Don't Want War? Hey... Joe... Then Don't Start!

In the historical film, 'Michael Collins', which depicts the aftermath of an Irish Fenian Rebellion – one of them – in the early twentieth century, 'Mick', the main protagonist and center piece of the drama, as a Free Stater, confronts his colleague and close friend, Harry Boland. The topic: Accept the vote for an Irish Free State. Collins reasoned that that was the best he could negotiate with the British Crown. The English lords somewhat accepted defeated. Albeit, not a single lord said one word alluding to that fact.

Boland, though did not see it that way. He outright rejects Collins explanation of the whole affair. Moreover, he and Eamon de Valera's Irish Republican factions walked out of Parliament. They did so in defiance. Moreover, both laid down the gauntlet to Collins, now Commander-in-Chief of the new Irish Free State. To save face in addition to the new parliamentary assembly, out of compulsion, Collins, made a last ditch effort. He appealled to the sensibility of his friend. His words, “I don't want war.”

Harry Boland, was having none of it. His riposte, was equally compelling. “Well... Then don't start!”

The scene applies today

That poignant scene, over a century old, can apply today. Definitely not out of friendship. Respective Presidents, Irish American Joe Biden, and his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, hardly could be described as 'close mates'. That is especially true since Biden, while being interviewed by the liberal American MSM, described Putin as a 'killer'. The Russian president returned the favor. His candor said it best. “Takes one... to know one.” However, the circumstances are much the same; the implications for the whole world, are grave: the very real prospect of nuclear war; which very well could go global.

Not long after the two leaders met mano-y-mano. Cannot blame anyone for thinking that the 'killer' context was even broached. According to the always liberal malleable MSM, the leaders held closed door discussions. The meeting lasted in excess of two hours. The 'press' were excluded. That prompted much speculation on what really was on the agenda. Anyone familiar with MSM's coverage of 'Joe's pressers' knows full well that Biden cannot stay on script, and remain cogent for much more than 10 minutes. Two hours would be equivalent of he running the Boston Marathon. Or, for that matter, circumnavigating Rhode Island, on his Mountain bike.

Neither event would ever happen. Not ever, suffice to say. Everyone knows that; or they should by now.

So, here we all are now. More important, the collective world is back to 2014. The scene: Ukraine's Eastern Donbas region, post the foreign sponsored and instigated Maidan Revolution. The same players are involved on Ukraine's side: U.S. State Department as well as a good sprinkling of CIA operatives in the army's field forces. Across the ceasefire line, the Donetsk and Luhansk Republics, although thoroughly outgunned, remain in their respective entrenched positions. Both enclaves will not submit to the dictates of a Kiev junta so stricken with Russia phobia, that the leaders – including newly minted president, Zelensky – believe genocide is the only solution. That's what Ukraine looks like now to normal, sane folk.

Biden regime

Now combine the Biden Regime's – it hardly qualifies as a civilized Administration – with the equally brazen and belligerent aggressive posture of Ukraine's comedian president Zelensky's junta, one can only conclude, that those two rascals have planned something afoot for Russia. Add the world's largest street gang, NATO, Secretary Stollenberg's inflamed, but tired old 'Russia is a threat' rhetoric, one can further deduce that when all three conjoin, there is a perfect storm brewing. For... WAR.

Russia's President Vladimir enters the scene...

He is well apprised of the 'West's' true intentions. Those are not admirable; not in the least. Putin has already alluded to the truth, regarding Kiev's 'solution' to the Donbas region. He too raised the specter of genocide. However, the Western hegemony would not stop there. U.S. State department insists that Ukraine and Georgia should both be allowed to join NATO. Who cares what America said back in 1991, whereby the Congress promised – by verbal assurances only – former and departing President Gorbachev, that 'NATO would not expand eastward on Russia's western border. Not even one inch'.

That was then. This is now. According to the Western 'partners' twisted view of the European theater. If Europe continues to see Russia as a threat – which it clearly is not; even the Germans say that – then by all and any means, countries on the peripheral with Russia, like the three Baltic States, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, as well as Ukraine, should all be allowed to position missiles, even of the nuke variety on their sovereign territories. It is their democratic right, right? A short minute ten minute payload ride to Moscow, should be of no concern to the Kremlin. As the saying goes.

All the aforementioned is how Western scoundrels and their complicit media spin the building Ukraine crisis to their insouciant masses. The Tik Tokers buy it. To them, it is just another game.

No wonder Washington continues to trot out puppet Biden. The Deep State control group clothes him as a peacenik. Brandon, er, Biden still claims he just wants to talk with Putin. Joe swears. Rubs his mood beam ring. Over and over. Before he stutters then reads his teleprompter line. “I don't want war.”

Well... Then don't start!



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Author`s name Montresor Montresor