A western Alice in Ukrainian Wonderland

The Current Level of Western Indoctrination is now a Threat to Humanity

Although the Ukraine crisis is currently the number one talking point, it also contains an indoctrination bordering on a cult-like fanaticism not seen since the 20th century in totalitarian societies. 

"When national and political discourse is no longer rooted in verifiable fact, then facts are interchangeable with opinions; truth is whatever you want it to be" -- Chris Hedges, 2018.

A Western Alice in Wonderland

And why not? If Al Gore could persuade already majority stupefied populations that the ice caps were going to melt, and Obama that ISIS in Syria were "moderate rebels", it can’t have been too difficult to persuade the same believers that Ukraine’s Neo-Nazi militias are freedom fighters and those fighting them are Nazis. Believe and so shall it be.
Who can forget the cheers of the UN IN 2018 as they enthusiastically applauded 16 year old high school dropout Greta Thunberg, with Asperger syndrome, obsessive–compulsive disorder (OCD), and selective mutism, who predicted a climate extinction unless we "do something."

Hot on the heels of this new age prophet and as attention spans began to wane, there followed a deadly Covid plague set to wipe out humanity that contained all the symptoms of flu, which not surprisingly turned out to be flu. 

Similarly, the indoctrinated who previously cheered as the US told them it was bringing social liberal democracy to the Middle East and the ones resisting it were "terrorists." Is this freedom? Who voted for this?       

When Stupidity met Gullibility

If the 20th century was one of Orwell’s "1984" totalitarianism, the 21st is beginning to resemble one of Alice in Wonderland. Is it any wonder the west is declining as pseudo-science now focuses on convincing western populations there are 50+ types of gender and Obama was a returning Messiah come to heal the world (for which he won the Nobel Prize)!

Let’s face it, Ukraine has as much chance of defeating Russia in an armed conflict as Iraq had of defeating a combined NATO coalition in 2003. Yet the indoctrination of belief is now so overwhelming that facts have become irrelevant. Coincidentally and given recent history, whoever thought it a good idea to arm Neo-Nazi militias and fund chemical bio labs on Russia’s border needs removing from politics as mentally incapable and a threat to world peace?

Mr. Zelensky’s Ukrainian Land of Make Believe


"Stars in your eyes, little one,
Where do you go to dream?
To a place we all know,
The land of make believe …"

Witness the "Ghost of Kyiv" who shot down 40+ modern Russian fighter jets in his old Soviet era Mig29, yet even when disproved the myth continues. The Ukrainian Air Force eventually admitted it was a hoax, but seriously, it took an official source to admit what was obviously nonsense?  

Or what about the mass grave where the Russians are allegedly killed 9000 Ukrainian civilians and buried them hoping no one would notice. The news first reported on RT News and now censored in the west, this independent Canadian journalist dispels that media driven belief on-site with a video.

Even so-called military ‘experts’ fall for the propaganda as retired four star US General Barry McCaffrey presents images of video games as reality. An acceptable error for the indoctrinated, or a media stunt exposed, but from a former four star general?

Every country in times of war has propaganda and disinformation and Russia is no exception. Yet the nonsense now pouring out of the west would turn even Goebbels green with envy. Granted, there are no torch lit parades around bonfires of burning Russian books, but that’s probably because no one has thought of it yet.

And they all lived happily ever after?

Under normal circumstances, one assumes there will soon be some type of peace conference in which:

  • Ukraine divide into NATO and Russian spheres giving Russia a buffer zone against NATO.
  • The current Neo-Nazis who have been apprehended will be questioned closely as to what they’ve been up to when the media weren’t looking and some will face deservedly lengthy prison sentences, or worse.  
  • The population in what’s left of Ukraine in the Western sphere will run to western Europe, as did the populations of previous former Eastern Bloc countries, and become the new low-wage western slave workers fueling the corporate fascist labour markets.

Yet the danger remains that western politicians blinded by their own propaganda will increase the present sanctions to blockade level and/or convince themselves that NATO should militarily intervene. In which case this will not end well, but hopefully, saner heads will prevail

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Author`s name John V.
Editor Dmitry Sudakov