Open letter to the people of Ukraine

An Open Letter to Ukrainians

What happened to your Revolution of Dignity? What happened to the promised Western lifestyles and incomes? What happened to the promises of protection you thought NATO would provide as they used you to provoke Russia?

You cheered at the (US led coup d’état) overthrow of democratically elected Yanukovych. You applauded the oligarchs who took over your country. You ignored the Russian ethnic cleansing by the Bandera nationalist militia and called them heroes …

After only eight years your GDP has plummeted, you’ve become the poorest country in Europe and in less than one decade your population has dropped by nearly a quarter as people flee the basket case economy you’ve become. Where is the dignity in that?

Didn’t you realize even back then you would never be a part of the Western European alliance of superpowers, but were merely pawns in NATO’s expansionist policy?

Where are the US politicians now who stood at the Euromaidan barricades funding and encouraging your revolution in 2014?

As you look at your ruined cities, the civilian casualty figures and the mass exodus of an estimated 160 thousand people in one week alone, have you noticed that the columns of refugees now fleeing to the West resemble those previously from countries in the Middle East that NATO also promised to bring peace and prosperity to? 

Do you still believe an International Brigade such as that in the 1930’s Spanish civil war will arise and behind barricades led by Zelensky with flags waving, defeat a 21st century modern army? How romantic, but isn’t that what they told you would happen? 

You’re not alone. Didn’t you notice the fate of other former SSR countries who allied themselves with NATO and the EU? Thirty years after their own independence, didn’t you see their ruined economies, countries turned into armed NATO camps and their populations (Baltic States, Poland Romania …) fleeing to the west, while their own elitist and corrupt politicians told them, as did yours, how well they were doing?

No one doubts your patriotism, but you’re not fighting for neutral independence. You already had that and threw it away. You’re now being asked to fight to keep a bunch of corrupt oligarchs in power aided by nationalist militias, with the support of the EU.  
Let the Russians deal with the mess the oligarchs and Bandera militias made of your country and when it’s over and peace returns, learn from your mistakes.

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Author`s name John V.