Russia says bye-bye to all Western trash and bad taste

Russia: Goodbye to Trash and Bad Taste

McDonald's, the quintessential US fast food company, has decided to cease operations in Russia. The reason: the company cannot ignore the human suffering brought about by the Russian operations in the Ukraine. Isn't that funny? The company that has been following the armies of the US all over the planet, never even mentioning "human suffering” as the US destroyed Iraq with depleted uranium munitions, now all of a sudden claims it cannot ignore "human suffering!”

This is called hypocrisy. Together with a serious case of Russophobia, it fuels the sanctions against Russia today. Russophobia is a man-made affliction. It does not come out of some Pentagon-financed biolab in the Ukraine, Georgia or some other former Soviet republic, but has been endemic in the Anglosphere for at least the last century-and-a-half. After conquering Europe in 1944 and 1945, the Anglos have been spreading this mental disease there as well.

McDonald's being a cornerstone of Americanization, perhaps even the very essence of what is considered to be "American,” it is of course not a surprise to learn it is leaving Russia. Other pillars of the American way of eating and drinking are leaving Russia in McDonald's wake: Starbuck's, KFC, Pizza Hut, Coca Cola and Pepsi Cola.

McDonald's sells "food” that is absolutely impervious to rot and decay. You can buy one of their hamburgers, put in on a shelf in your living room and just leave it there. After a year the burger will still look and smell the same. None of the rodents that you unwittingly share your house with will have deigned to touch it. Nor will any insect, no fly no wasp, nothing. Even bacteria will stay away from McDonald's products. This will give you an idea of the quality of American fast food. KFC specializes in products made from bio-engineered, hormone and antibiotics-fed chickens growing so fast they never learn to walk. The meat from such creatures will probably help accelerate your transition from "cisgender” to anything in the LGBTQ spectrum, whether you want it or not. Starbuck's specializes in something it dares to call coffee but that anyone who really knows and likes coffee will shun.

All those companies are leaving Russia, which means that the Russian public will no longer be tempted to indulge in food that is not food and coffee that is not coffee.

The US Empire being an Empire, the Empire of Lies, it is hardly surprising that the goods it sells are also fake. Nor is it surprising that companies headquartered in US vassal states are also pulling out of Russia.

  • Adidas and Puma from Germany,
  • IKEA from Sweden,
  • Heineken's Beer from the Netherlands,
  • and Zara, Bershka and Pull&Bear from Spain.

True to imposed US ways of doing business, each of these firms makes and sells low quality items chiefly by way of incessant and misleading advertising, commercial propaganda so to speak. Why would anybody want to wear ugly synthetic shoes instead of leather shoes that are better for your feet and your health? Why buy overpriced junk from IKEA or rags from Zara? All those items are made by slaves or child labor in faraway places that the US may decide to bomb any day. Why drink Heineken Beer, which in the Netherlands is considered "owl's piss”?

In one fell swoop, Russia is being liberated from foreign commercial colonization. It should be the envy of every thinking person in the world. I am sure that many in the "West” would want to be liberated as well.

No longer will Russians be enticed to buy overpriced garbage from the "West,” whether food, furniture, shoes, coffee, beer or clothes. I am sure they will be all the healthier for it.

Operation "Z” in the Ukraine is therefore proving to be a war of liberation for the Russians themselves as well. Many in the "West” will be hoping in secret that the Russians will not stop once they have denazified the Ukraine and that they will continue to free the US vassals in NATO and EU from their transatlantic overlords.

After all, Russians (including White Russians and Little Russians, as Ukrainians used to be called before the First World War), Germans, Frenchmen, Scandinavians, Iberians, Italians, Greeks, Western and South Slavs are all Europeans, neighbors, and ultimately also family.

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Author`s name Hans Vogel