The new multipolar world that we all need

Why we desperately need a multipolar world

Shortly after the US successfully developed and tested the first atomic bomb in 1945, the Soviet Union successfully developed tested its own weapon in 1949 in the aftermath of WWII. This was made possible in part to spies who supplied certain critical secrets to the Soviets that saved them significant time from having to reinvent the wheel and at a time when they were recovering from the greatest assault ever endured by any nation.

This was important as there were Americans such as General Patton and Britons such as Winston Churchill — to no surprise due to his lifelong anti-Russian, anti-Slavic and anti-Orthodox Christian fanaticism — who envisaged attacking the Soviet Union in 1945 starting with Operation Unthinkable, and then later on, other plans (codenames: Totality, Bushwhacker, Broiler, Sizzle, Shakedown, Offtackle, Dropshot, Trojan, Pincher, and Frolic). The nuclear option seemed to be the most rapid path toward total destruction and subjugation of the Soviet Union and thus US/British domination of the world. The only issue, beyond the fact that the Soviets were now the most battle-hardened and victorious forces in the world, is that there were just not enough nuclear bombs made at the time to use against Russia.

Worried about these various unsettling threats, there were a number of sympathizers who sought to prevent this and provided the Soviets with information on the atomic bomb. Though there were a lot of actors in this drama, one in particular, biophysicist Theodore Hall, admitted supplying critical secrets pertaining to the implosion bomb in an interview that he gave many decades later in 1995. The way he explained it, he was worried that any nation that had a monopoly on nuclear weapons could use them to control and destroy the world. If the American Republic ever became fascist as Weimar Republic did (almost overnight), all humanity would suffer and the vast majority would die. In Dr. Hall's perspective, it was better to have a stalemate (with the hopes of detente) with both sides able to destroy one another (and be fearful of this), than to have one nation have a monopoly on nuclear weapons and thus de facto control of the world.

This balance-of-force situation worked well over the ensuing decades as the world enjoyed one of the longest stretches of relative peace throughout human history from 1945-1990. There were conflicts such as Viet Nam and the Korean war during this time but they were far less destructive than the Thirty Years war, Hundred Years war, Napoleonic wars, WWI and WWII had been (among others). Both the US and Soviet Union exercised much caution and restraint in how they treated one another with the understanding that WWIII would entail mutually assured destruction (MAD) and the widespread loss of much of life on this planet with no victors.

Unfortunately, this respite from larger conflict did not last when the Soviet Union imploded in 1991, along with the Fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. Despite promises not to expand the alliance (which in all honesty should have been disbanded), to the contrary, NATO expanded relentlessly Eastward right to the borders of Russia. NATO illegally bombed Serbia (demonstrating what it wanted to do to Russia) to steal Kosovo, establishing Camp Bondsteel as an illegal base from stolen Serbian land to act against Russia's underbelly. NATO encouraged and trained former Soviet allies such as Georgia to fight Russia [8-9]. A "defensive” missile system was established right on Russia's borders, and the democratically-elected government of Ukraine was overthrown in a US-led mob putsch that came from the Maidan riots of 2014.

Since the fall of the Berlin wall, the US has acted as the self-appointed monopolar "policeman of the world,” and this has caused a tremendous uptick in conflicts worldwide in Syria, Afghanistan, Georgia, Libya, Venezuela and many other nations. Since the illegal bombing of Serbia in 1999, which essentially destroyed international law, America has engaged in brutal and illegal activity as it seeks to breakup and plunder Russia, and prevent it from realizing its natural potential as the world's largest nations with the most resources.

From a physics perspective, all forces come in pairs: action and reaction. When there are asymmetries/unbalanced forces, they cause great calamity in nature until balance is achieved. For example, our biological world could be considered a homeostatic quasi-balanced system of predators and prey. When one group becomes too numerous, much death, disease, habitat destruction and chaos occur until ecological equilibrium is achieved. If it is not accomplished, mass death and extinction occurs as what befell the dinosaurs. Diversity and multipolarity within Nature are strength. Homogeneity and unipolarity are weakness as they destroy competition, perverting the concept of survival of the fittest. In a similar fashion, America's drive to control and homogenize the world has caused great instability and is backfiring as Russia, China, India, Brazil and many other nations react to the unipolar actions of a Big Bully.

Since 1999, America has behaved horribly at the behest of the globalists controlling it who seek to subjugate all humanity with a bizarre cast of mostly unelected clowns. They are provoking the world's largest nation with more nuclear weapons and more natural resources than any other nation on Earth — right on that nation's border! As a physicist, I honestly worry that these Western "leaders” and globalists, who are largely scientifically illiterate, think they can bully their way in an evermore-desperate games of chicken and Russian Roulette without concern for the dire consequences to global stability.

The problem, unlike during the Cuban missile crisis of 1962, is that today's missiles are much faster, more accurate and more than 1000 times more powerful than the original bombs that destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Also, information (fake or real) can propagate at the speed of light. Once nuclear war starts, it cannot be stopped until it is all over and much of the Earth is destroyed. When you are making trouble right on the border of a nuclear nation as the US has been doing, it honestly doesn't take much (false flags, accidents, defective drones, bioweapons labs "leaks” etc) to fire a shot that will be nearly simultaneously felt all over the world.

We desperately need to restore equilibrium in the world order based on the balance-of-power concept. The globalists want to force humanity to conform to their evil wishes. No human being or nation can ever be trusted with absolute power. That's human nature. Even America's Founding Fathers understood this when they established distributed branches of government with checks and balances to protect against tyranny.

We desperately need a fair multipolar world order based on balance of power where no one nation or unelected body of aggressive and evil "elites” call the shots and behave as the self-appointed, "exceptional” policeman of the world.

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Author`s name Michael Pravica
Editor Dmitry Sudakov