Macron: Head and shoulders above the rest

Far superior in every way to his Anglo-Saxon allies, the French President shows Statesmanship, maturity and common sense

Well, what a difference. Today we have Emmanuel Macron, the President of France, doing a diplomatic tour of Europe’s self-made hotspot showing maturity, a grasp of the situation, common sense, Statesmanship, gravitas, kudos and practically all one might expect from a Head of State who takes pride in himself and in his country. And what a contrast with his hysterical Anglo-Saxon allies, you know, the ones who go gallivanting around the world deporting entire populations and gassing their pets (Chagos Isles) or else lying at the United Nations Security Council and invading a sovereign country outside the auspices of international law (Iraq). And getting away with mass murder, Scot-free.

The criminal foreign policy of Washington and its sidekick

We might add to the list the crime of cavorting with terrorists on their own lists of proscribed groups in Libya and siding with terrorist elements in Syria, elements which sliced the breasts off nuns before gang-raping them and which raped little girls before and after they were decapitated and their heads used as a football after they were forced to watch their parents being tortured to death. If that isn’t evil, I don’t know what is.

The same dynamic duo, in fact, which lied through their teeth countless times. They lied in 1991 when the Warsaw Pact was dissolved and they promised NATO would not encroach eastwards. It did, five times and now has a vice-like fist clenched around Moscow’s throat. They lied about Saddam Hussein having weapons of mass destruction. OK two decades on, where are they? I said, where the f*** are they?

They continue to lie about Georgia in 2008, saying that Russia invaded. Russia conducted a very measured and temporary operation after Georgia attacked Russian peace-keepers in South Ossetia, murdering them, as it massed troops on the border of Abkhazia. Neither of these affairs were approached by Georgia under nationality issues, which was Georgia’s obligation under the terms of the Soviet Constitution upon the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

So Russia did not “invade” Georgia, it pacified, and very professionally, a delicate situation, caused by Georgia, and at the time Moscow said it had no intention of “humiliating” the (murderous) aggressor. Interesting that the Georgian troops, as they fled screaming, were being instructed by officers with American accents.

The same dynamic duo was involved in the barbaric destruction of Libya, sending rhe country with the highest Human Development Index in Africa back to the stone age, crawling with terrorists and dotted with slave markets, its water supply destroyed (war crime), its electricity grid smashed (war crime), as the grandchildren of Muammar al-Gaddafy were murdered in cold blood by a coward in the sky, and the venue was classified as a “legitimate target”. If that is not evil, tell me what is.

The same dynamic duo overlording the strafing of fields of cereals in Iraq with military aircraft to starve the population (war crime). Strange how the footage from RAI UNO has disappeared from the Net.

The Ukraine story

And next, Ukraine. The repeated lie is that Russia annexed Crimea and invaded Ukraine. And they repeat it so many times that people take it as fact. The reason why is that western media can peddle lies but rarely if ever tell the whole truth without a slant or a bias. It is called brainwashing the gullible readers/viewers, more interested in soccer matches and burping contests on realityTV shows.

So what is the truth? The truth is that there was a Fascist coup in Kiev in 2014, ousting the democratically elected President of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovich, as crowds took to the streets shouting “Death to Russians and Jews”. There were stories of the Ukrainian police firing on the crowds. In fact they had orders not to fire. Yet there were reports of agents (from where?) firing from the sixth floor of Hotel Ukraine into the crowd to whip up hysteria. In Eastern Ukraine, fascist massacres of Russian-speaking Ukrainians took place. Was this reported in the western media? Civilians were slaughtered by bawling hordes of Fascist filth. Cleaning ladies were strangled with telephone wire. There was a massacre in Mariupol. There was a massacre in Slavyansk. There was a massacre in Odessa. There was a massacre in Donetsk. Where do you read about this in western media outlets? Has there been one mention of these massacres by the USA and the UK?

And THEN the Russian-speaking Ukrainian population in Donbas, in the Republics of Lugansk and Donetsk, took up arms to protect themselves. If they had family members on the other side of the frontier, sure some of these might have decided to go to help. They were being massacred! Does the western media carry one single story about this? Do the Foreign Secretary of the United Kingdom, Truss, and her counterpart in the USA, Blinken, have any grasp of the facts?

And now let us see the hand of Biden, the Catholic, in this. Google up the name of his son, Hunter Biden + Ukraine + energy. One might conclude that the entire Ukraine situation, including the 14,000 dead, reeks, directly or indirectly, of Joseph Biden and his stinking, fetid, meddling hand. One might conclude that whatever he touches with that hand becomes putrid. The hand of sheer, unadulterated evil, intrusion, lies, guided by an insolent, greedy, out-of-touch monster.

Crimea: Referendum, not annexation

As for the “annexation” of Crimea, this nonsense is risible. FACT: The democratically elected President of Ukraine was ousted in a Fascist coup. FACT: the organism with legislative powers in the Republic of Crimea, in the absence of the President, was the Republican Assembly. FACT: Fascist Ukrainian massacres of Russian-speaking Ukrainians had started to take place after shouts of “Death to Russians” on the streets of Kiev. FACT: the legislative assembly of Crimea decided to hold a free and fair, open referendum in which the vast majority of Crimeans decided to return to Russia. For those who do not understand what democracy is, a free vote is not an annexation. Ask Liz Truss why the British organised a referendum in the Falklands Islands.

President Macron: The Diplomat takes both sides into account

In stating that he wishes to take Russia’s position into account, the President of France understands that there is an alternative position to that expounded by Washington and its chief yapping chihuahua, the UK, eager as always to receive a pat on the head and to make cooing noises as Washington speaks of a “special relationship” to its face before deriding it behind its back. Ask them in the White House what Biden says about the British.

Russia’s position is not only clear, it is totally understandable. After looking at NATO’s record in Libya and Syria, siding with terrorists, after looking at what the USA and UK did in Iraq, after the demonic bombing of Serbia, after Afghanistan (a problem started in the 1970s by the USA, when Russia/the USSR was supporting a progressive government fighting for equal rights for women and implementing universal education and healthcare), after decades of terrorism and subversion and sabotage by British and American secret agents inside the Soviet Union, trying to destroy the model which provided excellent public services for free, after NATO lied about not encroaching eastwards, Russia has a right to be nervous. No good ever came from the West, only trouble. But when it does, it has its face smashed down the back of its throat (ask Napoleon and Hitler).

And so, welcome Emmanuel Macron. Welcome to Moscow, welcome to the international stage, welcome to your position in the annals of world Diplomacy as a Statesman who understands what Diplomacy is, who practises it and who distances himself from the disgusting bunch of liars always spoiling for a fight, always the same duo, always there, always carping, always spitting demonology, hatred, venom and self-righteousness. 

There are more pressing issues facing us. It appears that Washington and its sidekick are more interested in stirring up trouble and deploying troops than they are in development and education. After the two-decade-long disaster in Afghanistan, should we listen to or believe a word they say? Or should we start to pay attention to a more enlightened and intelligent approach? That of Emmanuel Macron.

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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey