Ukraine: Where the West got it wrong

It is debatable whether the opinion makers in the West’s Global Thinking Project (chief manipulator, Facebook) got it wrong accidentally or on purpose

Whatever the case, reading comments on social media, it is clear that in general terms, the readers and viewers swallow the tripe that they are fed hook, line and sinker. Let us see a few examples.

Bono and the Bandwagon. Did he go to Libya?

Story #1: Bono, the latest to jump on the bandwagon and fly to Ukraine (how come it is suddenly sexy to fly to Ukraine and pose with that Zelenskiy character, the one who became famous for pretending to play the piano with his penis?) made a ridiculous appeal to young Russians to “overthrow” President Putin. So much for western democracy, indeed, this is what they themselves do. Remember Kiev in 2014 when the democratically elected President was ousted in a western-backed fascist coup? The comments were as shocking as they were puerile. How many times have we heard “He has to go”? What about a due democratic process? Democracy, in the West, means nothing.

Continuing with the story and the reactions to Bono’s comments: “Putin was elected because the votes were not counted”. “They don’t have any opposition in Russia since Navalny was jailed”. “Russians are uneducated and so they don’t vote because Putin is a Communist”. What an utter load of baloney. Such comments are an insult to the Russian people who have a free and fair, open and democratic voting system, in which the Leader of the Opposition is not, as the Western media says, Navalny (who would garner at most a fraction of the vote and lose his deposit) but rather, the Communist Party. I repeat, the Communist Party is the main opposition for Vladimir Putin’s United Russia party. It is difficult to believe people are so badly informed;  they could not be more wrong if they tried.

The Russia has lost the war load of tripe

Story #2: The Americans say Russia has lost the war because it failed to take Kiev. The Americans say a lot of things. They said that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction and destroyed a sovereign state outside the auspices of the United Nations Security Council, weakening the UNO for decades to come. Russia by the way did not arm the Iraqis against this illegal US/UK invasion. For a start, the Ukrainian situation becomes a war if and when President Putin orders a general call-up and commits his military forces to a serious invasion of Ukraine, which would involve the American-style blitzing of anything that moves, hence the murder of around one million people in Iraq, directly or indirectly, by the illegal invasion.

So the Ukrainian situation is by definition not a war, it is a special military operation. Secondly, right from the start, Russia declared that it did not want to take Kiev, because the order was to stay away from large civilian centres to avoid casualties. Correct me if I am wrong, but Kiev is a large civilian centre. Russia stated from day one that the objective was to protect the Russian-speaking civilians in Donbass from attack after eight years of slaughter from the Ukrainian side, against its own people, forcing those in Donbass to take up arms to defend themselves after fascist massacres of Russian-speaking Ukrainians in the south and east of the country following the Putsch. There was a photo the other day of a twenty-year-old lad burnt to death in Odessa by fascists chanting Death to Russians and Jews. Western news sources wholly ignored these massacres. There was the case of the grandmother strangled with telephone wire by Fascists wearing swastikas. This went wholly unreported in western media sources.

Russia’s aim was to downgrade the Ukrainian military capacity (Phase I) and then to secure the safety of the people living in Donbass (Phase II). The activities in northern Ukraine were to draw Ukrainian forces away from their concentration in Donbass. Russia has declared that Phase I went according to plan and let us see the figures. To date, zero hours this morning, 157 Ukrainian aircraft (aeroplanes and helicopters) destroyed, 768 UAVs destroyed, 298 anti-aircraft missile systems destroyed, 2,933 tanks and armoured combat vehicles destroyed, 336 multiple rocket launchers destroyed, 1,411 field artillery pieces destroyed, 2,758 units of special military vehicles destroyed and daily, as soon as NATO reinforcements of equipment land, they are destroyed. So I would call that a downgrade of Ukraine’s military capacity. So how can Russia be losing the war if she is fulfilling her objectives? Just asking...

Where did they report the context?

Story #3. The context of this operation. No wonder the population of western countries have suddenly become fetishist about Ukraine and Ukrainians because nobody has told them why this operation was launched. Let us draw the time line and examine the facts, which not a single western media outlet appears to have done.

1) 2014. Fascist putsch in Kiev, democratically elected President ousted.

2) Gangs of armed thugs take to the streets shouting “Death to Russians and Jews”. Virtually unreported in the western media.

3) Fascist massacres of Russian-speaking Ukrainians begin, virtually unreported in the western media.

4) Fascists began parading in neo-Nazi uniforms using neo-Nazi insignia and were officially integrated into the official armed forces of Ukraine (courtesy of the Pentagon). Virtually unreported in the western media.

5) Restrictions on the use of Russian language and culture in Ukraine. Virtually unreported in the western media.

6) Donbass residents arm themselves to protect themselves against discrimination and armed conflict

7) 2015 Moscow proposes Minsk Agreements. Donbass (Lugansk and Donetsk) to remain inside Ukraine with rights to practise their language and culture. End to violence. Ukraine signed these agreements.

8) Ukraine refused to implement the terms of the Minsk Agreements. Virtually unreported in the western media

9) 8 years of violence ensue. Civilians in Donbass shelled for eight years by the Ukrainian Armed Forces including the Fascist regiments incorporated in the official armed forces of Ukraine wearing neo-nazi insignia. Virtually unreported in th western media

10) Russia finally recognises the right of Lugansk People’s Republic and Donetsk People’s Republic to exist as Republics and agreed to their call for protection against continuing violence.


Now correct me if I am wrong, but these are the facts. Some of the evidence of the fascist massacres has been cleansed from the Net, as other facts get cleansed from the Net, then the answer is “prove it!” These days we can prove it by speaking to the residents who have their own photographs. And these are not photoshopped. The conclusion is, given the above, all Ukraine needed to do was implement the terms of the agreement it signed. As far as I know it is illegal to attack civilians, whether they are in your country or not, and Minsk catered for this. So let us ask the penis-playing pianist why he refused to implement the Minsk Agreements which Kiev signed. Because Washington told him to. So ipso facto he is not the President of Ukraine, Biden is. Or is it his son Hunter? (Google up Hunter Biden + energy + Ukraine; Biden + transgenic crops + Ukraine).

So we see, it is no wonder that western readers and viewers have got it so wrong because they swallowed the Lite version of these events (draw the time line at the invasion) hook. line and sinker. A question: What would your country do if severel million of its citizens found themselves in another country because of geopolitical moves (the line on the map changes but the people remain), and that country started attacking them, chanting Death to (your nationality) and Jews and started massacring them, allowing Fascists with Swastikas to strut around in their official armed forces, called your population Untermenschen (Sub Humans) as Hitler’s Nazis did, and banned the use of their language and culture? If your government sat back and tickled its peter with a length of string would you not rise up and ask it what the hell it was doing about it? What did the UK do in the Falklands? THAT was sexy because there were not Russians involved. These days anything serves to fan the flames of Russophobia.

Er....who...who elected Ursula Gertrud von de Leyen?

Story #4. The unelected Ursula Gertrud von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, I repeat, the unelected Ursula Gertrud von der Leyen, announced censorship of Russian sources right at the beginning of the situation, thinking no doubt that it would be easier for western sources to disseminate lies in the absence of the truth. This was a fascist policy practised in Nazi Germany.

Once again they got it wrong. By suppressing the other side, the curiosity is awakened and people are flocking to the few Russian sources still available, despite the fact that Facebook is working overtime to suppress pages. I know this because I have the stats. I conducted an experiment last week. A friend posted a text about Ukrainians and another friend posted an identical text with the same wording only substituting “Ukrainians” by “Russians”. Guess what? The Facebook account belonging to the first was suspended and nothing happened to the second. That is why people are leaving Facebook in droves and are signing up to the Russian version, Vkontakte, which indeed practises freedom of expression, freedom of speech and freedom of thought.

The Russia is isolated nonsense

Story #5. Russia is isolated. In fact that is another pile of tripe, load of crap or bucketful of utter baloney. Surveys which I have meticulously conducted show me that in general terms, with a few exceptions, Latin America is not against Russia, Africa is not against Russia, Asia is not against Russia and the general consensus is that if Ukraine had implemented the terms of the peace deal which it signed, and had stopped attacking Donbass, none of this would have happened. True, nobody enjoys seeing armed conflict, nobody likes being invaded and as I have said time and time again, tears taste of salt, whoever sheds them and here we remember all the victims from both sides. But only Western Europe and its assimilated Central European lackeys, the USA of course and bedboy Canada, and Britain’s ex-colonies dance the Russophobic Tango.

In acting the way it has, the West has demonstrated very clearly what we have been saying for decades: it is staffed by a bunch of Russophobic assholes, basically, who not only provoked this situation by goading Kiev into not implementing the Minsk Agreements, but has tried to use Ukraine and Ukrainians as a proxy to fight Russia and to try to do as much damage as possible. Let us remember that Russia’s resources are massive and let us remember who wants them. The BARFFED (Banking, Arms, Resources, Finance, Food, Energy, Drugs lobbies which drop into line around the US Presidency and hold his balls like a vice). Cough, Mr. Biden.

Conclusion: If we examine the truth, we see that the western stance is untenable, it is based on fabrications and cloud cuckoo land, is a tissue of lies and is merely a piss and wind attempt to paint a dark picture of Russia and Russians. Nobody likes to be invaded. Nobody likes being shelled for eight years either, or seeing Fascists parading around wearing Swastikas. Where else, in which country or in what part of the world, do you see this, outside Ukraine?

So if the Western stance was development and funds for education instead of deployment of troops and trillions spent each and every year on weapons systems to murder people and proxy wars, the rest of the world would listen. As it is, the west has painted itself into a corner and now in the 21st century instead of us all coming together like the brothers and sisters we are, here we go back to a bipolar world of US and THEM with ex-imperialist nations and their abortions on one side and the People of the World on the other.

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