Western propaganda machine against Russia rolling hard

Western Censorship and the Propaganda Machine

The current group think of western opinion reminds one of Orwell's "1984' and the daily "two minutes hate" slots in which the Ministry of Truth allows Oceania citizens to spew forth a daily prescribed and censored tirade against an imaginary enemy.

The current censorship forces us to a one world view where reality becomes subjective and the truth becomes something manufactured externally by others. No research needed in a Russophobic west — listen, watch and nod in unison. Any dissent produces howls of self-righteous indignation.

Only a few years after the Charlie Hebdo terrorist incident in Paris, in which Western leaders came out in droves to reiterate the right of free speech, Britain now bans RT News.

Will Pravda.Ru be next? The current way around this censorship is to use the English version of Russia's search engine, Yandex.

The Social Media

All major countries have a propaganda department disguised with various titles. The west has social media. Currently, this is running in overdrive as already indoctrinated populations cheer for Ukrainian nationalist militias presented as freedom fighters.

Conversely, a few years ago they cheered NATO as it ran through the Middle East bombing and invading countries. The freedom fighters who opposed those invasions were labelled terrorists.

Current examples of social media propaganda are:

The Ghost of Kyiv

The urban myth has anonymous roots, but centers around an anonymous Ukrainian Mig-29 fighter pilot who in his 1980's Soviet era jet roams the Ukrainian sky's and in one day alone shoots down six modern Russian fighter jets. Believable? The unnamed pilot is now confirmed as a modern day fighter ace!

The fearless man who tries to stop a Russian armored column

Described as "gut wrenching, brave" and with "astounded gasps" from an audience with mobile phone cameras at the ready, the image of a man standing in front of armored vehicles went viral on social media. Apparently, this occurred in the same area where the previous day thousands (plural) had died in a "bloody massacre." The claims of a "bloody massacre" which would have made world headlines, not surprisingly went unreported.
Fortunately, the man survived and it's likely he already knew that. Had he been a Syrian or Iraqi trying to stop a US armored column, the outcome would almost certainly have been different.


As Western politicians join ranks to justify their elitist European Union utopia building, each trying to outdo the others in condemnation, it's all presented with a straight face amid the occasionally crocodile tears and faux-pas as they present their beliefs as facts.

  • In an effort to outdo its rivals in indignation, FIFe, the international cat show organization, has banned Russian cats from its competitions until at least 31st May.
  • In a 360 degree about turn and after years of telling Europe that nation states shouldn't exist, EU politicians now decide Ukraine is an exception.
  • Perhaps we should have listened to Jean Claude Junker, who as European Commissioner in 2016 told an embarrassed looking European Union assembly, "I have met and listened to several leaders of other planets …"

This wanton gibberish is the culmination of a quarter century of EU propaganda. The nonsense now emerging from the west would be comical if current events weren't so serious. Yet they're occurring because majority stupefied Western populations are now so indoctrinated that an Alice in Wonderland scenario appears perfectly normal.

Those countries who have currently remained silent from hysterical condemnation, or supported Russian's actions include: China, India, United Arab Emirates, Syria, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, Cuba, Belarus and Nicaragua.

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Author`s name John V.