Pure evil in Ukraine

What I See in Ukraine: PURE EVIL

Ukraine is a bit of a mystery to me. I have never been there. I know very little if anything of the country or the customs of the Ukrainian people. But I am very experienced in recognizing lies and liars. I see an enormous amount of that in the reporting of the situation in Ukraine.

If I listen to western media I see only one thing: Ukraine good, Russia bad. Putin monstrous villain, Zelensky golden angel. There is no middle ground or other varying opinions. And the constant bombardment of lies from western media is actually working to convince the American people that Russia is the bad guy. I don't know what effect the lies have had on the European people, but President Putin's poll numbers show him coming from a 73% approval rating before the Ukraine problem, rising up to a current 83% approval rating. I guess Russians don't watch American TV. Western media tells us of the stunning successes of the Ukrainian military, outsmarting Russia at every turn, most of which are disproven within 48 hours. The Ukrainian military has been so victorious that the Ukrainian military is completely surrounded and systematically being destroyed in Mariupol and other parts of Ukraine by Russian troops. I guess the military leaders and politicians in Russia don't watch American TV either. Maybe, for some strange reason, they think it's "Fake News"

If they do think western media is fake news, I can only blame that perception on Maria Zakharova, Director of the Information and Press Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation. I saw her, myself, on TV, ignore CNN's Jim Acosta trying to talk to her in a hallway. When Jimmy called after her, as she was walking away, "Maria! Why won't you talk to us?", she spun around and walking backwards, called back to him, "Because you're CNN! You're fake news!" and spun back around, never missing a step with the person she was walking with. As if she had simply stepped on a Fly. So, if any of the upper Brass in Russia think western media is Fake News, it's Maria's fault. (Go Maria!!!) She stepped on Acosta like a cockroach, turned her back and walked, giving the rude little man the proper respect that he had earned.

What I see on the Ukrainian side and from their Media Cheerleaders, is a bunch of six year olds, selfish spoiled little brats who never understood the word, "No". All scammers are like that.

I am including links of videos from Ukrainian sources in this article, to show you what I have been seeing. When you click on the link, you may get a YouTube page that says your browser is ok. There will be a button in the center that says "Browse YouTube". Click it and it takes you to the video. Those videos are:

  • Patrick Lancaster
  • TeleSur News
  • Itapirkanmaa2
  • Graham Phillips

An interview in English, of a British hired killer who was murdering civilians in Ukraine and was captured by Russian soldiers.

And a clue, as to why Russia does not want NATO on their border. In 1996 NATO bombed a civilian passenger train in Serbia, which horrifically incinerated 50 innocent civilians and then they lied about it.

The Ukrainian side is a bunch of stinking Nazi criminals. They wear Nazi insignias on their uniforms. I've seen photographs of WWII era Nazi officials hanging on their office walls. When Zelensky was asked about the violence of these Nazi soldiers, his answer was for all intents and purposes, "Well, boys will be boys." He just sloughed it off with zero concern.

In the videos I am showing you, translated into English, you may not understand the language of the Ukrainian citizens speaking, but you will hear them many times, very distinctly, using the word, "Nazi". It is no secret in Ukraine or Russia, that the Ukrainian side is employing Nazi soldiers. We've been taught, for 75 years, that all the Nazis were evil and had been destroyed in WWII. Western media doesn't know that Nazis are operating in the open in Ukraine…………I guess they really don't know. They wouldn't intentionally not tell us…. would they?

They have also forgotten to tell us how the Ukrainian soldiers use civilians as Human Shields. Little kids up to elderly people are put in front of the Ukrainian soldiers. The mark of very courageous soldiers. A Special Investigator for Crimes Against Humanity, Mr. Maxim Grigoriev said of the Ukraine forces:

"They shoot people. They occupy buildings, civilian buildings, occupy schools, hospitals. They use them as a place for artillery, tanks."

What I see in Ukraine are absolutely savage, barbaric, murdering, drug addled psychopaths, running uncontrolled through the civilian populations, shooting, shelling, stabbing, slicing, raping, torturing innocent civilians and then leaving the smoking bodies in the streets to be eaten by the local dogs and other hungry animals. And they do not discriminate by age. The destroyed lives are babies, small children, adults (male and female) and the aged. Nor do they discriminate by race, religion, creed or the disabled. These Ukrainian savages have been running rampant, uncontested, shelling, killing and raping the civilians since 2014. EIGHT YEARS!

What I see in Zelensky, is a six year old, spoiled brat bully who picked a fight with the toughest gang in town and now he's crying to his big brothers to beat them up for him. Seems like all his big brothers are telling him "We'll get back to you on that". And since the big brothers are keeping their distance, he is calling them cowards. I suspect, Zelensky either didn't take the Dale Carnegie course on "How to Win Friends and Influence People" or he flunked out.

There are no written words to accurately describe the brutal, inhumane treatment that Ukraine has committed on innocent people. Did Demons escape from Hell? Zelensky's friends are acting like Demons from Hell.

What I do not see is……WHY?? Why are western leaders destroying their own economies, creating hardships for their citizens, losing much needed fuel and other commodities for their citizens, draining citizens bank accounts and throwing their societies into turmoil? Why? To protect a Tin Pot dictator who has only been on the scene for a few years? All the western powers are joined at the hip in protecting a Nazi regime. Murderers, rapists, criminal mercenaries from six countries or more are being coddled, promoted and protected by the Western media and politicians. WHY? Ukraine has banned people from speaking Russian and banned any publications in the Russian language. A few months ago the United Nations held a vote to condemn Nazism. Of over 100 countries voting, only two declined to vote: The United States of America and Ukraine. SECRETS in Ukraine. What is Zelensky protecting? And, WHY??

The United States of America, England, France, Poland and other countries who came together in 1940 to defeat Nazis have now, in the course of less than three weeks, forgotten over 75 years of history and have turned to protecting a Nazi regime. WHY?

What secrets about these western powers does Zelensky hold and protect? Therein lies the answer to "WHY". The western powers are obviously not trying to protect the Human Rights or the lives of innocent civilians. So, it must be those "secrets" they want to protect. What secrets are so valuable that they are hidden from the World and may come to destroy the World? What secrets are so valuable that the western powers are threatening to start a Nuclear war that would violate the lives of 7 billion people? There is only one reason that I can see: Exposing these secrets will utterly and permanently destroy the leaders of the western Nations. No more mansions. No more power, prestige and nobody obeying to their insane policies. No more mega-yachts, (except for the ones they're stealing from Russian citizens). Maybe child trafficking and drug trafficking will slow down and a host of other international crimes may slow down.

Zelensky, is a stand-up comedian. And he's not even very good at that, from what I've seen. Maybe it is time for Zelensky to go back to playing Piano with his wee-wee:

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Author`s name Mark S. McGrew
Editor Dmitry Sudakov