Oaths that cannot be renounced

Covid fiction in Italy is about as grotesque, superficial and waffling as it gets

The Sars-Cov 2 outbreak in Italy has taken on the features of a tragic farce or, if you prefer, a farcical tragedy. A comedy of the absurd worthy of a play, were it not for the thousands of deaths that bring the unwary spectator back down to earth.

In Italy people continue to die of Covid, after more than two years of the pandemic and with an abundant 90 percent of the population vaccinated.

  • They continue to wear the mask as if it were a fetish from which it is impossible to detach oneself.
  • They continue to use a telluric amount of disinfectant gel.
  • They continue to take control swabs, and the sick are still subjected to "acetaminophen and watchful waiting”, a combination that very often has and still does open wide the doors of intensive care units.

If more and more of the vaccinated are getting sick, even seriously and to the point of death, then some alarm should go off in the minds of Italians who should wonder whether the course of action so far followed (imposed) by the government is really correct. Instead, none of this is happening and, on the contrary, those doctors who remain critical of the current governmental management are still being punished.

After the suspension of Dr. Andrea Stramezzi, who was guilty of having successfully treated nearly 7,000 sick people, it was the turn of others to be reprimanded for behavior that they considered to be inalienably in accordance with the Hippocratic Oath. This rebuke can go to extreme consequences, as in the case of Dr. Barbara Balanzoni, who has even had herself disbarred from the Medical Association unless a higher court rules in her favor, which has yet to happen.

A physician, a professional, indomitable as she appears on her social media, Dr. Balanzoni accompanies her Hippocratic oath with that of a lieutenant in the Italian Army Medical Corps.

Many people find it difficult to keep their word or a simple oath, just one, and prefer to wriggle out of obligations and commitments, flushing their consciences with convenient excuses. Here Dr. Balanzoni must face the duties and consequences of no less than two oaths, different from each other but linked by the same inalienable need for loyalty and sacrifice.

Her respectable resume should have turned her, for example, into a candidate for the role of Minister of Health and a difficult one to turn down. Instead, she ended up first in the indictment bench and then sentenced to a punishment that others of her colleagues, corrupt or worse, did not have so easily, if at all.

Something does not add up in the story of Barbara Balanzoni. Just as, on the other hand, something does not add up in the Covid pandemic. So, I reached out to Dr. Balanzoni to ask her some questions and get some answers that might shake even the most inattentive.

Can you tell us how your disbarment came about? It is not a very common occurrence in Italy…

My disbarment was arrived at by express political will since the complaint to the Order (the latest in a long series) was forwarded directly by the Ministry of Health asking the Order for investigations into my unspecified anti-scientific disclosure. To date it is not known what exactly I have been accused of.

You are also an expert witness in Italian medical malpractice cases. Are we not facing a showdown between you and the "system”?

I am an expert witness in trials against big hospitals and big people. The doubt comes.

What do you think is wrong with the Covid narrative here in Italy?

Covid fiction in Italy is about as grotesque, superficial and waffling as it gets. Yet it seems that Italians love to be made fun of in this way. Don't touch the spritz or the soccer game and everything else falls into place.

How many patients have you treated and healed? What therapy have you generally indicated?

I spent the years 2020-2021 in the operating room in Alba [a city in the Piedmont region] every day 8 hours a day. When I was kicked out from day to night because I did not have a Green Pass on October 20, I treated people I could trust. Each case was treated as a Physician does, i. e., adapting the therapy to the practical patient. I can say that I successfully used, among others, hydroxychloroquine. I myself used it at full dosage.

So, no "acetaminophen and watchful waiting”…

No acetaminophen, unless there were special conditions (which there were). I used the protocol of Watchful drug attack at first symptoms instead of watchful waiting. This is usually done in infections that can evolve into a dysregulated inflammatory response. These are concepts that any physician should know. Should…

Now even a couple of "virostars” [1] seem to realize that something is not right. A belated afterthought, not in all of them and not in many of them?

Italian virostars are the real virus and are the cancer of Italian television. They only follow their own self-interest, there is no empathy even in recognizing some mistakes. However, not trusting is better. Who knows what they are planning as they sketch a fake repentance.

Why is the Italian population so apathetic and submissive? What more can be done to wake up our people?

A high percentage of the Italian population is mentally fragile, which is why Italy was chosen for the experiment. On the other hand, those who are not fragile have brilliant and alert minds. There is therefore little to be done to awaken minds: those who are awake are already awake long ago. For the others, I see no remedy.

You have also taken a clear position regarding Russian intervention in Ukraine: why is that? How do you see the near future of our Italy?

I took a clear position on the NATO-RUSSIA conflict, passed off as a conflict against Ukraine, because it was EVIDENT that the provocations against Russia and especially Putin's perceived alarm were real. One cannot claim to be right just because "one stands with the US”. The future of Italy? It's just a miserable colony of the States, we don't decide what will become of our country. We are only servants, after all. NOT ALL of us, though. Therein lies the beauty: we are not all slaves.

[1] Virostar is a new word for "virologist-star”. Something like "rock-star”.

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Author`s name Costantino Ceoldo
Editor Dmitry Sudakov