The true difference between the “West” and Russia

Russia is Europe's Best Hope

Just a few days after full-scale fascism was installed in Canada, the government of the Russian Federation recognized the independence of two new states. The true difference between the "West” and Russia could hardly have been demonstrated more clearly.

The "West” is a dreary open-air prison where individual freedoms and personal integrity have been abolished by decree. It is a place where the family, cornerstone of civilized society, is under constant, pernicious attack, a place where men are urged to transform into women and women are becoming men. A place run by sadistic satanists who are enjoying the pain and suffering they inflict on their populations. A place where rulers such as Biden, Macron, Trudeau, Rutte, Draghi, Von der Leyen and Ardern deserve to be in prison with a life sentence. Many would even prefer to see them dangling from nearby lamp posts.

People in the "West” are subjected to a daily barrage of the most insidious and evil propaganda by the media (newspapers, tv, radio, social media), relying on "independent fact checkers.”

Although hard statistical data are not available, one may safely estimate that at least one quarter to one third of populations in any "Western” nation does not agree with the discriminatory, arbitrary and racist policies of their governments. These policies are particularly harmful to the average citizen: anti-covid measures, draconian rules imposed to fight "Climate Change,” and delusional woke and "LGBTQ” codes of conduct. Many in the "West” also resent "systemic” Russophobia and its incessant Russia- and Putin bashing. Many in the "West,” especially in Europe, just wish for good relations with Russia, because Russians are Europeans like themselves.

By taking their fates in their own hands and declaring their independence from a fascist US-imposed ruling clique, the citizens of Donetsk and Lugansk have shown Western Europeans what they need to do, namely liberate themselves from the fascist parasites that are running their nations.

If the people of Donetsk and Lugansk can do this, there is no reason why the Catalans can't, or the Saxons in Germany, the Frisians in the Netherlands and the South Tyroleans in Italy. As a matter of fact, each and every European region should kick out their rulers. To hell with the EU, to hell with the Brussels Eurocrats, to hell with NATO, to hell with US military occupation.

The people of Lugansk and Donetsk have shown their fellow Europeans what can be done and how to do it. Instead of a Great Reset such as advocated by WEF-Crime Boss Schwab, or a US-led "New World Order,” what Europe needs is a federated state under Russian leadership and protection.

That would not ony be good for Europe and its Civilization, but for the whole world.

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Author`s name Hans Vogel