Dispelling Western myths about Ukraine

Ukraine — Dispelling Western Myths

Let's take a step back, take a deep breath and briefly consider some unpalatable facts, leaving aside the propaganda and hysteria now gripping the West.

Following the lockstep Covid narrative of a deadly bubonic type plague sweeping the world which turned out to be flu, there's a new uniting belief taking hold.

Western countries and their majority already stupefied and indoctrinated populations are now cheering for Ukraine believing it to be a peaceful independent country. After 20 years of demonizing both President Putin and Russia, the aggressive narrative has become ingrained throughout Europe as Twitter becomes the go-to place for news for yet another populist crusade. Yet intentionally missing are the reasons why Russia invaded Ukraine.

Talking of Ethnic Cleansing …

Ukraine was independent for decades without any problems before the US organized the coup in 2014, which is when the trouble began as it has in every other country the US interferes in.

Following the 2014 US organized coup against Yanukovych, who still remembers what followed in Odessa as history repeats itself and the far-right Ukrainian militias set about their ethnic Russian minorities.

In one instance, herding an estimated 48 ethnic Russians into the City's Trade Union building, the far-right militia Pravy Sektor then set it alight burning the occupants alive. Those who attempted to escape by jumping from windows were beaten to death. The leader of this militia was Dmytro Yarosh, currently a member of the Ukraine parliament and recently appointed to Special Advisor to the Army Chief of Staff. These are the kind of people NATO has been arming and funding and which gullible western populations are currently cheering for! Moreover, this wasn't a middle-ages tale of savagery, it happened eight years ago in a liberalized Europe supposedly protected by NATO peacekeepers!

As the militias began shelling regions containing a high ethnic population of Russians in the regions of Donetsk and Luhansk, the Russian forces moved in to stop the same ethnic cleansing happening there. After years of continuing western funding, training and encouraging far-right militias, President Putin's patience finally ran out.

Ukrainian Nationalism

As the 20th century fades into history, Ukraine is still intent on fighting a Soviet Union that no longer exists and reverting back to the savagery of its Nazi past.

Stepan Bandera, the icon of the Maidan revolution to whom statues are now erected wasn't a shining example of democracy. Serving a life sentence in Poland for political murders and released at the start of the war, Bandera later went on to lead the Ukrainian Insurgent Army who are allegedly amongst those responsible for the massacre of Poles and Jews. Bandera remained a life-long supporter of violent far-right nationalist politics until his assassination in 1959 and his followers are still alive and active over half a century on.

Is Ukraine Anything to Cheer About

Having gained independence after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the newly independent countries and their paid for political elites immediately gave that independence away to the European Union and NATO. After 30 years, they remain the poorest countries in Europe, their populations decimated as they flee westward (to a lesser extent into Russia), away from the promises that never happened.

Likewise, Ukraine once a powerhouse of agriculture and industry is currently the poorest country in Europe (World population review). In 1991 when Ukraine became independent, it had an estimated population of 52 million. That figure has now dropped to 37.3 million (2020) and in the past decade alone 3.8 million have left (rferl.org).

"Nowhere in Emerging Europe, where countries have adopted the Westernising approach, are oligarchs as dominant as in Ukraine. Sure, you have a few, but they do not absolutely dominate the economy as in Ukraine." -- Timothy Ash, Bluebay Asset Management strategist.

Contrary to multi-millionaire Zelensky who loudly proclaims that the population is willing to fight, the Ukraine State Border Service has forbidden males aged 18 — 60 from leaving which might account for the large numbers of armed civilians aimlessly wandering around the streets of Kiev; cannon-fodder and additional civilian casualty figures for a professional approaching army. People forced to fight for elites and oligarchs to keep their wealth and privileges never fight well.

Thus far, Russia has shown remarkable restraint, targeting the military and its infrastructure. As civilians and nationalist militias get involved and the Ukraine military start using banned phosphorus shells and continue the same rhetoric against Russians as they did after the 2014 coup, there may well come a point where the kid gloves come off.

For the last three decades, Russia has remained quietly within its own borders, coming out only once to help Syria being over-run by NATO, which prevented the same happening to Iran. What is happening now was inevitable and in the words of the film "A Bridge too Far" the invasion of Ukraine is the response to Western liberals who pushed their neo-liberalist agenda to Russia's borders.

The continuing child-like behaviour of the UN and European Union occurs from those who have only watched war from a distance on their TV screens. Having seen the latest results a little closer to home, the focus now should be on the UN sitting down and listening to the previously ignored grievances of countries which are major nuclear powers, not to push them into a corner and continue to provoke and isolate them.

They should begin by accepting that other countries prefer a traditional and democratic Christian society instead of the liberal multicultural social chaos of the West. Russia opened its doors to the West in the 90's in what is now commonly referred to as "the bad years"; it is unlikely to repeat the same mistake.

The nuclear scientist's doomsday clock is currently 100 seconds from midnight and ticking.

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Author`s name John V.