Will Germany and Russia ever reconcile to aid Europe and vanquish the 'great reset?'

The scorpion and the frog: Will Germany and Russia ever truly reconcile?

Many Slavic languages refer to Germans as "Nemci” which has the root meaning of someone who is a foreigner or someone whom you don't understand. Though it is believed that Germans and Slavs derived from common ancestors at some point many millennia ago (of course, all human beings are ultimately related), their divergence from one other over the course of time has caused great calamities throughout history. I would argue that this was due in part to the language barrier and the fractured/Balkanized nature of feudalism in Central Europe during the Middle Ages. Indeed, it is the misunderstandings between these two great peoples (the most numerous in Europe) that has caused the greatest strife and instability in human history which has never been fully resolved.

Whenever I visit Europe, the one thing I notice is the immaturity of many German politicians in their televised discussions of Russia and the rest of Eastern Europe. I also remember challenging (diplomatically) Michael Libal (German Foreign Minister for Southeastern Europe) speaking on the Yugoslav civil war when I was a graduate student at Harvard. He became extremely agitated and flustered when I asked him why Germany hated the Serbs so (despite the supposed remorse/apology for starting WWII) and why his government was illegally interfering in the Balkans (considering the damage Nazi Germany wrought there during WWII). I have the feeling that many German leaders still harbor significant resentment over their historic loss during WWII. It was this loss that formed the basis for revenge that destroyed Yugoslavia in 1990 when a newly reunified Germany and the Vatican illegally recognized Croatia and Slovenia despite the fact that neither Yugoslav republic was mature enough to civilly deal with its minorities who had been so brutally persecuted during WWII.

Instead of being grateful that the Soviet Union allowed German reunification (it didn't have to), they stung the Slavs the first chance they got in the first international action of the newly-unified Germany by destroying Yugoslavia.

This historical animosity has only hurt the European continent and, at this point, may provoke WWIII which all humanity will lose. From a physics perspective, it only makes logical sense to trade with and make peace with one's nearest (and next nearest) neighbors. On top of that, Russia has more natural resources than any nation on Earth. Industrialization is wonderful for making tanks, guns, bombs, poisons, vehicles, etc. but if you don't have natural resources to make them (e.g. iron, precious metals, lumber, food, coal, natural gas), the industrial machine dies very quickly as Hitler learned. This may happen again to Germany very soon as energy costs skyrocket and suppliers dwindle due to the sanctions against Russia.

On top of this, the US has basically forced Germany to kill certification of the completed Nord Stream 2 pipeline which is akin to national suicide as Germany struggles to replace losses from Nord Stream 1 pipeline undergoing piecemeal maintenance.

Faraway and isolated US will only benefit from these sanctions but many European countries are being decimated economically. What is amazing to me is that despite the arrogant attitudes espoused by US bureaucrats (remember Victoria "Fxxx the EU!” Nuland) and even scandals where German leaders were spied on their phone calls by the US National Security Agency, Germany still acts as a lapdog to the US obeying every command. Why?

Historically, many nations that were former enemies have had rapprochement and normalized relations. This happened to France and Russia decades after Napoleon's catastrophic defeat. It happened between the North and South of the US. Even Britain and the US ultimately put aside their differences — so much so that they were allies in WWI and WWII. However, for complex reasons, this has never happened between Germany and Russia after WWII.

The famous story of the scorpion and the frog is extremely relevant here. The scorpion wants to cross the river but is unable to do so without the frog's help as it can't swim. Despite the frog's reticence in carrying the scorpion across, promises made mean nothing (think, e. g. promises that NATO would "never expand into former Soviet sphere of influence) as the frog is stung by the scorpion and the pair jointly drown.

German leaders must understand that by working with Russia, both nations (the largest in Europe) will greatly benefit. Not only that, but as Russia is the largest nation on Earth it has the most natural resources. Highly industrialized Germany could greatly help Russia develop a plan to help stabilize climate change by absorbing CO2 and reducing methane boil off from Siberian permafrost. This could help all humanity.

The essence of Christianity is forgiveness and love. Those who will reside with the Holy Spirit will ultimately have to forgive and let go of the past so we can all live harmoniously.

It is my hope that the Germans and Russians can reconcile with one another to foment trust and move the European continent forward as a unified entity instead the fake and failed European "Union.”

Europeans were mostly Orthodox Christians at one point in their shared histories. The globalists they seek to destroy Orthodox Christianity and the true and transcendent means of ultimate freedom (given to us all from God) which they despise.

  • They have no allegiance to any nation and certainly not to God.
  • They think that the world is theirs instead of a gift to all humanity.

Thus, in their faulty and maniacal vision, all nations on Earth are to be stripped of their sovereign rights and governed by an unelected and tiny "elite” who enslave all humanity in the "great reset.” To achieve this, nationalism (read: patriotism) is forbidden and made out to be a bad word.

German leaders who love their country must surely understand what is really going on globally and want to put a stop to it. The fact is that there is no way that the globalists can achieve their enslaving goals if Germany and Russia unite against this as strategic partners instead of fight as foolish adversaries.

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Author`s name Michael Pravica
Editor Dmitry Sudakov