Can Elon Musk Start A Trend?

Elon Musk of Tesla, Inc., the premier electric car company in the World and SpaceX rocket company, is worth about 220 billion dollars. He recently made an offer to purchase Twitter for $44 billion with the deal to be finalized in the next couple of months. Twitter employees and Media are crying the blues and screeching that Democracy will fail if Mr. Musk makes some changes in Twitter policy. Those changes will greatly inhibit certain people from lying, bullying, insulting, censoring conservatives, posting fake news and generally make Twitter a more reasonable place for people to converse in a civil manner. The Freaks don't like that.

Could Mr. Musk's purchase of Twitter start a trend amongst the World's billionaires? Will some of them follow his lead? And how can they do that?

I issue a challenge to any billionaires that have the guts to take this on. If any billionaires want to change the World in their life time, I'm laying it out at your feet. If you're wealthy enough, you can buy your own newspaper, news station or movie studio. It's been done and is being done. It seems to me, to preserve wealth, it is a good idea to have diversified holdings rather than own one movie studio. In a business that is saturated with corruption and lawsuits, originating from the top, with the head executives right on down to the lowly actors, it may be a good idea to have options.

There are over 3,800 billionaires in the World on any given day, plus or minus a few depending on circumstances. What if only 10% of the World's billionaires said, "Elon, I like your style. What can we do to restore sanity to an insane World?" Well, to start with, he just showed you: Buy the microphone and the stage. How?

If 10% of the billionaires chipped into a kitty, a paltry $1 billion each, there would be a fund of $380 billion to buy up the Major Media. Then chop heads, slap the employees around and make it crystal clear:

  • No more lies.
  • No more rigging elections.
  • No more attempts to destroy good, decent, honest people.
  • No more protecting their criminal political friends.
  • No more covering up corruption.
  • No more trying to ruin the lives of innocent people.
  • Stop trying to destroy Churches and mocking people's religious beliefs.
  • Stop denigrating the American Constitution.
  • Stop fomenting wars.
  • Stop propping up evil dictators and stop attacking the correct thinking leaders, who know their job is to serve the people and not the other way around.
  • Stop promoting perversion as if it's normal.
  • Stop ridiculing Patriotism.
  • Stop trying to force people to accept, condone, respect and adapt to the disgusting lifestyles of the mentally ill masquerading as newscasters, politicians and movie stars.

The Walt Disney empire just lost $68 billion in value, just days after they decided to fight with the State of Florida, when Florida passed laws to stop sexualizing children under 8 years old. The sickness, the perversions, the anti-American and anti-God policies are rampant in American society. Stop promoting the things that destroy civilizations.

Such an organization would tell every employee, If you want to lie to people and destroy their morals and values, you're not working here anymore, goodbye. Hire Maria Zakharova, she'll set them straight.

The Disney empire is worth about $220 billion minus the $68 billion they lost in two weeks. I would not buy Disney at this time. Wait until they have lost so much value that you could buy them for a song. If the billionaires were to do what I suggest, Disney would wither and die, without even taking any actions against them.

CNN is worth $5 billion. Buy them out. Change their policies and kick management to the curb. High School journalists could do a better job. ABC $31.5 billion, CBS $18 billion, NBC $35 billion. Buy them all for $124 billion. Change policy and management can look for another job. Am I the only one who thinks Chris Wallace looks like a Howdy Doody imitator?

So, we just blew $124 billion on TV news stations. Then what to do with the remaining $255 billion?

Buy the New York Times for $7.5 billion. Washington Post $300 million. Spend another $20-40 billion on smaller newspapers.

Buy Universal Studios for $6 billion. Paramount Studios $20 billion. NetFlix $85 billion.

That leaves us with $186 billion to buy other media outlets, movie and TV studios. Buy Thomson Reuters $55 billion and keep the remaining $131 billion for any super deals that may crop up. Maybe take charge of the music industry and get rid of Rap? Newspapers all across the country are failing. They think it's because of the Internet. It is not. It is the sick crap they push on everyone they can reach. Local newspapers can be bought cheap. Local newspapers have a large readership. The local people do not buy the local paper to get their daily dose of crazy. They buy their local paper mostly to see the local news and notices and keep up with sales in the area and keep an eye on whatever is going on locally. It is a people to people business and people prefer to do business with someone they can trust and most Major Media does not quite comprehend that strange quirk of Americana. Major Media thinks they have a God given Right to lie and even think it is their duty to lie to us.

In September 2003 at a "CNN's INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENTS" meeting of journalists from around the World, one Nick Fielding of Britain's, "THE SUNDAY TIMES" news said to the group, "And obviously, our job is to shape public opinion. That's what we do as journalists."

With these purchases, millions of people all over the World should be able to trust their news is accurate. Create a small group to oversee the purchasing and they can hire the legal and accounting acquisition experts to make the buys.

With these purchases and others, news would "shape public opinion" back to reality in a relatively short period of time. This is serious business. The World is on the brink of destruction. Mainly, because of the international industry of lies. Constant never ending lies from Major Media.

Why would a group of billionaires want to do this? What's in it for them? Well, society will prosper from the lowest paid to the highest paid and you will have more customers able to afford your product. But, if you're a billionaire, I bet you already know that.

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Author`s name Mark S. McGrew
Editor Dmitry Sudakov