The so-called Ukraine crisis and the hysterical West

NATO troops can conduct acts of military provocation in Estonia but Russian troops cannot exercise inside Russia? They are not in Iraq.

Sorry to disappoint everyone is not going to be an invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces. But game, set and match to Moscow. And Putin.

Yeah I know, guys. It sucks. Just when Washington and its puppet, London, were banging the drums of war and shrieking from the hilltops, 24 hours from the supposed invasion of Ukraine by Russian troops, it becomes clear that it ain’t going to happen. Sorry, guys. Better luck next time. Hey! You could go back to Afghanistan.

Six points of clarity

But let us just get some points clear here. Firstly, I do not like to blow my own trumpet but as a rule I get things right. I was one of the first, if not the first, to write a piece in January 2020, predicting exactly what would happen with Covid – not only the spread of the virus but the behaviour of the health authorities from the WHO downwards to national health authorities.

And over the years I have been right about Georgia, I have been right about Libya, I have been right about Kosovo, I have been right about Serbia, I have been right about Syria, time and time and time again, even to the point of outing the support of terrorists in Libya on the lists of some NATO countries’ proscribed groups, even to the point of outing false flag operations using terrorists to blame President Assad by forces backed by the West. The reason why is that I have the memory of an elephant and I do a lot more listening and reading than speaking and writing and so only write when I know what I am talking about and after studying all sides of the question.

There will not be an invasion

Secondly, one day before the supposed “invasion” touted by Washington and its puppet, London, without a shred of evidence, of course, let me state categorically that come Thursday morning, there will not be a single Russian boot in Ukraine. There will probably be more MI6 and CIA agents crawling around than any Russian. There will not be an invasion, there will not be a war.

No, Russia is not backing down from anything

Thirdly, let us make it crystal clear, before anyone says it, that Russia is not backing down, that “Putin” has not “bottled it” and let us reiterate this before any stupid headlines from the British tabloid press appear. The entire “Ukraine crisis” was a non-event before it started. If anyone listened to Moscow, it would have been perfectly obvious from the outset because Moscow has always stated that it was conducting military operations in all its Western military regions to test readiness and the deadline for the termination of the operations has already begun – before the supposed “invasion”. So much for that.

Russian troops are in Russia, not Iraq

Fourthly, let us remember that Russian troops are operating on Russian soil. They are not in Iraq. NATO troops however are conducting exercises in Estonia, and many of them are not Estonians. So British troops can exercise in Estonia and Russian troops cannot exercise in Russia? What kind of logic is that?

Successful Russian operation

Fifthly, the exercises have proven successful in presenting a clear message to the West that Russia is not to be toyed with or ignored. Since 1991 NATO has encroached eastwards after lying through its teeth saying it would not. It has, in five successive waves, demonstrating that this organization is a shitfaced liar, has no honour at all and its word is as good as a crack-starved whore promising to pay back the “John” tomorrow morning.

No doubt about the demonic duo

And sixthly, and finally, the entire debacle has underlined something very clearly. It is the fact that Washington and its puppet, London, the demonic duo of international relations, walk together in a quagmire of Russophobic idiocy, sheer hatred towards Moscow and anything Russian, visible in every sphere from sport to international relations. This hatred fuels distrust among populations brought up on carefully worded opinion articles peddling tissues of lies while hiding the truth.

Right from the beginning, after the successful Bolshevik Revolution under Vladimir Lenin, western forces, including of course those of the United States of America and the United Kingdom, were fighting in Russia against the revolutionary forces. They lost and have had it in for Moscow since then. This, despite the fact that the USSR lost 26 million souls in defeating the Nazis and despite the fact that 90% of Hitler’s military assets were lost on the Eastern Front.

After the war, the USSR, the main ally of Washington and London, was invaded countless times by spies and terrorists sent by this demonic duo carrying out acts of subversion, murder and sabotage. What a way to treat your ally but then again, what do we see from NATO even today? Lies. Underhandedness. Dishonour. Terrorism. Belligerance. Insolence.

And today, the hysterical western response is championed by the same demonic duo, ever present, engaged in all conflicts, battles and wars. These two masterminded the mass deportation of the residents of the Chagos Isles, the gassing of their pets and the handing over of the territory from London to Washington. They have fought together against the people of countless nations in countless wars and in recent history, were present in Kosovo, in the bombing of the civilian population of Serbia, in Afghanistan (a problem created by Washington in the 1970s aiding terrorists to fight against the progressive Soviet-backed government which was implementing public services, education for all, women’s rights and so on), in Iraq, an outrage of international law, in Libya where they sided with terrorists and sent the country with the highest Human Development Index in Africa back to the stone age crawling with terrorists and dotted with slave markets, in Syria where again they sided with demonic terrorist forces which carried out barbaric atrocities against civilians, including nuns, and children.

And if we wish to apply the same logic to Ukraine as we applied to Afghanistan (Google up Washington involvement Afghanistan 1970s) then Google up Ukraine + Hunter Biden + energy. J Yes, the son of Joseph Biden, the Catholic with the blackest soul... and we see that the entire Ukraine affair is a monster created by the current President of the United States of America. In supporting the Fascist coup in Kiev which ousted the democratically elected President, Yanukovich, Biden gave the nod directly or indirectly to everything which followed, including the Fascist Massacres of Russian-speaking Ukrainians in Eastern Ukraine which gave rise to the Republics of Donetsk and Lugansk taking up arms to defend themselves.

Fascist massacres by Ukrainians of Russian speakers

Where in the western media do you find one single report of the Massacre in Mariupol? Of the Massacre in Slavyansk? Of the Massacre in Odessa? Of the Massacre in Donetsk? After the Fascist coup in Kiev, Ukrainian thugs were chanting “Death to Russians and Jews”, then these massacres took place and only then did the people of Donbass organise themselves.

So we see once again, the entire story has been given an anti-Russian slant when the so-called Ukraine crisis was started by the West and today remains an internal affair of the Republic of Ukraine and a political issue between Kiev and Moscow. Nobody else.

Russophobic sphincters

So this entire sorry non-story has underlined the notion that the governments of the USA and its horrid little sidekick are endemically staffed by utter shits, nasty little snide, insolent upstarts, ignorant to the point of incredulity, in short, a bunch of russophobic as*holes whose sole intention in life is to grab the resources of other countries, wholly disrespecting their cultures and societies and sowing misery where their putrid fingers make contact. They never have a positive word to say about Russia and their entire existence spirals around conjuring up trouble, poking, prodding and provoking. There exists a special place in Hell for their souls, black as the ace of spades, to burn in agony for eternity.

Russia champions foreign policy victories, not disasters

Sorry guys to spoil your war but there isn’t going to be one. There never was. Does anyone seriously think that Russia needs more territory? Does anyone seriously think that it will engage itself in an Iraq-like quagmire? Does anyone think that Russia would build up over months and then invade Ukraine after everyone had time to prepare? Are these guys stupid, or what? Russia champions foreign policy victories, not disasters. Leave them to Washington and its puppet, the demonic duo.

Now can we please all move forward to the kind of world we expect in 2022? We want our money (taxation) spent on development and education, creating equal opportunities for children as a birthright, wherever they are born, pooling resources to fight pandemics, pooling resources to protect nature from humankind, pooling resources to clean up the oceans, to find solutions to global warming (planting more trees, ceasing to destroy forests and cutting back on the consumption of meat), finding ways to fish sustainably and millions of other projects.

Thank you. From this one, game, set and match to Russia. And to Putin.

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey can be contacted at [email protected]

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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey