High Hopes for Elections in the Low Countries

As befits a docile US vassal state such as the Netherlands, it is governed by a corrupt elite. Held together by ambition, greed, blackmail and fear, this elite has embraced neoliberalism and the scandalous nonsense that sustains it: political correctness and its derivatives wokism, militant feminism and LGBTQ lunacy. Like in the US and its other vassal states, the Dutch elite likes to consider itself "left,” "liberal” and "progressive.” Yet although they are left, they also fill their pockets on the right. Although liberal, they are intolerant of any opinion but their own. Although progressive, they have long been very busy trying to push most of their fellow citizens back into a state of feudalism by invoking the "Green Agenda.”

The more Dutch politicians publicly praise "our democracy” and universal "humanitarian” or "democratic” values and practices, the more you can be sure they are determined to tighten their already pervasive hold on power and to destroy any and all opposition.

The Dutch elite has come to control the political debate and the media, exerts a ruthless censorship and uses all available state institutions to spy on their opponents. If that fails to keep the opposition in check, then slander, public humiliation, threats, blackmail and other techniques are used. Sometimes, even tougher measures are being resorted to: for instance, indict an opponent with trumped up charges and have him thrown in some dungeon, as has happened to journalist Micha Kat, who until August 2021 was proving to be an embarrassment to the Dutch elite. If all that fails, opponents are liquidated, like Pim Fortuyn in 2002 and Theo van Gogh in 2005.

There is no room for public discontent. Last year's mass demonstrations against outrageous and economically destructive measures to combat the covid "pandemic” were ruthlessly beaten down by police officers going berserk, seemingly after having taken speed or cocaine. When the media is allowed to publicly interview someone whose views do not concur with those of the Dutch ruling elite, this can result in jaw-dropping scenes. Last Sunday the Russian Ambassador to the Netherlands, Mr. Alexander Shulgin, was interviewed by some bimbo posing as a journalist. Speaking American English and exhibiting both ignorance and incredible insolence, the woman would not allow the Ambassador to finish his sentences, and rudely kept interrupting him. Mr. Shulgin showed admirable restraint and civility and thus made Russia look splendid, though perhaps less so in the eyes of the numbed and docile Dutch public.

Under such circumstances, it would indeed seem futile for an opposition party to take part in elections, and for citizens to go cast their ballot. Weeks before the actual elections, the ruling elite unleashes a pervasive propaganda campaign on all available media, putting up posters in every imaginable place, published fake opinion polls, tries to make opposition politicians look bad, incompetent and ineffective. Nevertheless, there are structurally about twenty to thirty percent of the electorate voting for the few real opposition parties. If it were not for systematic fraud with vote counting, this share would perhaps approach forty percent.

The biggest of these real opposition parties is the Freedom Party (PVV), whose leader Geert Wilders has been forced to live under police protection in hideouts because of his outspoken criticism of muslim exceptionalism.

However, the most significant opposition party is Forum for Democracy (FvD), led by an enthusiastic group of young intellectuals, exuding confidence and whose fresh energy appeals to ever growing numbers of the Dutch youth. Particularly alarming to the ruling elite is the fact that young men and women from Islamic immigrant backgrounds (mainly Turks and Moroccans) are now seen to be flocking to the FvD. Alarming, because the ruling elite has been fomenting anti-immigrant resentment among the autochthonous Dutch population as a tool of its divide-and-rule policy, a main pillar of its hold on power.

Although the FvD holds only five of the hundred fifty seats in the Lower Chamber of the Dutch Parliament, its MPs far outshine their 145 colleagues. Time and again in any and all parliamentary debates they prove to be more intelligent, more eloquent and more knowledgeable, and thus make all other MPs look stupid, out of place and utterly incompetent. FvD Chairman Thierry Baudet holds a PhD in political philosophy, MP Pepijn van Houwelingen a PhD in economics and Gideon van Meijeren, the FvD's best debater, is a lawyer with a phenomenal grasp of detail who makes look all his opponents like utter fools.

If the FvD had only one politician with superior capabilities, it would have been no problem to liquidate him and make it look like an accident. As a matter of fact, just recently during a TV show, a former director of Dutch military intelligence suggested Mr. Baudet would need to be executed for being a traitor to his country. Why? Just because Mr. Baudet had urged not to impose sanctions on Russia because of the Ukraine and on the contrary, to seek ways for future cooperation, which is in the best interest of both Western Europe and Russia.

But it is not really feasible to eliminate three or more members of an opposition party that is proving to be a thorn in the flesh of the ruling elite. Fortunately, the Netherlands has just not yet descended to the political level of the Ukraine or a 1930s banana republic.

Though it is depressing to vote in national elections, the elections of Wednesday 16 March are different: these are municipal elections, where vote counting fraud is a lot more difficult than on the national level. With the FvD representing more faithfully local interests than any other national party, the municipal elections may well be a small, but important step toward saving the Netherlands from Klaus Schwab and his green fascists and set it on a different course.

Away from the US, out of the EU and NATO and closer to Russia.

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Author`s name Hans Vogel