Globalism: How the Grinch is stealing a lot more than Christmas

Sometimes, when trying to understand complex conflicts and issues, it is instructive to study literature of the past for insights (given the propensity of history to somewhat repeat as a helix), including, in some cases, children's literature. In particular, to better comprehend the strange strategies of the globalist "elites” (particularly vis a vis the "great reset”), it is helpful to read the book How the Grinch stole Christmas by Dr. Seuss (Theodor Seuss Geisel).

In this story, a selfish and anti-social creature known as The Grinch steals all of the presents, decorations, food and anything else related to the pending Christmas holiday from the residents of Whoville because he is irritated by their noisy and social celebrations. After surreptitiously absconding with their property, he is shocked to hear the residents singing a joyful Christmas song (despite having been robbed blind) as he hurries up to his isolated mountain retreat. The Grinch then realizes that Christmas is much more than just exchanging materialistic presents and has a "change” of heart. He ends up returning the stolen property and is then welcomed by Whoville's citizens. They invite him to celebrate Christmas with them.

Today, as many of the natural resources (particularly Western natural resources) are under the control of a tiny unelected "elite” minority of people who have absolutely no right to control these resources as they are the property of all humanity, we are in a deep crisis as these globalists seek to own the world at our (humanity's) expense. Like the Grinch, these "elite” globalists who do not respect national sovereignty let alone God's sovereignty - have illegally accrued immense natural resources surreptitiously by removing the protections (via bribery, threats, deceipt and other means) that nations normally have regarding their natural resources (farmland, water supply, energy etc.). By controlling these resources, they will ultimately control much of life on this planet and thus think they are God. Of course, they will play like the Grinch in piecemeal doling back what they have already stolen (like the Grinch did), for a fee, giving the impression of being "charitable,” but in reality, they will ultimately behave no differently than Nazi concentration camp guards did when they "fed” their starving untermensch prisoners.

As part of their scheme for total world domination, they create and benefit from endless crises and fear: climate change, restricted freedom of movement, muzzling of free speech, stifling of debate, hyperinflation/deflation, "cancellation” of people, Ukraine conflict, food insecurity, internal combustion engine bans, energy flow interruptions (e.g. the Keystone pipeline cancellation), coronavirus pandemic and related economic shutdowns, civil wars, supply chain disruptions, wanton criminality caused by releasing criminals with low or no bail, defunded police, gestapo-style raids on unsuspecting civilians and former Presidents, etc. etc. etc. Each time these "crises” occur, we lose yet more of our personal and constitutionally-guaranteed freedoms. But, with the exception of climate change, these crises are largely designed and hyped to distract, subjugate and terrorize the public (citizens of Whoville) to accept the "wisdom” and "authority” of the unelected globalists (who are no often no different from common and largely uneducated thieves) resulting in a steady theft of our personal freedoms for the sake of "security” as our very existence is jeopardized.

Yet, despite this, nothing today yet compares to what the Russians and other "untermensch” suffered at the hands of the Nazis (and the earlier generations of "globalists”/industrialists) during WWII. Some 40 percent of our food is thrown away. North America is still bristling with immense untapped resources. North America was energy-independent until Joe Biden killed the Keystone pipeline. Despite climate change, science can help farmers optimize growing conditions via crop selection and timing so that our soil can still be agriculturally productive. Even the coronavirus, though by all means a human tragedy and a pandemic, was nothing compared to the Spanish flu, polio, bubonic plague or small pox epidemics despite the fact that it was likely genetically engineered from an originally-natural virus.

The point here is that the globalist "elites” are trying to create an environment of hysteria, desperation, amorality, criminality, chaos and helplessness in their goal to control the world's natural resources (and thus life itself) by forcing the plebeians to relinquish their God-given freedoms and eviscerate their national constitutions that protect these freedoms. This happened before when, e. g. Nazi brown shirt thugs terrorized many decent ordinary Germans into supporting them and accepting the loss of their freedoms as a once thriving democracy transformed into a doomed and genocidal fascist state almost overnight. Though the situation is very concerning, it is far from hopeless.

As we approach the absolutely critical November US elections, Americans should not forget what the globalists and their hired puppets are trying to do to our country and to the world. Americans should vote for patriots who will serve ordinary Americans and not the immature Globalist Grinches who seek to enslave all humanity, stealing much more than our material possessions as they seek to take our dignity, our morality, our common humanity and our livelihoods.

As a simple litmus test, any "American” "leader” who is more interested in giving billions of dollars to help arm the Ukrainians and provoke WWIII with Russia than helping combat hyperinflation, homelessness, rampant crime and civil war on American streets, and bringing jobs and industrial production back to America is not helping ordinary Americans but fully in the pocket of the globalists. These "leaders” are nothing more than traitors. They need to be replaced.

This evil can and will be defeated. It will just take some time.

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Author`s name Michael Pravica
Editor Dmitry Sudakov