Not in My Name

An Italian friend of mine once assured me that real men are a minority all over Europe and certainly in the Anglosphere. Feminists once used to call such men "male chauvinist pigs,” while modern PC usage would rather use "cisgender males,” if I am not mistaken. According to my friend, real men were only to be found in a few places, and he mentioned Sicily, Serbia and Russia.

After the Serb delegation at the UN recently voted to expel Russia from the Human Rights Council, a wave of indignation passed through Serbia. How could the Serbs betray their Slav brethren, with whom they are united through common heritage, religion and language? It soon became apparent that Serbia had been blackmailed by the US. While it is understandable for a diplomat in enemy territory (New York) to succumb to mafia-like methods to influence his behavior, it would seem that a real man carrying a heavy responsibility would have kept his back straight. Moreover, in doing what US "diplomats” ordered, the Serb delegate insulted all those real men back in Serbia. That explains the highly popular meme action Ne u moje ime, "Not in My Name.”

As a matter of fact, the Serbs are holding a mirror in the face of all other other Europeans. What is being said and done in their name is just beyond belief. If left to themselves, most people absolutely do not want war and basically want to be left alone. They don't need government interference and when push comes to shove, most people are perfectly able to eventually solve their problems.

It just so happens that rulers do not respect the innate pacifism of their subjects. [I use these terms intentionally, since I do not think there is actually any functioning democracy in Europe, with the exception of Hungary]. Before the rulers of Europe's great powers in the summer of 1914 took their subjects to war, there were massive anti-war demonstrations in their capitals and in hundreds of other cities and towns. All to no avail. French Socialist leader Jean Jaurès, the only man deemed capable of halting the march into the abyss of war, was liquidated upon the orders of the war mongers.

When in 1938 Neville Chamberlain returned to London after the Munich Conference where he had helped seal the fate of Czechoslovakia, he was welcomed by the biggest crowd ever seen: all were elated because Chamberlain brought the message of "Peace in Our Time.” French president Edouard Daladier was greeted by similar enthusiastic crowds. In all likelihood, the English and French somehow understood that their leaders had been pushing for a war against Germany. Therefore their surprise and relief that war had been averted must have made them very happy. Of course, little did they know that war was just around the corner!

Just like in those earlier days, most of today's Europeans absolutely reject war. When not numbed by a daily deluge of vicious anti-Russian propaganda, any thinking and responsible European is appalled by the Russophobia of his rulers. People know full well that it is they who will end up paying the price of whatever the result of these irresponsible policies will be. Their rulers will fill their pockets. It is that simple, really.

What European rulers, duly carrying out orders from their US masters, have been doing since over two decades is essentially no different from the handiwork of their predecessors during the lead-up to last century's World Wars.

They have been pushing Russia around and into a corner, where it just had to intervene in order not to perish. Now that the shooting is underway, Europe's rulers are showing their true colors. Like green, or red. Some of the most bellicose politicians are actually "Greens.” Did you perhaps think that Greens were in favor of the environment, peace and understanding? Then you are sorely mistaken. German foreign minister Annalena Baerbock has been shrieking that Germany will supply all kinds of weapons to the besieged Ukrainians. In doing so, she proves to be as bloodthirsty a warmonger as her predecessor, foreign minister Joschka Fischer, also a "Green” and one of the main architects of the Rape of Serbia in 1999, during which thousands of Serb civilians were killed by NATO bombs.

Besides green fascists like Baerbock, there are the usual red ones, to be found all over Europe among the members of "Social-Democratic” parties. These red fascists include Finnish PM Sanna Marin, who is now openly suggesting that Finland should abandon its long-established neutral status and join NATO. This would be only inviting another Russian Special Military Operation, because there is no way Russia can tolerate having direct borders with a NATO country.

Somehow, it occurred to me that women in power, especially the younger ones, tend to be more aggressive and militant than men of the same age group in the same positions. They seem constantly out to prove that they are deserving of the position they have attained, in what could be called "one-up-womanship.” They also seem the ones least prepared to take the interests of their subjects at heart, or at least show clemency to the needy. This reminds one of the apocryphal remark attributed to French Queen Marie Antoinette during the French Revolution, when she looked at the famished masses outside her palace, begging for bread: "let them eat cake.”

Among her distant successors is Ursula von der Leyen, president of the European Commission. She was never elected to that position, exactly like Marie Antoinette. Yet Mrs. von der Leyen has a lot more power than poor Marie Antoinette, who ended her life under the guillotine. Uschi (short for Ursula) is surrounded by a persistent odor of academic fraud, conflict of interest, corruption. Her doubtful credentials have not prevented her from decreeing what Europeans can read, see or hear in the way of news (especially about Russia and the Special Military Operation in the Ukraine). Nor have these prevented her from offering a fast track procedure for the Ukraine to full membership in the EU. Does that woman even realize how utterly disruptive this will be for the security of the entire European continent? Does she realize she is taking the subjects of the EU on the path to war? And most importantly, In whose name, really? Not in my name, nor in the name of any responsible, thinking European!

The EU "foreign minister,” commissioner Josep Borrell just last week declared that the fate of the Ukraine was to be decided on the battlefield. In whose name, really? Not in my name! Interesting for a "diplomat” to say something like that, isn't it? Of course, as an old hand of the PSOE, the corrupt Spanish Social Democratic party, Borrell can be considered a "red fascist.” Since he is Catalan as well, his militant defense of the Ukraine is perhaps understandable. After all, Catalonia is a fiercely independence-minded region of Spain, that unlike the Ukraine once was an independent kingdom.

Guess what? In 2017, the Catalan independence party managed to organize a referendum, in which 92% of the public voted in favor of independence. However, what Spain and the EU Commission think is good for the Ukraine, is not valid for Catalonia. Both Spain and the EU Commission vehemently condemned the referendum and went on to ignore its results. In whose name, really?

Not in my name!

The best for all Europeans would be to remember those four words and apply them to all utterances and decisions of their rulers. Sooner or later, Europeans will realize that their freedom needs to be fought for. By themselves.

As for all those despicable russophobes in Europe, especially among politicians, journalists and assorted "experts,” who all are following orders from the US, whatever they say or do, it is definitely not in my name.

I am not alone, because there is a silent majority of Europeans who know that Russia is part of Europe and who realize there can be no Europe without the Russian people and Russian culture. By the way, let us not forget that what is now called "Ukraine” used to be called "Little Russia” only hundred years ago.

Whatever Uschi von der Leyen, Josep Borrell or that misfit Jens Stoltenberg, the NATO Secretary General, and all those others, including the Baerbocks and the Marins may be saying: it is not in the name of a majority of Europeans.

And certainly not in my name.

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Author`s name Hans Vogel
Editor Dmitry Sudakov