Regime change in Washington

Biden says Putin cannot continue, an imperialist show of extreme ignorance, arrogance and insolence. Let us examine Biden’s own record and reach our conclusion

The intervention of the United States of America in wars

Since the second world war, the United States of America has been involved in countless wars, military campaigns and operations, to name a few: China 1945/6; Syria 1949; Korea 1950/3; Persia 1953; Guatemala 1954; Tibet 1955/70s; Indonesia 1958;Zaire 1960/65; Vietnam 1965/73; Cuba 1961; Dominican Republic 1961; DR Congo 1964; Laos 1964/73; Dominican Republic 1965/6; Peru 1965; Greece 1967; Guatemala 1967/9; Cambodia 1969/70; Chile 1970/3; Argentina 1976; Angola 1976/92; El Salvador 1981/92; Nicaragua 1981/90; Cambodia 1980/95; Lebanon 1982/4; Grenada 1983; Libya 1986; Iran 1987/8; Libya 1989; Philippines 1989; Panama 1989; Iraq 1990/1; Somalia 1992/4; Iraq 1992/6; Bosnia-Herzegovina 1995/6; Iraq 1998; Sudan 1998; Serbia 1999; Afghanistan 2001/21; Iraq 2003/11; Pakistan 2004 to present; Somalia 2007 to present; Kenya 2007 to present; Libya 2011; Uganda 2011/17; Iraq 2014/17;Syria 2014-present; Yemen  2015-present. Venezuela 2019.

This, apart from behind-the-scenes skulduggery provoking rebellions, regime changes, acts of sabotage, terrorism and murder, cavorting with terrorists (in Afghanistan in the 1970’s for instance). Mention CIA and everyone in the four corners of the Earth knows we are dealing with the Devil.

The involvement of Biden in the USA’s conflicts

Joe “I am a Catholic” Biden. Let us see his own personal involvement in conflicts and wars. 

Murder in Yugoslavia 1999

Biden voted for a resolution to attack Yugoslavia in 1999. Military hardware was used against civilian structures. Over 1,000 people were murdered including hundreds of policemen. The Chinese Embassy was bombed and three employees were murdered.

Murder in Iraq 2003

Biden voted to give authorisation for the illegal attack against Iraq in 2003, in which military hardware was used against civilian structures and over a million people were murdered. Little boys had their limbs blasted off by cowards in the sky imposing Freedom and Democracy from 30 thousand feet, families were blitzed in the Shock and Awe campaign KABOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!! Remember? Back then the world was appalled but hardly anyone in the USA took a position against this act of barbarism. Imagine Russia did that in Ukraine, instead of avoiding civilian centres?

Murder in Libya

Who was Vice-President during the most barbaric, demonic act of slaughter since Iraq? Biden says he argued against the US intervention in Libya but where was he when aircraft were strafing Gaddafy’s grandchildren and calling the strike location “a legitimate target”? Where was Biden when warplanes were deployed against the water supply? Against the electricity grid? Against the factory which made pipes to restore the water supply? More children’s screams as they are roasted alive ringing in Biden’s ears. The involvement of the forces sent to topple Colonel Gaddafy with terrorists (LIFG) is well documented. The United States of America with Biden as Vice President cavorted with terrorists. Libya was the country with the Highest Human Development index in Africa. One touch of Biden’s finger and look where it is now, back in the stone age, crawling with terrorists and dotted with slave markets. Nice one, Biden. One touch of your finger and look at the result, or were you too yellow to stand up against the attack?

Murder in Syria

Involved yet again, supporting in this case opposition forces which turned out in some cases to be takfiri terrorists. The United States of America with Biden as President cavorted with terrorists. Again.

So in conclusion, Biden’s personal register in wars, conflicts and operations is not that great, is it? Hundreds of thousands of deaths, military hardware deployed against civilian structure, indescribable and irrefutable war crimes, slaughter on a massive scale, the United States of America seen as cavorting with and supporting terrorists. I would have thought 9/11 would have provided a lesson, but in Biden’s case evidently not. So in his own words, he must describe himself as a war criminal, a butcher and a mass murderer, in which case, is he fit to be President of the United States of America?

Time for regime change in Washington

Since Biden states that President Putin cannot continue and has hurled insults his way, when Biden’s own register is what we see here, then by the same token and using the same logic, the one who must go is Biden. It is time for regime change in Washington.

Comparing Biden with my mother

I am not an ageist. I admired my mother greatly. She passed at nearly ninety-two years of age two years ago. She went through a war and was directly involved as a victim in bombing for almost six years. Fully independent until two weeks before her passing, and fully active in countless charitable organisations and campaigns, working for free for seventy-plus years, she never insulted anyone, was never rude, insolent or arrogant. She always tried to understand both sides and taught us to see both sides of an argument. She said, and correctly, that if women were involved there would be no more wars. She never hated the Germans although her school days were studded with windows blowing in and glass shattering all over  the desk, she said they had it even worse over there. 

So look at Biden in comparison. What a difference. He is a silly little man, well he is, isn’t he? Look at the way he trots onto a stage like some kind of demented little simpleton. Like what the Hell does he think he’s doing? Has anyone else ever seen any President anywhere behaving like that? My mother acted with poise. While sitting she was silent and still.Biden is fidgeting all the time like a snotty-nosed brat. He looks like someone with issues. He looks silly and he is silly. One has more respect for what comes out of one’s dog’s backside than whatever he says.

With Biden, it’s all hatred, insolence, stupidity, arrogance, interfering. Who the Hell does he think he is, Batman or something? My mother looked for balance, Biden does anything but that, he sticks his stinking nose in where it is unwanted. My mother was polite, Biden is plain rude, a foul-mouthed guttersnipe, fit for the gutter. My mother always tried to find balance, he creates chaos. She was someone everyone respected, from all walks of life, “a force to be reckoned with” as someone once said.

Biden? What he should have done was to keep his personal business out of politics, and instead of creating the conditions for Russia to swing into action, he should have diffused the situation. He should have listened. He should have had a meeting, a Summit, with Vladimir Putin. He should have told Ukraine to implement Minsk, given that he is now using Ukraine as a proxy, a pawn against Russia. He should have told Kiev that having Fascists wearing neo-Nazi insignia in the official armed forces of the country is an insult to Russia after what happened in the second world war. He should have told Kiev to stop shelling its own citizens years ago. He should have told Kiev to accept the referendum in Crimea. While Russia was pressing for a diplomatic solution, he was blocking it.

He did none of these things. He raised the stakes, refused to listen, pressed Kiev into taking threatening steps, insinuating it wanted to get back nuclear weapons and join NATO. What did the USA say about Cuba back in the sixties?

He knew all this. Either he is senile and unfit for office or else he knows what he is doing, which makes it even worse. So one way or the other, time for regime change in Washington. Biden cannot continue as President of the United States of America.

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey can be contacted at [email protected]

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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey