009, the Western governments, with the support of terrorist groups such as the MEK, Komoleh, etc., intended to carry out the plan to overthrow the government and kill innocent people in Iran, but with the people's disregard and separation from enemies, all their plans were thwarted. The last movements for the color revolution in Iran were carried out by people like Hale Esfandiari, Kian Tajbakhsh and Ramin Jahanbeglu. One of the main actors behind the color revolutions in Iran is the Soros Foundation. This foundation, with the original name of "Open Society Foundation”, belongs to a Jewish billionaire named "George Soros". He is a Hungarian Jew with American origin, who for many years started multi-purpose activities by forming an investment company and a human rights research organization. The goal of this institution, as it says, is to create and maintain the structures and institutions of an open society. The institute itself and the western media, state that the activities of the mentioned foundation range from humanitarian aid to public health and respect for human rights and economic reforms, but some people consider the aim of this institute to be organizing velvet revolutions due to its involvement in color revolutions. Soros has active agencies in more than 30 countries, including Azerbaijan, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Tajikistan, Russia, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Moldova. By activating study centers in different countries and then by evaluating the opponents of the central government and supporting the press against the government, the Soros Foundation provides the bases for a silent revolution and the defeat of the government.

The main activity of this foundation was in the area of the Central Asian and Caucasus countries, exactly joint actions took place in the rallies of these few months, which were completely similar to the patterns implemented in other countries where this project has been carried out, terrorist groups have been activated and a killing plan was formed in Iran, which, of course, faced Iran's tough and intelligent response. Those terrorist groups faced a heavy strike from Iran and their headquarters were attacked by the Iranian military forces, and more importantly, as I mentioned before, the people did not go along with these terrorists, and in most of the recent riots of which there are footages, we see that a few people took part in riot. Of course, in the recent riots, we also witnessed hybrid war because enemy groups with the cooperation of Western governments also carried out cyber-attacks, although this hybrid or cyber war is not specific to recent incidents and had started a long time ago. The enemy acted in cyberspace in a way to deceive people, especially the young generation, to weaken their beliefs to create a culture of disobedience in them, and to teach them violence, and with all kinds of lies that they are spreading every day in cyberspace they tried to show the situation in a way that they overthrow the government. These media activities have been carried out using information technologies, communication, artificial intelligence and other tools provided by Western governments.

Who would be the architects of this dramatic situation?

Examining the functioning of terrorist groups and the role of domestic deceived agents in these riots shows that people such as Ali Karimi, Hamed Esmailiyoun, Nazanin Bonyadi, Masih Alinejad, Ali Ebrahimzadeh, Pouria Zeraatkar, as well as terrorist and separatist groups, like the MEK, Monarchies, Komole, etc., were the main causes of unrest, riots, and the founders of killing operations. Of course, this is not a new method because the terrorist group of MEK in the beginning of the Islamic Revolution in 1979 had also proved that by killing more than 12 thousand Iranians (innocent men, women and children), it won't hesitate for a moment to kill innocent people, as in these daily events in the virtual space, it teaches how to make all kinds of military equipment and how to use them.

Are there foreign agents on the ground and, if so, to which nations do they belong?

Yes, as you know, among the field agents of intelligence officers of foreign intelligence services, including England, Israel, France, Saudi Arabia, etc., there are usually several layers of mediators that Of course, due to the haste of the enemies, foreign intelligence officers who were directly present in Iran had been arrested before the riots started. The foreign intelligence agents of the French DGSE had previously attempted to contact and train illegal union centers to create protest and chaos. Documents were obtained from all their meetings, calls and communications by the security forces, and these spies are currently in the process of their cases in the judicial authorities to find a fair judgment. In the discussion of spending money, the hand of the Saudi regime was clearly visible that in the Berlin propaganda show, where Monarchies, MEK, separatists and sexually deviant groups rallied, the entire financial support of this project in the field of advertising, space creation, audio and video coverage and rental advanced equipment for aerial photography of the rally and provision of facilities for the large and consistent presence of journalists and distributed food, etc., were all done at the expense of the Saudi regime.

What does the situation look like now and, in particular, what actions are being taken by the government of the Islamic Republic to restore order?

We are faced with several categories of actors. The Zionist regime, whose role is clear and does not need to be discussed. In a hostile position, this Zionists regime has carried out many terrorist acts in Iran so far, which they have trumpeted with access to the media, and have received fierce responses from Iran, which they have concealed with all their might. Iran will certainly give a strong response to the actions of the Zionist Provisional Regime soon.

As for the American regime, in addition to all the enmities, damages and strikes it has directly and indirectly inflicted on the Iranian nation, this terrorist regime is officially the murderer of the great leader of the resistance, General Qasem Soleimani and not in the front of the direct confrontation of that general with the proxies of America such as ISIS, but outside the battlefield and in a situation where he was a guest of a third country (Iraq), they assassinated him in the most cowardly and terrorist way possible. The American power is declining against a strong Iran. I say with certainty and determination that America is not capable of a military war with us, and therefore, it either support a terrorist group and officially assassinates (and, of course, it would receive a powerful, chivalrous and military response from Iran), or it goes behind the scenes and brings hybrid and soft wars and persuade terrorist groups to do terrorist activities in Iran, in which case it will always get a response and from now on it will certainly receive powerful responses from Iran.

But in the case of England, England is a country that has never stopped mischief against the Islamic Republic of Iran. Currently, the media in England are seeking to create and spread unrest in Iran. Both in the past and in the present, these media have gone beyond the field of riot management and seek to organize malicious and terrorist movements in Iran. This is an action that England has started. In the past, Iran has repeatedly been an obstacle to terrorist acts against European countries, but England and some European countries have not given up any hostility against the Islamic Republic of Iran. Undoubtedly, like England, we will never support terrorist acts and insecurity in other countries, but we will not have an obligation to prevent the occurrence of insecurity in these countries, so the UK will pay for its actions to make the great country of Iran insecure.

In the case of Iran International and BBC channels, unfortunately, the British government, which has these satellite channels under its protection and operates within its media framework, has taken on a terrorist role today, and this is a matter of crossing the security red lines of the Islamic Republic of Iran. I would like to say here that the International Satellite Network is recognized as a terrorist organization by the security apparatus of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and the operatives and agents of this organization are wanted by the Iranian military forces, and any kind of activity and connection with this terrorist organization is considered to be an entry into the terrorist domain and a threat to the Islamic Republic of Iran's security.

But in the case of Saudi Arabia, I say that our fate and that of other countries in the region are tied together due to our neighborhood. From Iran's point of view, any instability in the countries of the region is contagious, and any instability in Iran can be contagious to the countries of the region. Faraway countries like the USA or England are the main destabilizers of the region. Throwing stones at powerful Iran by countries sitting in glass houses has no meaning other than crossing the borders of rationality into the darkness of stupidity. The Islamic Republic of Iran has so far adopted strategic patience with firm rationality, but it does not give any guarantee for the continuation of this strategic patience in case of the continuation of hostilities. Undoubtedly, if the will of the Islamic Republic of Iran is given to reciprocate and punish these countries, the glass palaces will collapse and these countries will not see stability.

In particular, why did the Iranian army attack bases in Iraqi Kurdistan?

First of all, it should be noted that the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps is one of the military forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran and its action was taken to support Iran along with other armed forces. Iran has been repeatedly subjected to terrorist acts by terrorist groups such as the MEK, Komole, Monarchists and other separatist groups and Iran's policy is also a counter strike to these groups in these actions and in this regard, Iran's military forces have given a strong response to their actions with missile bombardment of the Komole terrorist group's bases in the Kurdistan region of Iraq and will continue their attacks until the group is completely disarmed.

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Author`s name Costantino Ceoldo
Editor Dmitry Sudakov