Vaccination in Italy: Segregation and discrimination on all fronts

Italy plunges into Covid fascism

I am writing you this to inform you of the situation in Italy after the latest government decrees: now the government issues one decree per week, tightening the noose just to keep lawyers in check, as well as citizens.

There is a one-off fine of 100 euros for non-vaccinated citizens who are at least 50 years of age. For them, vaccination is deemed mandatory, but they still have to sign the "informed consent" before getting vaccinated with an experimental vaccine in order to relieve the government and doctors of any responsibility.

The suspension without salary is foreseen for all public employees who have not been vaccinated or recovered for more than six months; this also includes the police and the military. Police officers under investigation are always suspended with half a salary so that they can buy food and pay bills. If a police officer is suspended because he/she has not been vaccinated deprives them of salary.

It is now impossible to enter post offices and banks without vaccination.

It is now impossible to go into shops and have plain shopping routines if you have not been vaccinated. Only "essential goods" are allowed, but what goods they are exactly – it is up for the government to decide.

It is now completely impossible to go to the gym. I have a super green healing pass, but in order to work out, I still have to keep an FFP2 mask on. Doing karate in these conditions is offensive, embarrassing and contrary to the spirit of martial art: I gave up.

  • It is now impossible for those who are not vaccinated to go to the tobacco shop and buy a newspaper.
  • It is now impossible for those who are not vaccinated to ski.
  • It is now impossible for those who are not vaccinated to enter a bookstore.
  • It is now totally impossible for those who are not vaccinated to use a long-distance train or airplane.

It is now impossible for unvaccinated residents of an island to arrive in mainland Italy. Sardinia is isolated. Sicily was isolated but its governor had a jolt of dignity and ordered to ignore the government order. The problem remains for the smaller islands and for Venice.

Unvaccinated parliamentarians residing on islands can not go to parliament unless they find a private boat to take them there.

People queue for the third dose thinking about the fourth, still get sick with Covid, recover with difficulty and some of them die. The government is silent.

Hospitals openly reject unvaccinated patients, but the judiciary does not intervene. The government is silent.

During the celebrations of December 31st, many Islamic immigrants harassed women on the square. They would touch their intimate body parts and throw them to the ground. The police did not intervene and when they did, they ordered the women to pull up their masks: the women were screaming for help in terror. We have lost our women because we don't defend them and strangers laugh at us. The government is silent.

Washington and London do not want Silvio Berlusconi as president of the republic: they want Mario Draghi or, again, Sergio Mattarella, for a short term. But old Mattarella knows that a disaster is brewing and he wants to leave.

Some nominated Senator Liliana Segre: the only Jewish survivor of the Nazi era who cannot recognise Nazis when she has them in front of her and all around.

Electricity and gas bills are increasing: I will pay 200 euros of electricity at the end of January for the two-month period December 2021-January 2022, from a monthly salary of around 1,300 euros. January and February in Italy are the coldest winter months and it is impossible to stay at home with the heating off. I already know, from confidential sources, that the February-March bill will be a kind of atomic bomb. I am lucky because I have my salary. What about other families? The government is silent.

Unvaccinated people are not enemies of the State: they follow article 32 of our Constitution. The government does not dare to impose a general obligation because it fears long-term side effects. The unvaccinated constitute a natural control group that must be eliminated and therefore the government tries an indirect obligation. But this has another name: extortion.

There is a limit to everything and I fear for my country.

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Author`s name Costantino Ceoldo