The struggle against the Western propaganda

Fighting the Western media propaganda war

In an open display of hatred not seen since Goebbels's speeches in the 1930's, the West once again sets out on a hysterical Russophobe crusade. Currently missing are the torch lit parades and book burning, but probably because no one has thought of it yet.

In a supposedly advanced 21st century west, how on earth did populations regress to this level of indoctrinated behaviour and hatred? If this continues and google maps now move Russia from the continent of Europe to Asia, Russians might become the most normal well-adjusted population on the European continent!

Given recent history, whoever in the West thought it a good idea to arm Nazi militias and put them on Russia's borders needs removing from politics as mentally incapable and a threat to world peace.

The Propaganda War

The problem with the current type of populist indoctrination is that each news story must equal or beat the previous one in gasps of outrage and that produces the fantasies that have arisen. Covid too started off with people catching flu and quickly developed into mounds of dead and dying littering hospital floors, mobile freezer containers doubling as morgues and onto mass funeral pyres across Britain. Taken very seriously at the time, it only ended when frankly, people got bored with it and looked for something new to produce the same scare level effect. Although its effects still linger, Russia has now taken its place.

We now have a 'Z' mark designating military vehicle markings described as a swastika and a civilian dying becomes whole families slaughtered. The Russians have suddenly become Nazis with Swastikas, rampaging their way across Ukraine killing everybody in their path?! Believable in a heavily censored media to majority stupefied populations that are no longer capable, or want to think for themselves.

Facts, Facts and More Facts

The way around this is for Mr. Putin to sit the Russian population down and on national TV, calmly explain why Russia intervened and give facts. Updated every two or three days with up-to-date progress and whether mistakes occur or not, again with facts.

After the current initial shock effect wears off, people will want the truth and the hysterical media nonsense that now passes for news in the west will be eclipsed by a calm measured response of explanations. Even the most hardened Russophobe fanatics will eventually begin to question the nonsense they're being fed.

  • Tell people about the 2014 coup, who was behind it and the atrocities that followed.
  • Remind Germany that the last time it armed far-right nationalists in the Ukraine, it didn't end well. Neo-Nazi militias are not freedom fighters.
  • Remind NATO of its own lack of 'humanitarian corridors' in Iraq and Syria as it launched missile attacks against city populations.
  • Tell people of the recent chemical bio-labs found, what they contained and who was funding them.
  • Tell people about the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant that was supposedly heavily shelled by Russian forces, but has no damage and is working normally.
  • Tell people that supposedly neutral Ukraine who want to join the EU is the only government left in Europe that has former Neo-Nazis in its parliament (Biletsky).

In the short term Western propaganda will win, but already news of Ukraine's murky doings is coming to light, but censored in the West. Mr. Putin needs to fight back and carry the population with him and not ignore the propaganda of Western mass media.

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Author`s name John V.