Where in the heather is U.S. President Trump?

A better question: Who, or, what-in-the-heck has replaced him as the American Commander-in-Chief?

It has been over a year now, that, for reasons unknown to the masses, Democrat 'candidate' Joe Biden has been in installed as the 'Big Guy' in the White House's Oval Office. The Deep State plumbers went to great lengths. They even constructed a 'mini desk' as a necessary accouterment for the Hollywood designed set that doubles as the White House. It fits Joe to a T. All of it.

Well, that is the crafty image that we commoners see. Each and every day now for a year, Joe 'appears'.

C'mon man! No one buys that. No way, did candidate Sleepy, Slow, China Joe amass 81 million 'votes'. Not even a person with a modicum of intelligence believes that whopper of a democrat canard! However, the MSM swear by Dominion voter machine tabulated totals: Trump Lost. The talking heads as well as the minions in the Democrat Party tell us that 2020 November 3rd election result is true. There was no voter fraud, no cheating – as far as they could could tell – but instead a completely honest election took place. Of course they say that now. After the mail-in ballots were factored in. All for Biden. None for Trump!

There you have it. Joe Biden, who barely left his Delaware basement, received the most ballots in U.S. History. He even eclipsed populist president Barack Obama's 68 million tally. That is no joke Sherlock Holmes!

As for incumbent President Trump's 74-75 million votes – in itself a record – which to most logical thinkers would translate to a landslide victory, that very same thought went completely fleeting once Dominion machines finished their slick chicanery, four days later. Okay, make that a week.

So, what really happened? As a part time political pundit I posit a few possible scenarios as to why the Big Steal took place. But these are from a purely MAGA perspective, down at ground zero.

First, despite economic – the envy of the whole world – boon times, President Trump seems to have forgotten the major factor that propelled him to victory in 2016: The forgotten man, woman and child. Nary a mention in his 4 year term. Was that merely an oversight? Or, did his liberal advisers – namely, daughter Ivanka, and husband Jared Kushner – nix that influence as too deplorable? Perhaps, the President's rich billionaire oligarch friends took precedent over the ordinary working man. Sure appears that way after Trump's tax cuts were in place. In his own words, Donald Trump, said it plainly. “My rich friends, like Gary Cohn are going to love this. They will be rich beyond measure. It is beautiful!”

The second reason

A second reason stems from President Trump's compelling need to notch an accomplishment in 2020. It stands to reason after his Administration had been plagued by battling – mainly with the hostile 'Orange Man Bad' press – Covid-19 over the past two years, as the incumbent, Trump, needed a victory. It had to be 'bigly'. One that MAGA supporters could herald as more proof that President Trump was in fact doing their bidding. However, it came in the form of Foreign Policy, an area where the Deplorables are least concerned.

Moreover, it involved assassination by drone, Iranian General Qasem Soleimani who was visiting neighboring Iraq on a supposed 'peace mission'. Yes, President Trump issued the kill order as a response to an earlier terrorist attack on an Embassy in Baghdad. But, was that not, excuse my candor, 'overkill'? To capture Soleimani alive would have been far more effective, and let alone humane. All that the covert 'hit' accomplished was to raise the collective ire of both Muslims and his domestic enemies. Which are legion. Who advised him to do such a dasterdly thing? One can only guess.

There is a third factor, which takes precedence over the other two. It involves 'Russia Russia Russia'. Specifically, Trump was partial to his counterpart in the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin. Those two were thought to be getting increasingly close. Neither man saw the other as an enemy. Just the opposite. Given more time and space, presidents Trump and Putin could well cooperate in the world arena. Both leaders already signaled that they would collaborate on combating world terrorism and extremism. More important, both eschewed making war.

Deep State

Deep State though was diametrically opposed. Juxtapose that scenario to where we are now. Like 2014, post Kiev's Maidan Revolution, war hawks in Congress, along with their EU NATO stooges are once again pushing Russia to the brink. By threatening to stage missiles – even small nukes – on its Western borders, mainly in East Ukraine, of the Donbass region, we, the entire world population collectively could be staring at the Abyss.

Then there is the Taiwan factor. The CCP has made its intentions clear. Formosa belongs to the mainland.

Is China Joe Biden really the man for the job? Surely, no one of sane mind can derive an ounce of solace at the thought, given his record this past year. The Afghan withdrawal debacle springs to mind.

In earnest, I ask again, where in the heather is President Trump?


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Author`s name Montresor Montresor