The Global Thinking Project versus The Truth

Ladies and gentlemen, we are in trouble. The Ukraine situation confirms our worst fears. We are in the middle of an attempt to dictate Humankind’s global values

Before I start, I would like once again to state that tears taste of salt, whether they be Ukrainian, Russian, or Russian-speaking Ukrainian in Eastern Ukraine, whether they be Yemeni, Iraqi, Serbian, Libyan, Syrian, Afghan, or American or British. I am about to attempt to bring some balance to this issue by viewing this conflict from both sides and providing some context, however unpopular this may be. You will not find this approach in western media outlets, which adopt a fascist policy of censorship. 

You cannot respect one side by telling lies and ignoring the other, remember this. If you are not Ukrainian or Russian you should not be taking sides, you should be respecting everyone by viewing all sides and then working towards peace and reconciliation.

 The Global Thinking Project

The Global Thinking Project, or GTP, is my own expression/acronym. This suddenly dawned on me this week when suffering yet another cyber terrorist attack and the usual flurry of death threats, threats to put my dog in acid, insults...all fruits of the season and par for the course in what I do. If this is the price I pay for expressing my opinion freely, then so be it. Welcome to Planet Dearth 2022.

I first noticed the GTP when I was covering the Libya war and when my Facebook account was taken over by one [email protected]. I would have lost all my contacts if I had not written them all down in pencil on paper but a lot of information was lost. Nobody did anything to help me regain access. This happened immediately after I posted my indictment against NATO political and military leaders, visible in my piece Law Case of the Century + my name + Pravda.Ru. It has happened every single time I bring up embarrassing facts which tarnish NATO’s credibility. Facts.

This also happened after a series of people requested friensdhip status then tried to debunk the facts, stating that there were no civilian casualties in Libya, that NATO was not working with terrorists, was not seeking regime change and so on, and this, after I posted documentary evidence that NATO was working with the terrorist group LIFG on its own lists of proscribed groups, and evidence that NATO, not Gaddafy, was bombing civilian structures in Libya. Videos kept appearing then disappearing from the Net.

At the time I did not consider this was anything wider than the Libya conflict. But now I see that it was.

Social media is not free

Your social media accounts will be vetted by prospective employers and anything they see out of the box will exclude you from the application process, believe me. A contributor for Pravda.Ru was even suspended from his job, For expressing his opinion. Welcome to freedom of speech.

And what is in the box and outside the box? Well now it is easy to see. Any social media post which goes against the MainStreamMedia (MSM) version of events will simply be deleted, it is as simple as that. No reason, no explanation, and the poster will be banned. The message is This Is Not How We Think. Similarly, ask yourself why the European Union, the UK and the USA and its yapping chihuahuas have censored out Russian media sources, as well as social media... full media outlets such as Russia Today and Sputnik. Ask yourself why there are cyber terrorist attacks on the remaining Russian media outlets daily.

If you censor you do not want to tell the truth

If you censor out the other side, it is not because you want to tell the truth, is it? So with a one-way flow of information (or propaganda) you can shift the goalposts as you wish, you can focus on singular events and make out that they are widespread, you can hide the truth, bend the truth, tell an outright lie and if you keep repeating it, it is not long before a reliable news source becomes someone saying that they heard someone say that they heard someone say at the hairdresser’s that Russians suck the brains out of kids, through their eye sockets. And must be true (gasping) because I...I...I...I saw it on the Internet!

This Global Thinking Project is not only restricted to the Internet. Suddenly, Ukraine and the colours blue and yellow have become sexy because the focal point right now of this Global Thinking Project is Ukraine in general, more specifically Ukrainian civilians and the G-spot is Ukrainian kids, preferably crying and looking miserable on TV. This goes as far as Universities providing the colour coding (blue and yellow) for their students to place on their profiles in Linked-In for example. It is an attempt to make the “us and them” analogy real, making Russia the cowboy in the black hat and the rest of the world some kind of global nirvana protecting a poor little state which has been attacked by a monster for no reason whatsoever.

Script written by 3-year-olds for 2-year-olds to read

The script seems to have been written by three-year-olds for two-year-olds to read. The usual tactics have been employed – demonisation (Putin, Vlad the Bad, Putin’s War), hype and hysteria (he’s going to attack Poland next) and outright lies under the cover of censorship of any alternative sources of information.

This Is How We Think has swung into action. Try and get a job and say in the interview “Well actually if Ukraine had implemented the terms of the Minsk agreements which it signed” or “Well actually I like to see the context from both sides and not being Russian or Ukrainian I am not getting involved because I am not here to spread hatred” and see what happens.

Has the Global Thinking Project worked?

Well, let us see. The British Foreign Secretary or whatever she calls herself, that Truss female, or what, is travelling to India to try to convince Modi to condemn the Russian Special Military Operation in Ukraine. One wonders if she will charter a private jet again. She could have held a ZOOM meeting for free. This need to bully and cajole is one example where we see the rest of the world being very skeptical of the MSM approach and when one practises censorship, this is the result. The bulk of Latin America, Africa and Asia supports an adult and mature approach looking at the context of this operation. Truss will now have to convince Bolsonaro of Brazil.

People are not stupid and in the European Union, which decided to practise censorship (Fascism) from the beginning, people are turning to alternative media sources, which is dangerous because there is less control as to credibility of information. RT and Sputnik, and Pravda.Ru, provide another side of the story but they are not going to print outright lies. What good would that do for their credibility, think about it.

Now quite how many people react like this, understanding that censorship is a wall to be surpassed, is another question. So we can conclude that the GTP works for the gullible, uninformed, uneducated, ignorant, disinterested or lazy viewers and readers who act like Victorian Era automatons, getting up in the morning, getting their tidy media fix from the News “Show” on TV (as it is now called), seeing a Wow! story with drums rolling “Putin attacks hospital” (it matters not that the hospital was disused as a healthcare facility and was infested by Fascist fighters wearing swastikas, and the reporting about babies buried underground is a total and complete barefaced lie); this, followed by an interview in which a journalist is rude to a Russian Ambassador and doesn’t let him speak and finally the Ahhhhh story “Our mercenaries (illegal) rescue cat from Russians” (it matters not that mercenaries are not allowed on the soil of foreign nations, and the cat involved was playing with the soldiers who were feeding it). So therefore it makes sense for those in power to dumb down populations, keep them busy with soccer and reality shows, make education expensive, make them afraid and you can control them easily.

For those who swallow that and who were brought up to believe West is Best and East is the Beast, the Global Thinking Project has already shaped their minds. They have been brainwashed, something they accused the Soviets of doing, they have not practised freedom of expression (something they accused the Soviets of doing) or of opinion (something they accused the Soviets of doing) while practising Censorship (something they accused the Soviets of doing).

Applying their modus operandi to Ukraine

Applying this modus operandi to Ukraine, what do we see? We see zero reference to the context of this operation, we see zero references to why Russia conducted this special military operation, we see an absence as to what Russia was seeing from the other side and we see utter lies being told about how the operation is progressing.

Only an idiot would entertain the notion that Vladimir Putin decided to attack Ukraine because he was bored in the Kremlin. Obviously there were reasons. And what were they? Ukraine had signed the Minsk Agreements in 2015 in which it promised to respect the right for Russian-speaking Ukrainians/Russians living in Ukraine to enjoy Russian language and culture, and stop shelling them, basically. For eight years they refused to implement the terms of the agreement which they signed. Then they said they wanted nukes. Then they said they wanted to join NATO. NATO told Russia is was none of Russia’s business. But from Russia’s perspective, NATO was encroaching eastwards after promising not to move one inch to the East. Why? It was arming Ukraine with offensive weapons. Why? It was refusing to sit down with Russia, Why? Answers: Biden, Biden, Biden.

Fascists wearing swastikas committed massacres of civilians in eastern and southern Ukraine. You won’t find many references on the Net because part of the censorship campaign is to remove material which goes against the GTP and then the response is “OK prove it”. You can but you have to dig deeper than the Internet these days, you have to form groups and share videos, never publishing them because they will be removed and the account blocked. You have to do this in secret then provide the information to a media source which is progressive and social, not retentive and fascist. All those practising censorship in the west are fascists.

Then behind the scenes there was chatter about Biden’s son Hunter (yes him again) and all sorts of interests in Ukraine and transgenic crops and Biden’s own interests and those of his cronies, and talk about Washington supplying Ukraine with lethal weaponry, a billion dollars’-worth, and making Ukraine block the Minsk Agreements. So that is the context and it would point towards the USA provoking this event using the Ukrainians as a pawn in some kind of geo-political war.

And cui bono?

To whose benefit? The USA sells gas to Europe at a higher price than the Russian gas. Russia switches its gas to other markets. This is the big picture.

Ludicrous reporting on the causes and conduct of the operation

Now finally, let us examine the reporting on the operation. For the West, Russia is bombing civilians indiscriminately and the operation is a disaster with high-ranking generals being killed, trops in mutiny, massive losses, no progress, chaos. OK this is for the gullible who like a breakfast of the GTP.

Now for the truth. From the beginning the Russian forces had orders to avoid densely populated civilian areas. And civilian targets. Russia is not NATO and if one thing is a constant, Russia is always trying to play the nice guy, sometimes to its own detriment. Remember the USA/UK Shock and Awe attack against Iraq? They bombed the crap out of it causing hundreds of thousands of civilian casualties (at least) and couldn’t give a damn about using military hardware against civllian targets, ditto Serbia, ditto Libya. Russia has been attacking military targets, which often hid behind civilians and used civilian structures to increase the damage and heighten the propaganda.

As for the generals, Google up the Russian officer ranks and the equivalent in the west and don’t be so damned stupid.

Phase One of the operation was defined from the start as taking one month and having as the objective the downgrading of military capacity to attack Russia. The crap that NATO sold to Ukraine (to the Ukrainian taxpayer) was destroyed in 48 hours, the equipment has been downgraded by over 50 per cent and command and control posts decimated, while the Fascist element in the official Ukrainian Armed Forces (where else in the world do you see official forces sporting swastikas?) has been virtually exterminated. The head of Azov has fled and regional commanders have been captured by Russian forces and the unluckier ones by Chechen special forces and some probably decapitated. Play with fire and...

As for Phase Two, the aim was never to invade all of Ukraine, nor to take the entire country, nor to take was to hold the Ukrainian forces down while Donbass is secured. 

The end game and Russia’s objectives

While these media outlets concentrate on creating fear and hatred and disseminating Russophobia, something the west has done for decades, the fact is that there are positive signs and we are marching towards a solution. Ukraine has agreed not to join NATO (that was a major objective), Ukraine has agreed to not persecute those practising Russian culture and language (another main objective), Ukraine has agreed not to use military force against those Republics which do not want to be part of Ukraine (another objective), Ukraine has agreed not to be a nuclear power (another objective). Ukraine has agreed not to allow foreign military bases on its territory (another objective). It is not clear whether Kiev will ban Fascist organizations but where else in Europe are people allowed to parade wearing Swastikas? Where else?

Presenting all sides is presenting balance

In conclusion, there will be those who will refuse to consider both sides of an argument, They will continue to take the lazy option, swallowing everything that is shoved down their throats like a crack-starved whore, they will blindly follow any notion that is placed into their vapid little skulls, pre-prepared for imbecility, and they will reiterate the line without thinking or blinking. If that makes them happy, it also makes them dangerous because they can be so easily manipulated.

So what a difference between the nonsense being expounded by those who censor alternatives sources of information. They write what they wish to see but one thing is truth and the other is cloud cuckoo land. Reading all sides is disrespecting nobody, understanding all sides is taking the first steps towards meaningful crisis management and a reconciliation process.

Finally, with Ukraine in the EU, the peace process becomes a trading process and not a military one with strings leading to Biden. You do not shoot a guy who you want to sell your products to and with this solution, the two Donbass Republics, Crimea, Moldova, Belarus and Russia itself will have frontiers with the European Union.

Deaths and injuries apart, torn families apart, what we are seeing is a win-win situation. Too bad people had to die because Washington would not sit with Russia and because Kiev would not implement the agreements it signed. None of this would have happened.


Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey can be contacted at [email protected]


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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey