The reason, for which Biden started the war in Ukraine is obvious

Why was it important for Biden to start war in Ukraine?

In 2014, Joe Biden was the Vice-President of the Obama government and John Kerry was the Secretary of State. They worked in the same direction when it come to Russia, but Biden was the driving force when it came to bringing about a coup d´etat in Ukraine.

That's why he willingly stood up when thing started to tighten on Maidan Square in Kyiv. He was running around there with Victoria Nuland and John McCain handing out candy and bread to the right-wing extremists who were responsible for the violence. These had for many years been brought up and brainwashed mainly by the care of the United States. Famous Nazis from the Hitler era were seen as role models.

Victoria Nuland, the USA's representative for Europe, said in connection with the Ukraine coup that since 1991 Washington had spent USD 5 billion in Ukraine on ”democracy-promoting measures.” In fact, the funds were used to support subversive activities through so-called ”front groups” that worked with Nazi leader Stephan Bandera from the Hitler era. You can not say that you are working for democracy while carrying out a coup.

Russians and anyone who was not considered to be genuinely Germanic were downgraded to ”untermenschen”. Ukraine was turning into a democratic state with an oligarchic system of power where economic development was non-existent because it was oligarchs rather than politicians who had the reins of power in their hands. 

That democracy was predicted and overthrown by the Washington gang of which Viktoria Nulnd was a part. Nuland appointed an extreme right person, Arseniy Yatsenyuk, as the prime minister of Ukraine. The road to war can hardly be laid out more clearly than that. Yatsenyuk, in turn, appointed several Nazis to his government.

But the economic and moral support that the USA provided never went to fighting undemocratic oligarchs. Instead, it was fanning Nazi-style racist sentiments against the Russian population and other ”untermenschen” minorities. This form of mental case was found mainly in the western part of the country.

Already from the formation of Ukraine, the United States has been working to sow the dragon seed of ignorance and genuine hatred. The goal was to take instability further to the Russian border - to shatter the country that had 20 million of its citizens slaughtered by Nazis during WWII. Can you imagine a more unpsychological and satanic strategy?

It is truly pitiful that the Ukrainian soldiers do not realize that they are not fighting for their motherland. They are fighting for Uncle Sam who wants to retain power over Ukraine. It was on February 24, 2014 when Ukraine lost its independence and became an American vassal state. And why does Uncle Sam, Biden, want to keep the power over Ukraine that he acquired through the coup 8 years ago? Well, he can use the country as a bait in his goal of fragmenting and destabilizing Russia.

On Sepember 26, 2014 Carl Gershman, head of the American NED, which works to overthrow and destroy various regimes, said that Ukraine was the biggest trophy, an important step on the way to overthrowing Putin.

There you have it, that's the root of the matter. And there you have the question answered:

Why was was important for Biden to start the war in Ukraine?

The presidents who have been in power in Ukraine since 2014 have all been Uncle Sam's lapdogs.

But you can perhaps also talk about another important reason. Ukraine has always been Europe's most important center of Jewish Zionism. Already during the last years of the Second World War, Jews in the Soviet Union began to put pressure on Stalin in order to take over all of Crimea. The former Soviet spy chief, Pavel Sudoplatov, carefully detailed that in his book, ”Directorate”.

However, the entire project was ruined, but Ukraine's ”the new Zion” ambition has never died out.

When we then analyse the people behind the coup in 2014, we find that they are mostly Zionists with Joe Biden, John MccCain, Viktoria Nuland, ambassador Pyatt and John Kerry at the head. Ukrainian Zionist led by oligarch Ihor Kolomoisky had prepared the ground for them in Kiev, and he came, amongs other things, to appoint his soulmate Volodymyr Zelensky as President. 

The war in Ukraine started eight years ago. As soon as the coup was completed, the government with several nazis as ministers could then unleash paramilitary groups against the Russian minority in the eastern part of the country. Thus, they started the hell that the US had been working for to happen for many years.

The fact that the the Unitet States threby has created hell for more than 40 million people is seen as unimportant for the Americans. The US has never taken responsibility for the machine of holocaust that often had to work at high speed.

Back to the title question! The US wanted to make Crimea become an extremely important naval and military base that could easily put a knife to Ivan's throat. Also, a nice Israeli colony.

In looking for the clear reasons for the war in Ukraine, we absolutely can not ignore the demonic role played by Western mainstream media. In the end, you reach your goal and the public understands who is the next man to be hanged, in this case Putin. You can then beat your chest. 

Remember that President Roosevelt needed two extra years of extreme media and hate speech to get the American people to understand that a war against Hitler was absolutely necessary. His allies in Europe gladly took on the job of managing the first phase to start the war. Without the war agenda in mass media, cannons and guns would have never fired.

Then there is the money issue. The US is the only country that is profiting from this European war, which they finally succeeded in bringing about.

Hans Myrebro – Swedish academist and writer

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Author`s name Jan Westh
Editor Dmitry Sudakov