Mass media propaganda behind Ukraine begins to fade

Ukraine: The Farewell Tour

Following the hysteria of melting Antarctic ice caps in 2014 and the deadly plague of 2020 set to wipe out large parts of humanity, the mass-media propaganda behind Ukraine also begins to fade. 

One can always tell when the latest propaganda myth has run its course. There’s a palpable silence followed by a collective amnesia. No longer images of video games purporting to be battle scenes of Russian defeats, or retired NATO generals giving expert advice about the coming Ukraine victory. Moreover, in the manufactured media world of fantasy even language changed. Prisoners of War became evacuees, Neo Nazi militias, freedom fighters and defeat an end to a combat mission. 

From Snake Island to Mariupol and Kherson to Severodonetsk, one after another they fell, or in media speak ended their combat mission. What is the point of NATO sending huge supplies of weapons to an already defeated army except to prolong the agony? 

Where now are the thousands of cheering gullible who volunteered to fight in the early days of media euphoria as they set out on their crusade? If they’re lucky they fled at the first opportunity along with the six million others; the ones Zelensky assured the world were going to fight to the last man (and woman).

Meanwhile, just when we thought it was over and a peace conference loomed, Lithuania intervenes and blocks sanctioned goods in transit access to Kaliningrad. Will this turn into a blockade and compel Russia to force a supply route through Lithuania or Poland, both NATO countries?

After intervening in Eastern Ukraine in 2014, Syria in 2015 and now again in Ukraine, does NATO still believe that forced into a corner, Russia won’t react against aggression either to its security or economic interests? Why keep provoking and pushing a nuclear power to respond and feign surprise when it does?

Gone are the days of armies facing each other on battlefields. Wars are now fought with missiles at long distances and was Ukraine an opportunity for Russia to deplete its stocks for a possible coming military confrontation between it and NATO? 

Even in a conventional war, Europe is now so technologically advanced it can’t stand an attack on its energy supply or logistics food chain infrastructure and additionally, it’s now so weakened by years of Cultural Marxism that its diverse population barely resembles a functioning society any longer. In other words, the ideological social engineering which underpins the European Union doesn’t allow for even limited conflict and damage on its own territory. 

Was it too much to ask the west that Russia, a nuclear armed country, wants a buffer zone to protect itself against an aggressive and advancing NATO? Had western politicians listened what followed could have been so easily avoided.

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Author`s name John V.
Editor Dmitry Sudakov